BenQ TK850i 4K projector imageWith a BenQ Tk850i 4K projector, you’ll be able to have the movie theatre experience you’ve been craving in your home. Watch the best movies of the past year as they were meant to be seen—on a very big screen in 4K! Set it up in a few minutes, then sit for hours in your own personal movie theatre. Read on to find out how you can have a chance to win one of these amazing projectors from BenQ and Best Buy.

Have you missed movie night at the theatre?

I was watching the recent Golden Globes and was surprised to realize that I hadn’t watched any of the movies that were up for prizes. I love movies and usually have seen the top contenders for a movie prize at this time of year. However, over the past year theatres have been closed … and when I watch a movie for the first time, I prefer to see it on a big screen. I had seen most of the Netflix series … and of course had totally loved Schitt’s Creek (and it won for best comedy). But I have been missing out on movies.

Are you like me? Then this is your opportunity. The BenQ TK850i will enable you to project a huge image on a wall or a screen right in your home. I owned a project many years ago and loved having a big screen experience. The prize in this contest, however, doesn’t just produce a big image. It creates a big movie experience with brightness and resolution (did I mention 4K!) that makes the images come alive, just like it does in a movie theatre.

BenQ will make all your viewing unforgettable

The BenQ TK850i 4K Projector makes any viewing better. We sent this projector to writer Andy Baryer for an honest review. He showed how fast it is to set up and how amazing the projected image is for a wide range of content, including streaming directly to the machine thanks to its build in Android TV. He even showed how to use your voice to tell Google Assistant what you want to watch. Read his review, and watch his video review for a great demonstration of throw distance, setting up Android TV and more; then return here to learn how to enter the contest.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter once below this article and once below Andy Baryer’s review article. In a comment, tell us why you want this BenQ projector and at least one new movie you would love to watch on the big screen produced by this projector.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we’ll randomly select one eligible entry to win a new BenQ TK850i 4K projector.

This contest runs from March 2nd to March 16th.

Remember you can only enter once below this article and once below the review article about the projector we are giving away in this contest. However, do you know anyone who loves movies and has been missing the theatre experience. Call them; tell them what movie you said you want to watch on the big screen; then, suggest them enter this contest so they too hav a chance to win this amazing prize.

Win a BenQ 4K home theatre projector Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck


  1. I think this would be awesome for setting up outdoor movie nights at home. And a great action flick like the newest Bond movie would be amazing to see

  2. Love that it’s portable and I’d love to see is the dark knight.we got our deck done last year but did not really get to enjoy it much so this would a wonderful way to make that happen. Plus mom is getting knee replacement surgery and this would be a great way to entertain her as she’s a movie holic.

  3. The fact that it is portable is my favorite feature. I would watch one of Lord of the Rings movies – probably The Fellowship of the Ring.

  4. This projector would be a perfect fit for a family movie night. I think I would start by watching Star Wars (the original).

  5. I would love this projector because it would make every movie look better. I would watch the latest Avenger movie.

  6. This projector would be wonderful for our first family movie night. We would start by watching Black Widow.

  7. I would love to try a projector to watch Tenet, the closest to what Christopher Nolan wanted the experience to be like.

  8. This projector would make my bedroom the ultimate covid retreat and I would watch Batman Soul of the Dragon

  9. I’d like to get this projector so I can enjoy movie night in my own home. I’d like to watch Tenet with this projector.

  10. I’d love to get this projector to watch movies and tv shows with my brother!
    If I got one, I’ll be watching Black Widow on it once it comes out.

  11. It would be amazing to have an in-home movie theatre experience and enjoy some of the movies we’ve missed. I love the built-in Android TV! I’d especially like to watch Call to Spy and News of the World.

  12. I want to win this projector not only because it projects a big image, but the images are bright, sharp, making my movie so real, just like I’m in the move theatre. The first movie I’ll watch is Raya and the Last Dragon with my family.

  13. It’s a great way to feel the big screen theatre feeling when not being able to actually be there right now. Chaos Walking would be a fun watch on this!

  14. I want this so I can watch movies downstairs with my foster pets! I’d love to watch The Wrong Turn 3 or any other scary flick

  15. This would be great to watch the new Joker on! Mabey IT just to scare the teenagers in my house !

  16. I would love to win this so I can watch comfortable in my bed because of my back pains. Cruella looks like a good movie!

  17. My family loves to watch ovies together often and this would make the experience even better. Saving Private Ryan would be great to watch on this projector.

  18. This looks incredible! Would love the BenQ projector to make pandemic life more enjoyable. We’d use it for family-friendly movies where 4K can make a huge difference like the photorealistic remake of the Lion King.

  19. I want this BenQ projector because I miss movie nights at the theater, so I would love to have this in my home to continue our movie nights!

  20. This projector would be great to set up for summer movie nights in my backyard, or just in general in the house for movie nights/marathons. A new movie I would love to watch on this would be Godzilla vs. Kong !

  21. To enjoy a night in with those close to me, having that feeling of going out, as not everyone has a projector so it feels like a new experience or a mini movie theatre, all while doing it safely. The first movie I would love to watch is Raya and The Last Dragon!!

  22. I miss the spectacle of watching movies on the “big screen” with my family. We would love to watch Marvel Endgame together with a 4K projector.

  23. A movie night outdoors under the starts with some smores will be perfect right now. For a good laugh I’ll pick Jumanji- great family movie. Hey I may have few friends too.

  24. Would love to host an outdoor movie night for a few neighbours. We miss our get togethers. One movie I would love to watch again is Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Everyone could use a laugh right about now.

  25. I like that it creates a big movie experience with brightness and resolution, I always dream of getting one so I ordered one on line so kids and family can watch on a big screen only to find out after month and months of waiting will lead to a delivery that never show up and money gone. Learned lesson just get to a trusted source like Best buy.

  26. My TV is so old that it would be nice to watch something with a large and beautiful picture. The first movie I would watch would be Supernova

  27. We recently finished our basement and would like to set up a home theatre area. The BenQ projector sounds like it would be easy to set up and versatile.
    I would watch the 2020 version on Black Beauty with my kids.

  28. I would love to win this projector because I want to have the “going to the movies” experience at home, with brightness and resolution. Looking forward to watching “Coming 2 America”.

  29. This BenQ projector would be perfect for watching movies projected on a full wall. I am looking forward to watching The Father and Nomadland, among others!

  30. This would be so fun to watch all of the Avengers movies with the family in our new house.

  31. I would love this projector because it’s like going to the movie theatre but at home and we would watch the Avengers.

  32. I would love this projector to replace my old one in the theater room. I would like to watch The first Iron Man movie with my son.

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