Most people intend to keep and use their luggage for many years. Find answers to common questions consumers have related to making a decision on luggage.


  1. Why buy from Best Buy?
  2. What size luggage do I need?
  3. What can fit into each size of luggage?
  4. What’s the difference between soft-side & hard-side luggage?
  5. What are the carry-on requirements for Canadian airlines?
  6. What should I look for in quality luggage?



Why buy from Best Buy?

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What size luggage do I need?

The right luggage can help get you to your destination more easily. To find the perfect luggage for you, consider what kind of traveller you are.


If you’re travelling with children, you’ll benefit from buying a luggage set. These matching sets not only offer lots of packing room for the entire family but they’ll also be easier to find on the luggage conveyor.

BUSINESS TRAVELLER: Backpack or Messenger Bag

From messenger bags to work backpacks, your work bag needs to be the perfect blend of style and function.


Whether you’re off to a vacation in Europe or exploring Asia, finding the right carry-on luggage to complement your trip is critical. Check out How we measure for some useful info.

WEEKEND TRIP: Backpack or Duffle Bag

You never know where a weekend adventure is going to take you, whether it’s a short hike or an urban adventure. Bring along a multi-day backpack or duffle bag.

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What can fit into each size of luggage?

20″ – 22″ Carry-On Luggage: Ideal for business travellers or weekend trips

Usually large enough to hold one suit or dress and sufficient space for a few outfits, a couple pairs of shoes, and toiletries.

24″ – 26″ Medium Luggage: Ideal for trips 7 – 10 days or longer, depending on how you pack

With mid-size suitcases you have plenty of room for 2 to 3 outfits, a few pairs of shoes, and a toiletry kit.

27″+  Large Luggage: Ideal for trips up to 14 days or more

Large suitcases have an incredible amount of space for pretty much everything you need, but don’t pack them too full. You don’t want your suitcase to exceed your airline’s weight restrictions.

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What’s the difference between soft-side and hard-side luggage?

Soft-side Luggage:

  • Fabric flexibility allows for extra room
  • Easily flex and compress to conform to tight spaces
  • Multiple compartments and pockets allow for easy access and organization of travel essentials

Hard-side Luggage:

  • Easily stackable and easy to wipe clean
  • Water resistant feature protects from the elements
  • Rigid frames can withstand shock, scratches, and wear and tear

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What are the carry-on requirements for Canadian airlines?

All luggage specs include the wheels and handles for accurate measuring. Because the airport counter is the worst place to find out your bag is too big. View Luggage size guide for a visual guide on how airlines measure luggage.

In general, look for a bag that has maximum dimensions of 21 x 9 x 15 inches and you should be fine for most airlines. However, carry-on luggage needs to meet the airline’s maximum size requirements so it’s really important to check the airline’s website to get the latest details before you purchase. After you’ve finished packing, use a scale to ensure it isn’t heavier than the airline’s rules.

Carry-on dimensions by airline

These general guidelines will help you plan and avoid last-second hiccups:

Airline Dimensions
Air Canada H: 21.5 in W: 15.5 in D: 9 in
H: 55 cm W: 40cm D: 23 cm
WestJet H: 21 in W: 9 in D: 15 in
H: 53 cm W: 23cm D: 38 cm
Porter Airlines H: 22 in W: 16 in D: 9 in
H: 55 cm W: 40cm D: 23 cm
SunWing H: 20 in W: 16 in D: 9 in
H: 51 cm W: 40cm D: 23 cm
Air Transat H: 20 in W: 16 in D: 9 in
H: 51 cm W: 40cm D: 23 cm
American Airlines H: 22 in W: 14 in D: 9 in
H: 56 cm W: 35cm D: 23 cm
Delta Airlines H: 22 in W: 14 in D: 9 in
H: 56 cm W: 35cm D: 23 cm
United Airlines H: 22 in W: 14 in D: 9 in
H: 56 cm W: 35cm D: 23 cm

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What should I look for in quality luggage?

Upright Spinners

Luggage with 360-degree spinner wheels allow you to push, pull, turn, and scoot your bag in any direction with minimal effort. This makes it super easy to manœuvre through busy airports, crowded trains, and even over bumpy roads.

Durable & Lightweight

Lightweight luggage is easily portable while retaining the strength and durability of heftier, more sizable luggage pieces. They’re usually made from modern, lightweight materials like fibreglass, aluminum, polycarbonate, or ABS plastic.

Multiple Functional Handles

Opt for a bag that features retractable trolley handles that lock into place when extended so it’s easy and comfortable to manœuvre. Suitcases with both top and side handles allow for easy pick up when you’re not rolling it through the airport.

Interior Tie Downs and Pockets

Tie downs and pockets help keep everything organized and in place, even when the plane hits a patch of turbulence or your bag is manhandled between destinations.

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  1. Is there a warranty on the swissgear luggage? I have a set bought in Dec 2015 and the retractable handle just pulled apart while away.

    • Hi David,

      I sent your question to the luggage team at Best Buy Canada’s Head Office and they responded that Swissgear has a 365 day warranty. While it’s unlikely this damage will be covered, you can call the Swissgear customer service line at 1-866-325-0660 to see if they can assist in any way.

      Best regards,

  2. Hi,

    Can you let me know the luggage set means all the three together ( one inside the other) so one biggest bag in the set
    can carry the other two luggage bag inside?

    I need to buy one set if the two of them in the set comes inside the biggest one, it will be good for me to carry that overseas.

    • Hi Ekta,

      I don’t know if they all do that, but most of them do. I have had many luggage sets at my desk to sent out for review articles, and all of them were like that (the smaller ones fit inside the large one. I can’t say definitively that they will all do that, but it’s quite likely. Let me know specifically which set you have your eye on and I’ll try to find out for you.

      Best regards,

  3. T Luggage Transformer 3-Piece Hard Side 8-Wheeled Expandable Luggage Set – Dark Grey – Online Only
    Is the 30″ one considered an oversize luggage for the airlines? Pls advice Thanks

    • Hi “ARUN Mainra”

      I sent your question to the luggage team at Best Buy’s head office and they replied:

      each airline has their own size and weight restrictions. I would recommend the customer check for the specific airline they are flying with to ensure it meets the baggage criteria

      Let me know if you have any other questions,

  4. American Tourister Whistler 31″ Soft Side 4-Wheeled Spinner Luggage
    I was looking into buying a Black colour one. Will this be in stock before the sale ends?

    • HI Anne,

      Unfortunately that one is sold out and the Luggage team does not expect to get more any time soon. Best buy has the blue and grey available of the same collection. Put these sku numbers in the search bar at to see them: 10472012 10472008.

      Alternatively for soft side we have the 10487952 Swiss Gear Souvenir II 28″ in – Black/Red – however this is a slightly smaller than the American Tourister.

  5. According to travel pro website, the platinum magna 2 has a lifetime warranty. Does this apply to this model sold at Best Buy? Your website says “parts – 1 year”….

    • Hi lemon

      the answer to your question depends on the exact model you are interested in. You can find the weight for luggage at Best Buy by looking at the product page, on the “Details and Specs” tab. For example, the Samsonite Carbon 25.5″ case is 3.54 kg, whereas the Samsonite Caribbea weighs 5.67 kg.

    • Hi Angela,

      I asked the Luggage team at Best Buy’s head office to help with your question and they said:

      Checkpoint friendly is usually reserved for laptop bags, backpacks and in some cases carry-on bags which have laptop compartments.

      A checkpoint friendly bag allows you to keep your laptop inside the bag when you go through airport security. While the bag is designed to meet TSA guidelines, you may still be asked to remove your laptop at airport security.

      take care,

  6. Hi Susan

    Luggage can be either 4 wheel or 8 wheel. Traditionally 8 wheel is of better quality and stronger than 4 wheel. However, each luggage series is unique. We would need to know which Samsonite luggage set and what IT set you were looking at. You could check the details tab on the product page for the set you are interested in for information about the materials used in its construction. Typically, luggage is made of ABS, Polycarbonate or a mix of both. In addition to that the composite can be made with a shiny finish or a texture.

    Take care, and happy travels!

  7. I have seen samsonite hardcover luggage and was wondering if the IT Transformer hardcover luggage is of same texture? Why do some cheaper sets have 8 wheels?

    Why do some have 8 wheels and more expensive only 4?

  8. Why it luggage with 8 wheels? Have tested the samsonite hard cover luggage and it is not like tin which I like.

    Is the it hard cover luggage of similar texture?

  9. Feel free to delete this but just a heads up that “maneuver” is spelled wrong in this article (“manœuvrer”) twice. Even if you prefer the “manœuver” spelling, you have an extra r in there that needs to be deleted.

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