Hikolayae Mesa white luggage set review

It’s not often that a luggage set has me in its clutches—but the Hikolayae Mesa luggage set does. Available in white, silver, and champagne, this super-lightweight luggage set offers all of my favourite features at a price point that is, frankly, incredible. These pieces feel as high-quality and durable as big-name luggage sets that I’ve reviewed around the $900 price point, and they come with a special carbon fibre surface coating to help them last for as long as possible.

What you get in the Hikolayae Mesa luggage set

The Mesa luggage set includes three sizes of hard side luggage: A 20 inch carry-on, a 24 inch for mid-length trips, and a 28 inch for long trips. Each piece has the same white ABS case, which is micro-textured with a vertical brushed carbon fibre finish that helps disguise and prevent small scratches.

Hikolayae recommends the carry-on size for business travel or trips under one week, the 24 inch for week-long trips or shorter trips with two people, and the 28 inch for multiple people going on a trip for about a fortnight. (They also recommend the 28 inch specifically for “study abroad,” which I think is so cute! And they’re not wrong—it’s definitely the size I’d want to take for a semester abroad.)

Mesa TSA lock

Features of the Hikolayae Mesa luggage set

The Mesa collection includes three pieces with the same 360-degree double spinner wheels. These are great for heavy suitcases and bumpy terrain (including brick and tile). Each wheel is raised and thick, making this luggage set a dream to wheel around and navigate with. The 360-degree wheels pair well with this set’s adjustable telescoping handle with a comfort grip.

Hikolayae Mesa wheels

On the outside of this luggage set, you’ll find two-way zippers on each piece as well as recessed, built-in TSA-friendly combination locks. These locks default to a code of 0-0-0 and are designed to be reset when you purchase them, so make sure to do that before you travel! The medium and large sizes have flexible top and side carry handles and the carry-on size has a top carry handle. You’ll also find side rests on the medium and large Mesa luggage pieces, which is handy for packing a luggage dolly. These luggage pieces are non-expandable.

Inside this luggage set, Hikolayae has included packing organizers on both sides of each luggage piece. One side of each piece has an adjustable elastic tie-down strap while the other side has a zippered compartment (with an additional mesh zippered pocket on its front).

Hikolayae interior

Why do pockets matter in a luggage set?

I could seriously talk all day about luggage pockets. I won’t, because I think that would bore literally anyone into a coma, but… Well, let’s just say that I could. (And I’d have so much fun doing it. It might actually be the highlight of my year.)

I personally find pockets to be the make-or-break-it design feature of a luggage set. Hard side luggage doesn’t have a lot of variation that directly impacts your user experience, but pockets definitely do. To really enjoy using a piece of luggage, you first need great wheels to get you where you’re going. Then, you need great pockets to help you stay organized while you travel.

Personally, I’m a sucker for a double-enclosed zippered design: That is, two fully-compartmentalized halves. Both sides need to have a mesh pocket in addition to that to really make my brain light up. But, more often, you’ll see the design that Hikolayae uses in the Mesa: A compartment on one side with a mesh organizer, then an elastic tie-down on the other side. I can work with this kind of layout, too. (I cannot work with a double-tie down design with no compartment—that’s my travelling nightmare, right behind bed bugs or a flight cancellation.)

When I’m working with this kind of half-and-half design, I like taking advantage of the differences in the layout. I’ll separate my belongings into two halves; usually my odd-shaped items like toiletries and shoes in the compartment and clothes in the tie-down. Then, I’ll use the mesh compartment for one of three things, but not all three: Tickets and documents, laundry, or electronic accessories.

Telescopic handle

My favourite thing about the Hikolayae Mesa luggage collection

Luggage sets tend to be, in general, pretty similar. It’s understandable: With airlines’ strict baggage requirements, there isn’t a lot of room for change! Surprisingly, however, I noticed a few things about the Hikolayae Mesa collection that stood out to me right off the bat. These are details that are unique to the Mesa collection—they’re not featured in every Hikolayae luggage piece.

My favourite of the bunch is the unique telescoping handle that the Mesa features. This is present in all three luggage sizes. Instead of using a dual-rodded telescopic design, the handle of these luggage pieces is shaped like a T. It curves back right as the T joint hits, creating a comfortable, ergonomic feel. The handle locks into place in multiple locations (rather than just one, which is pretty common), making this a luggage set that’s very easy to glide around an airport with. The different handle lengths are great for swapping between users of multiple heights or to pull your luggage at different angles when it may be heavier or lighter.

On the largest size, the telescoping handle has two positions; on the medium and carry-on, it has three.

A great handle is nothing without a great set of wheels, and thankfully, the Mesa collection has those, too. The curved handle design and wide, smooth wheels transfer beautifully from two to four wheels (and back), as well as from hard floors to soft carpet. I love how easily these pieces pull and glide.

Hikolayae Mesa 3 piece luggage set

In conclusion

The Hikolayae Mesa is the best luggage set that I’ve ever reviewed at an affordable price point. Its unique features and excellent design easily put it on-par with name-brand luggage sets at a fraction of the cost. I think these are a great investment for yourself and would make an equally great gift for someone who you know loves to travel.

This is also the set that I’ll be recommending now on to families who have a child going away for school—their large, nesting design is perfect for moving into a dorm or for studying abroad, just like the brand says.

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