why jewelry is always a great gift

Whether it’s for a special day or “just because,” there are plenty of reasons why jewelry is always a great gift. Its wide varieties and different price points make it the perfect fit for any budget, and well cared-for jewelry can last for a lifetime—or a few!

Many people see jewelry as an excellent gift “for her” during most major holidays. However, it can also be a great gift “for him”! A new watch or watch band is a great way to gift jewelry to someone who prefers a masculine look, and today’s modern man has a felted box for his watches, tie clips, and rings right next to his partner’s.

Why jewelry is always a great gift for holidays

Jewelry is a great gift for everyday occasions, but it really shines for holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and Mother’s Day. These occasions give us an excuse to spoil our loved ones, and jewelry helps make any celebration extra special.

When it comes to holiday jewelry, I like to recommend fine jewelry pieces. These classically-designed styles tend to use more precious materials, so they’re lovely investment pieces for the future. Truly classic pieces can be worn through the ages, and fine jewelry offers an added benefit over demi-fine or fashion jewelry because it’s typically made with solid metals. This means that items like rings can easily be re-sized for different wearers or different life stages, and heirloom gemstones can be re-set into new pieces down the road.

0.048ctw Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace in Yellow Plated Silver

It’s most important that your jewelry gift suits its recipient, but holidays are a great time to find additional inspiration. For those who like it, Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to explore rose gold and heart-shaped jewelry, especially in the form of earrings or heart-shaped pendant necklaces. Valentine’s Day gifts commonly feature gold, rose gold, and diamonds. Solid gold pieces will last longer, but demi-fine jewelry is a great option for items your loved one may not wear on a regular basis. For demi-fine jewelry, expect to see a mix of precious gemstones with semi-precious or fashion-grade materials, as well as vermeil products: items that have a precious metal laid overtop a less precious, but often more durable or affordable material.

What makes demi-fine jewelry such a great gifting choice?

Demi-fine and fashion jewelry items are also a great option for those celebrating their very first big occasion, when an expensive gift might be inappropriate but no gift would be even worse. A high-quality gold plating can give the right necklace a beautiful finish without breaking the bank, and well-made vermeil items can often last for years without any fading or signs of wear.

Gifts tend to be bigger on romantic holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, while Mother’s Day presents frequently feature more fashion jewelry: something that the kids might have pitched in their allowance money to purchase. Sterling silver is a great Mother’s Day option, as is gold plated metal, like in this rose gold plated jewelry set from Le Reve.

Why jewelry is always a great gift for birthdays and anniversaries

Jewelry makes a great gift for birthdays and anniversaries, too. While they’re not holidays (although I’d love a rule stating that everyone gets a paid day off for their birthday), they’re still special days of the year.

Birthdays give you the option of buying your loved one birthstone jewelry, which is awesome… As long as you discuss it first. No one gets to pick what their birthstone is, and it might not be a well-loved colour for everyone! (I, for instance, love my birthstone — but I already own the perfect ruby necklace, and until the cyborg revolution comes, I will only have the one neck.)

Other than birthstone jewelry, birthdays are a great time to show your partner that you’ve really been paying attention to their likes and dislikes. You can go in any direction with a birthday gift: opulent diamond earrings, simple gold chains, or chunky stone bracelets. Anniversary gifts tend to be a little more conservative, at least in my experience writing gift guides; most couples splurge only on major anniversaries, and typically buy fine jewelry pieces after they’ve already said “I do.” You can celebrate traditional anniversary gifts by surprising your loved one with silver for your 25th, pearls for your 30th, rubies for your 40th, and so on. You have to make it to a whopping 60 years together before you’re expected to gift diamonds!

Because so many annual holidays are necklace-centric, I think major anniversaries are a great time to gift your partner a classic set of earrings or a right-hand ring.

How to give a great jewelry gift on any day

Le Reve Collection Link Chain Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Even if you’re not celebrating a big anniversary or a holiday, jewelry still makes for a lovely surprise. Just like a box of chocolates or a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers, a piece of fashion jewelry can be the perfect way to say “congratulations” or “I’m sorry.”

For “just because I love you” jewelry, I recommend picking out a smaller item and making sure to wrap it nicely. Shopping for rings under $50, for instance, lets you give your partner something special simply to show them that you adore them. (The best part about that ring selection is that it has plenty of options for both him & her!) It’s always the gifts that I’m not expecting that mean the most to me, whether it’s a handmade friendship bracelet or a bottle of Veuve-Clicquot the last day of final exams.

Jewelry that’s given “just because” has a lot of flexibility, so it’s a great time to buy your partner a statement item. Trendy jewelry pieces tend to go out of fashion quickly, but they’re eye-catching and stylish for the years that they’re popular. While you’d wear a pearl necklace to the opera, it may not be workplace appropriate — and that’s where fashion jewelry comes in. I love a big, geometric statement necklace or a long metal pendant for everyday wear, and these pieces put a lot less pressure on the buyer. Because fashion jewelry is meant to come and go throughout your life, if you don’t get it “just right” with every gift, it’s okay! There’s more room for experimentation with fashion pieces, which can be really fun.

The best masculine jewelry gifts

I always like to make a point of the fact that jewelry makes a great gift for men, too, because I think people tend to forget about it when special occasions come around! Best Buy has an awesome selection of rings for men, mostly in tungsten carbide or titanium. Rings aren’t always an option—in fact, if your partner works with their hands a lot, wearing a ring to work could be straight up dangerous—but for those who love them, they make an excellent gift.

A great ring can take an outfit from “well-dressed” to outright slick, and so can a great watch.

Dress watches can provide a stunning complement to a dress shirt or suit, while minimalist designs add an instant hint of trendiness. Watches make a great gift “for him,” with workhouse watches from brands like Citizen and luxurious classics from Tissot.

Whether you’re shopping “for him” or “for her,” jewelry makes a great gift for any occasion or celebration. Shop jewelry online at Best Buy now.

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