Health should always remain a top priority in life. Making sure our loved ones are staying on top of regimens, eating well, and exercising will ensure they live a good life. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, and a little help can go a long way. Thankfully, today we have plenty of tools to guide us in the best and healthiest direction. This Holiday Season, give your loved ones the devices they need to boost and monitor their health and stay motivated. Health tech is the gift that will leave your friends and family feeling loved and looked after. With so much innovative health tech available at Best Buy, you can find something suitable for anyone in your life. 


Health Tech products suitable for all your loved ones

No matter who you’re looking to hook up with better health this year, there’s something out there for everyone. Health products range from wearable tech and exercise equipment to monitors and calming devices. Whether shopping for the yogi in your life, or a teenager learning how to enhance their health, there’s a product out there for them. You can make their health experience easier to boost and more fun to navigate. Health tech gifts are also great for seniors who may need a hand in monitoring their health. Lets run through some health tech gift ideas for all the different people you love.

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Smart Watches go a long way for everyone

Fitbit Versa with Amazon Alexa & Heart Rate TrackingIf you ask me what I think would be a universally great gift for just about anybody, my answer would be a smart watch. Wearable tech has come a long way to be the best sidekick anyone could ask for. Smart watches like the Fitbit Versa with Amazon Alexa & Heart Rate Tracking do it all. This model helps reach fitness goals with easy tracking, synching, and overall fit and functionally. Plus, it has Amazon Alexa integrated, so getting info or setting reminders is as simple as it gets. 

Apple Watch Series 6Another commonly coveted choice is the Apple Watch. There are plenty of budget friendly models available, along with designs to suit your loved one’s unique taste. The latest Apple Watch Series 6 model goes as far as measuring blood oxygen levels and suggesting curated workouts. Smart watches are great for workout buffs—and also for people who don’t love being super active. On one end, the workout buff is able to get all the insight they need to ensure they’re getting the most out of their activity. On the other, anyone who tends to be more relaxed or immobile is able to better monitor their health and find ways to combat any potential health risks. 

Meditation devices to calm the nerves 

Muse S Headband - Health TechStaying healthy isn’t exclusive to just physical wellbeing. Health comes from the inside out, and we are only at our best when our mental health is also thriving. There’s no beating around the bush—the world is quite hectic these days. Stepping away from it all and coming back to ourselves is extremely important when maintaining a good balance. Meditation has been proven to bring calmness and increase motivation. Meditating doesn’t always come naturally to everyone, so using a device to help guide us is extremely useful. The Muse S Headband is designed to offer real-time feedback on your meditation practices so you can continue to elevate yourself. Plus, it comes equipped with guided mediation techniques. 

iHome IZBT7WC BT Color Changing Bedside Sleep Therapy Machine - Health TechYou can also give your loved ones a device like the iHome Color Changing Bedside Sleep Therapy Machine to set a calm environment. It’s got Bluetooth connectivity, so you can easily stream calming music or guided meditation recordings. However, it also comes with 16 relaxing nature recordings and a white noise feature to ease the mind. It has a light therapy feature which is specially designed to ensure a deep sleep at night, providing more energy for the next day. 

Like smart watches, everyone can benefit from meditation, and it looks different to everyone. Some people meditate the “traditional” way,  seated or lying down. Others prefer different methods, like cleaning. In this case, you could provide them with a diffuser like the VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser. No matter what form of meditation your loved ones do, there’s a tool to guide them into finding some tranquility every day. 

Keep them on top of monitoring their health 

LifeSource Ultraconnect Bluetooth Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor - Health TechFor the seniors and physically vulnerable people in our lives, all we want is to make sure they’re looked after and taken care of properly. It can be hard to get to the doctor for small checkups, especially if there are mobility issues. Gladly, a lot of health monitoring can be done from the safety of home. This is done more efficiently and accurately than ever before. Among the most important things to monitor with good frequency are blood pressure and heart rate. Consider providing your senior loved ones with a blood pressure monitoring device like the LifeSource Ultraconnect Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. Having one of these at home can make keeping tabs on their health easy and effortless. Pair it with a Garmin Heart Rate Monitorand they’ll have all their necessary heart health information ready to go at all times. For more information on how to ensure good heart health, check out Erin’s post on the Best Buy Blog.

FoodMarble AIRE Digestive Tracker with FODMAP Test KitAnother important health element to track is digestive health. Learning how to maintain gut health has never been easier than with the FoodMarble AIRE Digestive Tracker. This state-of-the-art tracker measures the hydrogen in your breath to determine what the foods most compatible with your body are, allowing for improved gut health. This test kit assesses how well you digest lactose, fructose, sorbitol, and insulin, to guide healthy eating choices. Checking out our own bodies and advocating for our own health is important to do, and now it’s easier too. This is a gift that will give to its recipients for the rest of their lives. 

Make health everyone’s priority this Holiday Season 

You love the people in your life, and you want to make sure that they’re living to their best capabilities for as long as possible. Giving the gift of Health Tech will provide them the opportunity to make the most out of their lives. And, it also lets them know that you care deeply about them. These days more than ever we need our health, and we need one another. Make this holiday about both. 

Shadi Bozorg
Originally a Vancouverite, Shadi is a freelance writer and social media coordinator now surviving the winters of Toronto. She spends her free time reading, doing creative writing, and trying to make her Fitbit proud. Shadi can also be found in the kitchen as she trains for the next round of Masterchef tryouts.