Today’s blog is all about your good health—both achieving it, and maintaining it. And one of the best ways to get there is with the help of Health Tech from Beurer Connected Health. What is that exactly? Well, just keep on reading to find out!


What is connected health?

Connected health is pretty much like any other “connected” concept, only it applies to one’s health and wellness. For instance, if you have a connected home, that means that your home is connected to the Internet in ways that are beneficial to you. Likewise, with connected health, information pertinent to your health is measured, gathered, stored, and analyzed by devices that are themselves connected to an Internet based app for your knowledge and benefit.

In the case of Beurer Connected Health, these devices are designed, manufactured, and maintained by an industry leader in the area of health related products. Such products include blood pressure and heart rate monitors, scales, and various other devices that help you to achieve and maintain good overall health and wellness. For a look at a few of the products that are now (or soon will be) available at Best Buy, see immediately below.


Beurer Connected Health products

Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Monitors

Beurer Connected Health offers a number of blood pressure and heart rate monitors—each of which is full-featured and ready to help you maintain your health and well-being. Included in Beurer’s current portfolio are the Beurer Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Smartphone App and the Beurer Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Smartphone App. A third option is the Beurer Pulse Oximeter with Heart Rate Monitor. All three are shown (in order) below, starting with the Beurer Arm BP Monitor.

Beurer Connected Health

Features of the Beurer Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Smartphone App (shown above) include Bluetooth connectivity to connect to the Beurer HealthCoach App, an extra-large LCD display (with which to automatically track your blood pressure and pulse), and the ability to inform you if you happen to be using the device incorrectly. You simply place the device on your upper arm to check your blood pressure and pulse, and it can even track your numbers over time and provide you with revealing statistics and useful information via the app.

Features of the Beurer Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Smartphone App (shown immediately above), which connects to wrists measuring in circumference from 14cm to 19.5cm, include automatic tracking of your blood pressure and pulse, Bluetooth communication with the Beurer HealthManager App, and a read-out of your stats on its display screen. Other useful benefits include a risk indicator and arrhythmia detection system with which to keep on top of your health.

Beurer Connected Health

Finally, the Beurer Pulse Oximeter with Heart Rate Monitor (immediately above) is a device that attaches to your finger to check both the rate of your pulse and your blood’s arterial oxygen saturation quickly and easily. Such a device is useful when playing sports or being active at higher altitudes, as well as for general health tracking. It has an easy-to-read colour display screen, a low battery indicator, and it can automatically switch itself off. It even comes with a strap and belt pouch for easy portability.

Note: Although I have listed a few of the key features of each heart rate measuring model above, I have by no means provided a comprehensive list of all of the features of each model. For full features and specs of each device, be sure to check the Best Buy product page for the model you are interested in.


Digital Baby Scales

Beurer Connected Health also has digital baby scales with which to monitor the growth and weight of your baby. By keeping track of your new baby’s weight, you’ll be helping to ensure their continuing growth and healthy development.

In the digital baby scale realm, Beurer has both the Beurer BY 80 Digital Baby Scale and the Beurer BY 90 Bluetooth Digital Baby Scale. The first of these scales, shown above, is packed with useful features, like its automatic and manual hold functions, which make it easier to check and record even a squirming baby’s weight. Additionally, this scale has a large, easy to read LCD display with 23mm digits; it has a curved weighing surface that’s easy on baby and easy to clean; it has non-slip rubber feet on the bottom to keep it firmly in place as you weigh your baby; it can weigh babies weighing up to 20 kg (44 pounds); and you can even adjust it to give the weight in your measurement of choice (kgs, pounds, or ounces).

Beurer Connected Health

The Beurer BY 90 Bluetooth Digital Baby Scale is another fine option. It has Bluetooth connectivity to sync with the Beurer BabyCare App and track your baby’s ongoing weight gain. It also has most of the same features as the BY 80 model, such as a large LCD display with 23mm digits, a curved weighing surface, non-slip feet on the bottom, a maximum weight capacity of 20 kg, and more. Of course, this one too can switch between kilograms, pounds, and ounces. Other useful features include an integrated 150cm tape measure for measuring baby’s length and enough memory to record your baby’s last 10 weighings.

Also coming to Best Buy, though not yet available, is the Beurer Bluetooth Smart Glass Body Analysis Scale. This smart scale isn’t for babies, but it does have many unique features that are absolutely unheard of in a scale. For instance, it can give you a full body analysis, including providing your weight, your body fat, your body muscle and bone mass, your BMI, your caloric intake requirements, and even your metabolic rate. It also has the ability to connect via Bluetooth to the HealthCoach App to help you gather and manage this information. Be sure to keep an eye out for this one at Best Buy Canada!

As you can see, Beurer Connected Health has gone all in when it comes to helping you to monitor, track, and maintain your good health. You can find these and many other great Health Tech products right now at Best Buy Canada.


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