debra-wearable-tech-ihealth.jpgSo, hi, it’s Debra again, your Best Buy Wearable Technology pal (that girl who even writes loudly), to tell you about the fact that the super awesome iHealth folks have a trio of products that effectively remove all excuses for not getting healthy. CRAP!

The good people of iHealth have done the impossible. They’re basically technology magicians, but, you know, without the sparkly shirts. No, this company won’t make the statue of liberty vanish, but maybe your waistline—which is all the more impressive. Intrigued? You should be!

ihealth lite.jpg

First up, in the holy tech trinity, is the iHealth Lite: a wireless scale.

OH GOOD, A WIRELESS SCALE! NOW I CAN WEIGH MYSELF ACURATELY ALL THE TIME! (That is something I have never said until now.)

Please, don’t panic! With the iHealth Lite, statistics are your friend (totes BFF’s). This Bluetooth enabled beauty records all your info on the free iHealth MyVitals app. Your weight and your BMI (that stands for “Body Mass Index”  NOT “Be More Italian” like I thought) will be at your fingertips. You get the full deets on what’s cooking in your body—instantly. No more guessing, measuring, or doing math with a pen and paper LIKE A SUCKER. Oh, and remember when you had to contort your body just to see the numbers on your scale? (Just me? Whatever, circus freaks) The LITE is very easy to read, streamlined, and dammit, straight up sexy. Just like us! Or … you, at least!

Now, if you are like me and prefer to weigh yourself in a dark, shame filled room, the LITE won’t let you hide! This pretty little scale is backlit and will adjust the lighting to any dim room. YOU CAN’T RUN FROM THE TRUTH DIGIOVANNI!

ihealth.jpgSO SINCE we have made our BMI perfect, let’s tackle that pesky blood pressure number! Introducing the iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure MonitorWith this super cool device, you can actually check your BP (doctor lingo) while sitting on the sofa and watching The Price is Right (which obviously gets me worked up because HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW MUCH A TOASTER COSTS? GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER?) Drugstore trips can finally be dedicated exclusively to shampoo-staring. (It’s a thing!)

If blood pressure is an issue for you, or for someone you love, this Wireless BP Monitor is a godsend! Link up with the MyVitals app and you’re almost a doctor**! (**Not true).

This iHealth Monitor is convenient* and easy to use*, doesn’t take up a lot of space* and anyone* can use it! (*Very true)

Finally, the geniuses (Geniusae?) at iHealth round out their super-health-system with the iHealth Edge. It’s a fitness and sleep monitor that tracks steps taken, your calories and your sleep patterns. The Edge, which also syncs with the MyVitals app (it’s a darn good app), comes with a grey AND a black strap and also with a delightful little waist clip, so you can either wear it on your wrist OR on your hip! So, they’re giving us a choice, like civilized adults! It’s your choice! Which do you prefer? Wrist or waistband? Which can you reach easier? It’s like we’re on a first date, and the iHealth Edge is killing it with all the consideration!

This is it, guys. iHealth just wants us to live our best lives, our healthiest lives and they’re making it all very easy and affordable. I wonder if they have a dating service too? Just a (fantastic) suggestion, iHealth. Whatever …

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