dog.JPGHey, it’s Debra again; your friendly neighborhood technophobe AND renowned cat lady. I love cats because (obviously) they’re soft and cute and sort of hate you, which I find exciting!!! But my love of cats does not stop me from looking at dogs. I KNOW! My eye wanders sometimes … I’m not proud of myself.

The reason I went cat and not dog, at first was, of course, because cats are so easy (to maintain, not to make out with) and take almost no training at all. Cats do what they want; there are no laws in a cat’s world. But our dear dogs, they need proper training in order to be a nice member of society.


One of my besties, Ted, a veterinarian (and an amazing comedian), ensures me that properly training a dog is the kindest thing you can do for your “wittle slobbery love-ball” (his words!). You want your pet to be under control and happy. You don’t want to be THAT neighbour, having full on bark-appaloosa concert every time the wind blows. You’ll never get invited to parties.motorola-pet.jpg

The wonderful scientists, and general smarty-pants, over at Motorola have now created the Motorola One Button Dog Training Collar, or MOTOPET 200. It’s a new, gentler system to train dogs using “static correction:” vibrations rather than a shock collar. MOTOPET 200 is lightweight and waterproof and looks cute on almost every dog. It includes a digital voice walkie-talkie that allows your own voice to be the trainer and not some creepy robot. BUT! You must use proper walkie-talkie etiquette: lots of “ten-four good buddy”, and “over and out.”  You should also make up walkie-talkie handles. I use Sweet Debbie Dee, so that’s off the table.

(Ok, none of that last part is necessary; but why not? It’s so fun!)

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Does this work for husbands/boyfriends, etc?” The tests are not in yet on that one—and I mean YET. Please know that the good people over here at Debra Labs Incorporated are working tirelessly with bad boys and dudes who ride motorcycles on the human version.

Check out my latest video about wearable technology featuring the Motopet200:

In closing, thanks to those lovely Motorola folks and the MOTOPET 200 you can train your furry best friend in an easy, efficient way that every dog owner can feel confident about. Who knows, maybe you can even teach him to Moto-roll-over!! See what I did there?! Sorry. Am I fired?



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