debra-wearable-blast.jpgHey Team! It’s Debra! Your Best Buy Canada Wearable Technology Minx! (Not my official title … YET!) Well, spring is in the air (we hope) and of course that means BASEBALL season starts soon! (My dad told me)

Everything I know (not much) about baseball I learned from the 1988 movie Bull Durham.

“You throw the ball, you hit the ball; you catch the ball.”

I do love baseball movies, Field of Dreams, The Natural, heck I’ll even tuck into Major League! (Please don’t tell anyone about that last one).

And maybe I’m not THE most athletic woman on the planet, BUT I did play T-ball as a kid … and as an adult (I’m gonna get that ball off that Tee – you mark my words). Also, I’ve been to a Blue Jays game (where I may, or may not have been escorted out for being “belligerent”), Deb-baseball.jpgAND I know whom the players date (example: A-Rod has dated EVERYONE). More importantly, I know all the cute boys—have you had a scoop of Matt Carpenter? (I wish he was my ACTUAL carpenter—Google him immediately).

However, the actual sport of baseball, with the rules and such, eludes my very busy brain. But, I have been told that hitting the ball is important. Like, super duper important! Like, Matt Carpenter shirtless, important. So, this week it’s the BLAST Baseball Swing Precision Motion Sensor. Since I only have 550 words, from now on I will call it, Blast!! (Also, it’s the nickname I give to myself at parties).

The Blast is indeed “wearable technology,” except the person wearing it is a baseball bat. AND—one size fits all! (How often is that true?)

sat n fever.jpgHere’s the skinny: You attach the sensor to the bat (the holding end, not the hitting end. Shut up), put its little sensor-holding hat on, and turn on the APP. (There’s always an app—this isn’t magic!) Then, and this is the best part, to WAKE the sensor, you simply point the bat to the ground for two seconds, then to the sky for two seconds and, voila, it’s alive. So, essentially, the “Saturday Night Fever” dance turns it on!! The sensor and I have a lot in common. Now, you’re free to swing away.

Pretty easy!! (The nickname others give to me at parties). How cool is that?

There’s no need to alter your swing or do anything out of the ordinary, and there are no power buttons or controls to get in your way. The Blast precision motion sensor knows when you’re moving and dynamically powers-up the sensor and engages the patented motion detection algorithms to capture your important 3D action metrics in real-time.”


The BLAST does not make you a better baseball player on it’s own—to do that, I think, there’s a lot of hard work, talent, dedication, and other crap. But, it will show you exactly what you’re doing wrong (and right!) by capturing data as you swing, tracking your speed, power, timing, and direction. Just think about it, thanks to the Blast Baseball Swing Precision Motion Sensor, when it comes time to step up to the plate in the World Series, bases loaded, bottom of the ninth … you’ll hit a grand slam, win the game, be a nation’s hero, grow a small beard, be Matt Carpenter, and be my boyfriend!

Everybody wins!!

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