MotionGrey adjustable motorized desks at Best Buy

A MotionGrey desk in your home may be just the game-changing home office enhancement you’ve needed for a long time. Let’s face it, sitting in a chair for eight or more hours a day is not healthy. You do it because you feel you have no choice to stay productive. However, millions of people have switched to a standing desk. With, MotionGrey, you get the best of both situations, and Best Buy is offering a chance for someone to find out how great a height adjustable desk can be.

Adjustable desks for anyone to get more work done

Back in the not so distant past, when I travelled to the office each day, many of my coworkers opted for a standing desk. This struck me at the time as an interesting solution for some people who may not want to be sitting for work. Some of these desks were amazingly versatile, allowing the worker to sit or stand as they desired. And the people who had these desks said they were more productive and happier at work by having the option to sit or stand when they wanted.

I recently found out that Best Buy’s website has desks like these available for everyone. MotionGrey desks have a sturdy steel frame construction, and a motor enabling the tabletop to move from 73 cm, for when you want to be sitting, up to 118 cm so you can set it at the height that is right for you. At the push of a button, the motor quietly ascends and descends the whole table top, computer and all! The quality tabletop is easy to clean, water resistant, and has safe, rounded edges. So, anyone working from home who enjoyed the benefits of sitting or standing at their old office, or just for anyone who wants these benefits now that they work from home, can order one simply and easily online.

4 benefits of a height adjustable desk

You know that numbing feeling mid-day after about four hours clicking on a keyboard, focussing on text and numbers. Perhaps your back starts to twitch. You need to get up from your desk but have too much work … and the day is only half over. Having the option to raise your desk to stand changes everything. You know you wouldn’t get the best sleep if you had to stay in the same position all night. By adjusting from sleeping on your side to your back or the other side, you are more comfortable and ultimately you function better the next day. Similarly, with a MotionGrey desk, you’ll enjoy the ergonomic benefits of versatility including less pain and discomfort, better mood, burn more calories, and increase productivity. Do you know someone who would love these benefits? Enter now for a chance to win.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in two different ways by commenting below. In a comment, tell us how using a MotionGrey desk for your work would benefit you personally. In a second, separate comment below, tell us someone else in your life who you think would love a MotionGrey desk (first name only please) and why.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will randomly select one winner to receive a MotionGrey desk with standard white tabletop.

This contest runs from November 26th to December 12th.

Remember you can enter twice by leaving two comments beneath this contest article. However, you should also tell your family and friends, especially those who work from home, about this contest so they too have a chance to win.

Win a MotionGrey Adjustable Desk Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck


  1. I would love to give a MotionGrey desk to my daughter Rowan for studying in her room. Perfect size and great flexibility with adjustability.

  2. This desk would benefit me personally to help with my lower back pain from sitting all day. An adjustable desk would be a huge help.

  3. Having a MotionGrey adjustable desk at the office would be very helpful. I often have to walk away from my desk and being able to check something without sitting down would be very helpful, without being forced to stand all the time. I’ve also had back pain in the past, and I have found working while standing at times helps.

  4. I would love to win this desk since I work from home and have back issues I already need to stand up every, with this I can stand up and still be productive at work.

  5. My brother could also make use of this desk as I know he also has a makeshift work area at home from his bench-style dinner table.

  6. I currently use a barstool to do my work at my dinner table. Having a dedicated work table would do me wonders not only for mental focus but for my poor sitting habits.

  7. I think my bro Alex could use a desk like this. He has kids of varying ages. So i think a desk like this would be quite handy for school or projects in general

  8. i use my desk for work and play. having an adjustable desk would really save my back from being hunched over all the time.

  9. My nephew would love this desk – he is an university student, doing online courses, so the height adjustable feature would help him a lot.

  10. I would love this desk because I sit at the computer too much, even though I try to get up & stretch periodically.

  11. I think my nephew would love a MotionGrey desk at home for his schoolwork. He is very tall and could benefit from being able to adjust the height of his desk.

  12. I have a hybrid work schedule. I work some days in the office and some days at home. I already know first hand all the ergonomic benefits of an adjustable desk as I have one in the office so I would love to use a MotionGrey desk at home.

  13. My sister was also in the market for a standing desk but is now on maternity leave. When she eventually returns to work, it’ll be nice for her to have this desk to help her “adjust” and “get back on her feet”.

  14. At the office I had gained a bunch of weight sitting at my desk all day. The added weight lead to a compiling of different health issues. I was able to request a standing desk with management and that made a world of a difference. Simply standing up at my desk increased my energy, which lead to better mental health and greater productivity.
    But now that I’m working from home, I find myself sitting often again and the anxiety creeps in. I’m looking for a standing desk, but winning a MotionGrey desk would be even better

  15. Using a MotionGrey desk for my work would benefit me personally because I have difficulty sitting for long periods of time. With this I can alternate from sitting to standing and back as needed.

  16. A Motion Grey standing desk would be a gift from the HEAVENS! I feel like my muscles are going to atrophy if I keep sitting for these long hours….. It would also look so sleek in my new office so that would be the cherry on top!

  17. My brother-in-law Sebastien is currently looking at a standing desk and it would be great for him to have this one with adjustable height for his work.

  18. Working mostly from Home and sitting at a desk, I could then use different position (Standing or sitting) through all day and it would be better for my health.

  19. My friend H would love a MotionGrey desk, he always talked about how much he loved the standing desk work but now that we’re all working from home, he misses it.

  20. Using a MotionGrey desk would help me be more productive while I work from home – to be able to sit or stand at any given time without losing precious work time.

  21. My dad John would love a MotionGrey desk. He is always active and on the go, but he is also such a hard worker. On days where he is too busy to work out, he does feel lower energy, so this would be such a helpful addition to the home office

  22. The adjustable desk would be so helpful to stay active. We’ve been so dormant for the past 2 years and being able to continue work while not just sitting down all the time would keep the extra weight off

  23. I would love to stop hunching over my keyboard as I work in the basement with a old table as my desk. My husband works from the dining room table so he would love this too. We may have to flip for it if we win

    • Working from home for the past almost 2 years has taught me that a comfortable workspace is a priority, especially with back and sciatic issues. And I would love to get one for my boss, L, who has also now developed sciatic issues so I understand her pain. She has been most understanding and sympathetic to my issues, so I would love to return the favours!

  24. My friend Mike would greatly appreciate a MotionGrey desk! He works from home and talks about how bad his back is sometimes. I bet he would see significant benefits from an adjustable desk!

  25. I would love a MotionGrey adjustable desk! We are soon moving to a half at home / half at work schedule and I don’t really have a good desk for when I will be working form home, so this would be an incredible improvement!

  26. I find myself always adjust and standing up and stretching! I would love a height adjustable desk so im not sitting for hours at a time !

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