NVIDIA GeForce 3070Ti 3080Ti

Editor’s Note:   We have heard your feedback and have made the decision to release RTX 30-series inventory in select stores going forward. Inventory will not be available on the morning of the launch, and we will communicate when we will have in-store availability later this month.

If you are a PC gamer, you know all about NVIDIA and you know every detail of the company’s RTX 30 series video cards. These cards have been the hottest ticket in town since their launch last fall. The RTX 30 situation is about to get even more interesting. NVIDIA has just announced the launch of the new GeForce RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3080 Ti graphics cards. That “Ti” stands for “Titanium” and that means the newly launched graphics cards are even more powerful than the original versions. Will you be able to order the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3080 Ti at Best Buy? You bet. Details are below, but keep in mind the demand for the RTX series has been phenomenal. So mark the dates in your calendar.Nvidia RTX graphics cards

Everything that makes the RTX 30 series so good, but better

NVIDIA’s RTX 30 series graphics cards have won accolades for their advanced technology, high performance, and ability to push the envelope for gamers and creators.

Designed using the company’s second generation Ampere RTX architecture, they include NVIDIA’s groundbreaking DLSS. This AI-accelerated rendering technology leverages the RTX series’ Tensor cores to deliver higher resolution graphics at higher frame rates. Then there’s the advance in real-time ray tracing, and the support for HDR gaming at up to 8K resolution. 

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti details

Geforce Rtx 3070 Ti

First up is the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti. The original GeForce RTX 3070 was considered a sweet spot card for gamers. Specs included 5888 CUDA cores, base clock rate of 1.50GHz, boosted clock rate of 1.73GHz and 8GB of DDR6 RAM. That was a lot of performance for the buck. However, the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti gets some key upgrades.

The number of CUDA cores for the new card is boosted to 6144. More CUDA cores means more processing power. In addition, the DDR6 RAM gets upgraded to 8GB of DDR6X RAM. Previously only included with the higher end RTX 30 cards, DDR6X RAM has higher bandwidth than DDR6. Clock rates also get a boost, to a base of 1.58GHz and a boosted clock rate of 1.77GHz. 

Combined, the upgrades spell a big performance improvement over the original GeForce RTX 3070.

Geforce rtx 3080 ti

NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti details

The GeForce RTX 3080 is near the top of the RTX 30 series range, but the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti is going to bring it even closer to the mighty GeForce RTX 3090.

The key upgrades here are an increase in DDR6X RAM from 10GB on the original card to 12GB on the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti. That memory also gets more bandwidth, going from 320-bit to 384-bit. The CUDA cores get a huge boost from 8704 to 10240. Clock rates actually drop slightly on the new card (to 1.37GHz base and and 1.67GHZ boost), but with the big gain in CUDA cores and the memory upgrades, the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti is still going to seriously outperform the original card.

Here’s when you can order the latest NVIDIA RTX series graphics cards

RTX 3080 Ti

As I mentioned (not that I need to remind anyone who’s been hoping to upgrade their gaming PC), there has been incredible demand for all NVIDIA RTX 30 series graphics cards. That demand continues to outstrip supply. It’s a safe bet that the new, even more powerful Ti versions are going to be just as popular—if not more so. That means you need to mark these dates on your calendar. These are the dates when you will be able to order the new graphics cards online from Best Buy.

RTX 3080 Ti: June 3

RTX 3070 Ti: June 10 launch, however, as mentioned at the top of this article, inventory will not be available on the morning of the launch, and we will communicate when we will have in-store availability later this month.

Remember that Best Buy is continuously replenishing inventory based on NVIDIA board partner manufacturing capacity, so please check back often. 

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  1. We need more information. I can’t get any information from any blue shirt. It’s frustrating! Website shows always zero stock from a specific store and I saw someone getting a card the same day in the same store! >:(

  2. It could be a lottery system.
    Similar to buying concert tickets.
    Show up between x and y time to get on a list.
    Lottery draw at time z for first number to have opp to buy then sequential after that.

  3. Any word on a hard date when the in store availability might happen? I’ve been at my local best buy at opening every day this week and every employee I have spoken with still seems to think it’s still all online orders for GPUs despite me showing them this blog saying otherwise. Getting really frustrated with the lack of communication from corporate to store employees. Hard enough to work for your money but now you need to work even harder to spend it at a best buy apparently too..

  4. Love the in-store idea but it’s made it insanely impossible for me to obtain a card now. A lot us work and never get the opportunity to head to a store, lineup for hours to get a gpu with no idea if the store received any.

    There has to be a way to integrate in store pick otpion online/in store pickups with limits of 1 per 6 months

  5. Might want to give the actual stores a heads up about this recent development. I went to a local Best Buy just to check out where they keep the graphics cards in case I can get in line when they drop in store. I asked a blue shirt where they keep the cards if they had any , and the guy said “ we won’t be getting any , they are all online”. I showed him this article and he was like wow thanks I had no idea , I’ve been trying to get one myself for months.

    • I went to my local BB and was told almost the same thing. All stock for their store will be available online and you can order and pickup in store.

    • Same.. every store in GTA I went so far (6 in total) give me the same answer.. “Keep an eye online.. when we have stock it should become available to purchase”
      There’s also the fact that BestBuy stopped providing in-store stocks for all 30-series cards. I’ve tried to open a support ticket to enable this feature back, but so far the behavior continues… It makes no sense to me.. if they switch to in-store, we should have the hability to verify stock online, and not waste hours and hours, plus gas, going to several stores and hear the same story over and over.
      This has to stop!

  6. Went to my local bestbuy today and was told that some of the cards were dropped already… I thought we were going to be told when the cards drop in store.

    • They already dropped the 3070 ti, or were they something else? They might have been talking about the 3080 ti.

  7. Store availability in itself not good enough. Camping out will continue. Unfair to the disabled. Use store based in person pre-order with in person ID text verification IN ADDITION to Best Buy account. A numbered pre-order, deli style. Limit one purchase per household. Fulfill orders by date order placed. Allow 2-3 days to pick up. No shipping. I would rather wait 6 months for a 3080 I know I will get – with Best Buy’s fair pricing – than constantly deal with frustration and anger due to bots, gouged prices, elsewhere. Again. ONE per household. You see same address – no, sorry.

  8. There ARE multiple levels of avoided responsibility and room for blame. There IS a known chip shortage, reducing # of cards made. Making availability online only left room for bots to grab anything within seconds.
    Store availability too is insufficient. Microcenter in Chicago is using a voucher system. One card per household. Period.
    But it still requires camping out – first come first serve.
    Wanting 3 cards for one computer no longer feasible. Step up. Limit purchases. Verify information. Commendable that prices are not gouged by Best Buy, unlike B&H, New Egg, Amazon and of course EBay. Stop the need for camping out to get a card. 20 minute vouchers are bologna. Use preorders. Store based. Text phone identity confirmed. It may take longer to get a card, but at least you are assured you will get one eventually. Not like now.

  9. Would be good to have a system that during checkout, your purchase is held and someone from BB calls you to confirm you’re a human; and then releases the order. Have actual humans confirming you’re human.

  10. I’m glad they’re taking this route, it’s about time they stop scalpers and their absurd prices.

    Hopefully they can find an option for people with disabilities or that can’t show up to the store to get theirs too.

    Can’t wait, I can finally finish building my PC.

  11. You guys really need to figure out what you are doing.

    As you’ve stated: ‘Editor’s Note: We have heard your feedback and have made the decision to release RTX 30-series inventory in select stores going forward. Inventory will not be available on the morning of the launch, and we will communicate when we will have in-store availability later this month.’

    Despite stating you’ll inform us later this month it turns out Winston Park had 3090, 80, 70ti, 60ti, 60 series today (and have since all sold out).

    Could you please make up your mind and stick to it? Thanks.

  12. How about a one per customer reservation system? Perhaps via a Facebook account or some kind of linked identity info, to stop scalpers and so we don’t have to camp outside the store on the day of release

  13. Why not just have a waiting list, limit of one per BB account? I’ve been waiting for months now but don’t have time to check daily especially since it appears bots and resellers scoop up the supply immediately.

  14. Why not just make an online sale for people with best buy accounts over 2 years old with purchase histories? Predating accounts made solely to purchase via nefarious means.

  15. How are you going to communicate in-store availability? Should we keep checking back at this blog?

  16. I for one am very happy with this decision. I understand people’s frustrations, but believe me, you won’t get it online anyway due to bots. In-store is how it should have been from the start. Send someone to buy it if you cannot go yourself.

  17. I’m so sad with Best Buy going with store only orders:
    1) I’m a caregiver and on my best day even if a BB was nearby it’s hard to make time to go to it.
    2) It’s hard on people with disabilities. Give it a shot and join someone with a disability and walk in their shoes sort of speak for a day. The Disability Transits alone are nightmares. Not only that most places not assessable and not easy for them to stand in line.
    3) We live about 9 hours round trip to a Best Buy. We shopped BB a big chunk of our lives and one the parts you do best vs many companies is online shopping and online ordering. All the sudden now were going backwards?
    4) The Pandemic is still strong in Ontario. Going back to 1-2 Issues immune compromised people can’t just take their chances and get a video card by lining up at best buy, etc. The whole idea is to put as little time as possible at retail at this time. You instead are promoting the opposite.
    5) Scalpers no matter what will be lining up and going to stores. Why? They have done so for years and will continue to do so. Oddly enough I bet this gives them an upper hand on the situation.

    I’m quite disappointed and it’s not “bad lucky, too bad” situation, but as an advocate also for disability rights, I feel like once again another hurdle has been put in their place. In a time of life when we should be doing our best to remove barriers we keep adding new ones…

    • Oh I misread the message then. I thought they were just saying they were going to hold some stock back for in-store…. didnt realize it was going to be all in-store…. Thats dissapointing.

    • Let me ask you something. Will you be able to beat the bots when buying online? I understand your point of view but leaving it online doesn’t give you a better chance to get it to be honest so don’t blame bb for traying to do something about the bots online. Unless, of course, you are one of those ppl who run bots :).

    • Either you’re living under a rock and don’t understand the situation we have at hands.
      OOOOOOR you’re one of those arse that use bots to buy all the stocks, but it obviously didn’t work this time because someone at BB Canada finally made a logical decision for the best interest of their customers and their reputation.

      If the first, well I’ll be straight, because of all the bots buying everything faster than humanly possible, no one can actually buy a GPU on the online store, so wether it’s you in your situation or any other customer, no one is spare, but on the other hand with BB Canada recent decision, at least some people will finally have a decent chance to buy one at retail price… and yes that will not stop scalpers for doing it, but there’s so many people they can hier to get in line outside before they stop profits form it.

      If the later though, sorry but I’m disgust, banking on the possibility that BB Canada could revoke their decision by trying to pretend being in that kind of situation, that’s an other level of low, just to keep using bots again and continuing screwing everyone over with inflated price JUST to make more profit on the few people with enough money and desperate enough to buy them anyway… you should seriously look at yourself in the mirror.

    • You dont understand selling online you would have 0 chance to.grab one bots get them in 0.1 milisec 2 min after release all the stock would be gone im glad theyr doing it this way at least you have the chance to get one this way id go in a tent for 2 days if i had too lol the only way to grab one….

    • While this is understandable by making it in store it actually makes it more fair for the majority of the population.
      In regards to your situation, no matter how you put it you wouldn’t have been able to get a card if it was online anyway.
      This at least gives you a small chance.

    • Also if I remember correctly, BestBuy in the US literally just tried this last week with the RTX 3080Ti release. They are now doing online only because of the fights that broke out…

    • Not sure if people are being sarcastic when talking about bots… How do you think the universe survives? We adapt and deal with it.. You can easily show proof of identity even via the Internet in 2021. Limited per address, keep an eye on IP’s, etc. You can do a Lotto system as well. So if 5000 people join up they will randomly draw from that group of people for a card for example.

      There is many ways around it… Forcing to go into stores during a pandemic, not being about to reach communities because they don’t have a best buy, having accessibility issues, is just overall a nusane and unfair.

      It’s strange you guys only see the only solution is in stores when scalpers prefer that method anyways. They can hit multiple stores, take multiple people, etc. It works out better as they get the product in their hand right there and then too.

      There is always downsides with all the methods. I think better verification and maybe some sort of lotto / draw might not be a bad way of handling it.

      • There is quite literally no difference whether they do a lotto online or track IPs, which they already do. All these bot users have to do is rotate through residential proxies and they bypass it all. Their IP will look the same as yours or mine and they’ll have free reign over it all. If a lotto was in place, they could just spam entries into the lotto and have a significantly higher chance of winning. You could argue that they could check for newly created accounts but that puts up a “barrier” for those who have never made an account on Best Buy and wanted to participate.

        If in-store purchases are anything like the US release, there will be lines. Not everyone in those lines will get a card so there is no chance for anyone to “hit multiple stores”. Nor would they be able to get multiple cards at one establishment as the staff would be able to limit 1 purchase per customer. As for getting multiple people, why would those people not just sell the cards themselves and getting a bigger profit than get a cut of whatever a scalper would pay them. Everyone who is able to get a card legitimately has the right to do whatever they want with it even sell it at a premium.

        The point is not to stop scalpers from getting the cards outright, the point is to stop them from getting multiple cards at a time easily. Online, legitimate buyers have next to zero chance of getting a card while the scalpers are able to get multiple with their bots. In-store, everyone will at least have a more equal chance of buying a single card. It might not be the best solution but it sure is better than having it be online where legitimate customers have no chance of getting one.

        Using bots isn’t new and if there was a good solution to it then it wouldn’t be so prevalent. However, there isn’t and we see bots used extensively in multiple areas and especially for purchasing street wear for ages now.

  18. Editors,

    Do you have an estimate for when the 3070 ti will be available for BestBUY?

    Appreciate it

  19. Thanks for the article Martin, does this mean the RTX 30-series are no longer being sold online and will strictly be sold in-store going forward? Thanks !

  20. I believe this is a bad decision, you’re just limiting even more the possibility to have access to the inventory this way

  21. This will apply to all 30 series? Meaning no more bots and we can try and get any 30 series in our selected store, correct? Or will only be for the 3080 ti and 3070 ti? Thank you in advance.

  22. what does that mean in select stores? is there going to be a list somewhere we can reference?

  23. Hi everyone, I added this note at the top of the article but am adding it here too for everyone checking comments for more information. I was just sent this note regarding Nvidia graphic card sales:

    We have heard your feedback and have made the decision to release RTX 30-series inventory in select stores going forward. Inventory will not be available on the morning of the launch, and we will communicate when we will have in-store availability later this month.

    best regards,

    • Hey Martin,

      Thanks for the update, the bad thing is that some of my friends told me they saw some RTX cards instore I was looking at the website and did not see stock available so I was thinking to myself “They are pulling my leg”…. But someone else went and bought the last card… What’s up with that? I will have to go to the store everyday burning gas to see if there is cards?

    • Thank you Martin!

      Do you know which stores ? Where and when will you comminucate this information later this month?

    • So just to be clear, when you write “Inventory will not be available on the morning of the launch”, do you mean even online? Are you saying it will not be possible to try and buy ANY 30-series card online?

      If they can only be purchased now in “select stores”, how are customers to know which locations?

    • Hi Martin,

      This is great news. Thanks for listening to your customers and trying to do the right thing. I don’t blame the vendors for the current situation, but I do think many of them could have done better instead of feeding in to the situation by allowing bots to grab all the inventory for so long. I hope this gives us normal folk a chance to get a graphics card over the miners and scalpers!

    • “We have heard your feedback and have made the decision to release RTX 30-series inventory in select stores going forward. Inventory will not be available on the morning of the launch, and we will communicate when we will have in-store availability later this month.”

      So wait, when WILL stock be available online? And what stores will have stock? They just won’t be obtainable on launch day at all? A good chunk of the feedback was criticism regarding a lack of communication about these cards, and your response is even less communication? And right before the cards are supposed to be released?

    • So as a Couple living Northern Ontario and a full time caregiver who would need to make a 9 hour round trip to the closest Best Buy. Are you stating too bad so sad to us?

      This is even worse doing a pandemic when were suppose to try to avoid going to stores, etc. 2021 and I can’t some how put my name is for a Queue to get a working video card seems really messed up…

      • I don’t entirely disagree with you, but I think a dose of comparative perspective is fair.

        BestBuy has been the best online Canadian retailer for GPUs for 30-series, including their most recent **online** drop last week. Their prices are the most reasonable, there are a decent number of cards dropped at once, and it’s even possible for a human to get one. Other retailers are some combination of more expensive, only available in bundles (e.g. with a power supply you don’t want), lower stock, or simply not doing online sales at all. For those that do have online sales, their sites tend to fall apart when a card becomes available while BestBuy withstands the inrush (a bit slower of course, but it’s not like the pages completely break every time).

        BestBuy Canada has been really good to everyone on this topic, and not only for a short time.

        I do not and have never worked for BestBuy.

      • I agree fully with you Kane. This decision clearly puts people’s health at risk, and limits the demographic to people that have the means and availability to get to a store to buy these products. Ideally they would split the stock and provide instore and online services. I’m sure that comes with some level of logistic headaches so I imagine that’s why they are so polarized one way or the other.

      • But you can’t get them online either there’s just not enough supply. I was waiting to grab a 3070 ti basically all morning and into the afternoon the button to buy literally went from “available soon” to “sold out” after page refresh within a 2 min interval, a lottery system like Newegg is doing it seems is the best way to ensure a more level distribution. I really don’t think best buy has much incentive to care who buys as long as they get bought, after all that’s what they’re in business for.

      • Way better this way so the Bots won’t ninja all the cards this time try to get it with out a bot your not going to be able to beat one that refresh the page 1000 times and auto buys all the card it can in less then a second

    • This is a terrible decision. It’s impossible to get cards now as employees give heads up to their friends. In vaudreuil there was like 4 3080tuf in stock and guess what, one guy got all of them and is selling them on marketplace. Inspecting is profile we see he has friends in bb vaudreuil and he also used to work there. This is only one example. You can sell in store but please enforce some measures to give customers a chance. Bots where possible to fight, but not employees giving leads to friends who scalp.

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