NVIDIA GeForce 3070Ti 3080Ti

Editor’s Note:   We have heard your feedback and have made the decision to release RTX 30-series inventory in select stores going forward. Inventory will not be available on the morning of the launch, and we will communicate when we will have in-store availability later this month.

If you are a PC gamer, you know all about NVIDIA and you know every detail of the company’s RTX 30 series video cards. These cards have been the hottest ticket in town since their launch last fall. The RTX 30 situation is about to get even more interesting. NVIDIA has just announced the launch of the new GeForce RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3080 Ti graphics cards. That “Ti” stands for “Titanium” and that means the newly launched graphics cards are even more powerful than the original versions. Will you be able to order the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3080 Ti at Best Buy? You bet. Details are below, but keep in mind the demand for the RTX series has been phenomenal. So mark the dates in your calendar.Nvidia RTX graphics cards

Everything that makes the RTX 30 series so good, but better

NVIDIA’s RTX 30 series graphics cards have won accolades for their advanced technology, high performance, and ability to push the envelope for gamers and creators.

Designed using the company’s second generation Ampere RTX architecture, they include NVIDIA’s groundbreaking DLSS. This AI-accelerated rendering technology leverages the RTX series’ Tensor cores to deliver higher resolution graphics at higher frame rates. Then there’s the advance in real-time ray tracing, and the support for HDR gaming at up to 8K resolution. 

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti details

Geforce Rtx 3070 Ti

First up is the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti. The original GeForce RTX 3070 was considered a sweet spot card for gamers. Specs included 5888 CUDA cores, base clock rate of 1.50GHz, boosted clock rate of 1.73GHz and 8GB of DDR6 RAM. That was a lot of performance for the buck. However, the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti gets some key upgrades.

The number of CUDA cores for the new card is boosted to 6144. More CUDA cores means more processing power. In addition, the DDR6 RAM gets upgraded to 8GB of DDR6X RAM. Previously only included with the higher end RTX 30 cards, DDR6X RAM has higher bandwidth than DDR6. Clock rates also get a boost, to a base of 1.58GHz and a boosted clock rate of 1.77GHz. 

Combined, the upgrades spell a big performance improvement over the original GeForce RTX 3070.

Geforce rtx 3080 ti

NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti details

The GeForce RTX 3080 is near the top of the RTX 30 series range, but the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti is going to bring it even closer to the mighty GeForce RTX 3090.

The key upgrades here are an increase in DDR6X RAM from 10GB on the original card to 12GB on the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti. That memory also gets more bandwidth, going from 320-bit to 384-bit. The CUDA cores get a huge boost from 8704 to 10240. Clock rates actually drop slightly on the new card (to 1.37GHz base and and 1.67GHZ boost), but with the big gain in CUDA cores and the memory upgrades, the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti is still going to seriously outperform the original card.

Here’s when you can order the latest NVIDIA RTX series graphics cards

RTX 3080 Ti

As I mentioned (not that I need to remind anyone who’s been hoping to upgrade their gaming PC), there has been incredible demand for all NVIDIA RTX 30 series graphics cards. That demand continues to outstrip supply. It’s a safe bet that the new, even more powerful Ti versions are going to be just as popular—if not more so. That means you need to mark these dates on your calendar. These are the dates when you will be able to order the new graphics cards online from Best Buy.

RTX 3080 Ti: June 3

RTX 3070 Ti: June 10 launch, however, as mentioned at the top of this article, inventory will not be available on the morning of the launch, and we will communicate when we will have in-store availability later this month.

Remember that Best Buy is continuously replenishing inventory based on NVIDIA board partner manufacturing capacity, so please check back often. 

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  1. Honestly I was up early, waiting for this drop and nothing. Weak bestbuy. Do better, even a waitlist would be great.

  2. I almost had one at the launch.. MSI 3080ti was carted and I was paying and then the whole screen was just loading endlessly and when it finally loaded “your cart is out of stock” happened. guess the bots win again.. would be nice if we were able to go on a waitlist for these cards or preorder even if it’s months out.

  3. Sucks that the bots were able to get cards when humans couldn’t. Brutal that it keeps on happening with every new release of products. Made it to the checkout pages but ended up being out of stock by the time I tried to enter payment info.

  4. Hi everyone,

    This is the message that I was asked to share by the team running these launches: Inventory was limited and we are doing our best to ensure bot traffic is mitigated, multiple orders are cancelled, and these cards are getting into the hands of our valued customers. We understand it is frustrating and we are considering if there is a different way to launch the 3070TI next week.

    best regards,

    • How exactly are they getting in the hands of customers when they were sold out and there is no ability to order or backorder online?

    • Has the team figured out a different way to release the 3070 ti, or are we going to face the same problem on the 10th?

    • Hi Martin! Please consider in-store buying, I don’t mind waiting outside of Bestbuy at 5am in the morning! Btw, I live in Victoria BC, so what time (for me) will Bestbuy start to sell the 3070ti on Thurdays? Thank you!

      • HI Truong, please see the note that has just been added to the top of this article.

        best regards,

        • Please don’t leave Saskatchewan Out. “select stores” means we’re probably getting screwed, again.

        • So, are you guys considering a similar approach to the States? You go to the store and get a spot “In line” and then you have to check in every 3 hours or so? I think that this would be a great way to solve the problem with bots and also follow the Covid Protocols. Thanks for the blog post btw:)

    • Will you have in-store back orders so I can get the GPU I want or am I stuck with what ever my local bestbuy gets if anything?

    • Best Buy could create a partial stock wait list like Evga.com and check history orders to eliminate some scalpers.

  5. I have been trying since last year no such luck.
    6 month of trying is to much.
    Let people pre-order and fill the orders as stock arrives.
    Let people pre-pay with 90 day delivery promise.
    The way you are doing it now is only for BOTS
    What a “SCAM”

  6. Again… another drop.. At least this time I was able to add to my cart, but them at checkout, I was sent to the queue.. at the end, the 3080 was out of stock… my wife was also trying.. she got closer actuallly, she just had to fill the CC pin number, but then.. guess what? BB crashed! “Error.. try again”, we both added to the cart right after the card went on stock.
    I think the only way to get our hands on cards now is actually in-store, since online, everything is being taken by bots and scalpers.


  7. Been trying to get a 3080 now a 3080TI since they launched and still have not gotten one. I’m so tired of being out botted. It seems that Best Buy does not want to be a leader in changing the way they hand out these cards. Everyone else is doing the same pure chaos and broken site.

    Why not add a online lotto ask for id, etc… What does one have to do to spend money legitimately at your website?

  8. Securing any of the RTX 30 Series cards online it’s something currently unfeasible. Why don’t you guys do in Canada what Best Buy did today in the US? I would definitely camp in front of a Best Buy store.

  9. It is impossible to buy online any graphic card RTX 30. Please, does a drop-off in stores, like the US!!!

  10. Took a day off from job. Kept updating the page since 6 a.m. pacific. No luck, bots won the game. Don’t know why bestbuy doesn’t want to implement captcha on checkout.

  11. Was able to add 3080ti to the card on 12:20pm and then said sold out online, on 1:30pm another ware ,3090 was able to add than jumps to empty card. Did you actually make any sales? After few months of tracking in stock notifications, no luck at all.

  12. I’m using the app. It’s now “available for backorder” but when I click on it the “add to cart” button is grayed out. Do I just wait there in the queue until the button turns yellow?

  13. Completely useless and irrelevant article.
    No information about where or how to purchase the items. This might as well be a lifestyle blog.

  14. I’ve been trying to order one since early this morning but it’s not possible, did I already miss the boat?

    • Same boat here, I refreshed on best buys website until the individual models actually popped up. But it’s showing “Coming Soon” on all models. And I haven’t seen a single one pop up with any other messaging.

      • Don’t refresh too much at once or they block you. It just happened to me and now I’m screwed.

        This is so irritating.

      • I’m talking to one of their “Blue Shirts” online and he had no idea this was even going on sale today. I had to send him this link to prove that their own blog listed today as the release date…

      • I just got add to cart and it kept failing on all product and now the site has crashed

        • Yep same. When it finally got to my cart it said sold out online. IF they actually went up for sale, it couldn’t have been for more than 2 mins

        • I never even got that far. I never got the chance to add it to a cart. Bots win again I guess.

  15. I try to refresh and now I’m banned from Bestbuy website.

    So real human donot refresh, bot will get everything.

    So dumb

  16. They should rename their store from BestBuy Canada to BotBuy , so everything is simple clear .
    And btw , 3080 Ti is a PURE money gram from nvidia , 7% performance increase with 80% more money over 3080 .
    Guess what , you won’t see 3080s in stock at all from now on

  17. BestBuy Canada didn’t even have it up at 9am and won’t give us a time as to when it’s launching… they’re probably not getting any. what a joke

  18. Stop letting people repeat buy using different credit cards!
    Let people preorder!

    This is insane! letting people grab 10 and scalp to the moon!

  19. I’ve refreshed this many times hoping for better news, I’m basically racing bots I feel here….

  20. For those wondering I contacted BestBuy Canada and they have told me it’s online purchase only for Canada. Best of luck against bots and scalpers.

  21. They should have done in store purchase only and released a list of stores like they have in the US!

  22. Is there a list of participating stores that will have stock on June 3rd? This list exists for US stores.

  23. Will they be available in store or online in Canada on the launch dates? There’s been no information provided on how to actually acquire one.

    • The article says “These are the dates when you will be able to order the new graphics cards *online* from Best Buy.”. I guess it will be online but couldn’t find any links 🙁

      • Hi Nik

        yes the links will go live when the time comes and we’ll add it here when it is available.

        best regards,

        • Is there actually going to be any stock available today? I have been keeping track all morning but it only appears to be ‘Coming Soon’.

          • so, I was booted out halfway through the checkout process but then the website says i’ve reached the limit my household is allowed, and i’m not able to add another one to my cart…

  24. Why can’t BB Canada be like USA. They manage their stock and the sale of it so much better. Pick up only, discourage the boys and scalpers.

    • Pick up only? Were in Lockdown here in Ontario and sadly there is not a BB in every corner. I think the closest one to me is 4 hours away LOL… If you want them to be Canada Computers then shop there. Everyone hates them now and this was one the crappy moves they made.

  25. Why don’t you do like EVGA and make a queue system to allow normal people to buy these?????
    EVGA system:
    We have made some changes to the checkout process for EVGA.com 30 Series orders. We are now using a queue based notification system.

    To sign up, use the notification button on the product you would like to be notified for. Once product is available (and it is your turn to purchase), you will receive a secure email that will allow you to purchase that product. Please note that you have 8 hours to place your order, otherwise the product will be released back into queue system.

    • Lol I signed up to every one of their 3080 cards on release day and I still haven’t received an email to buy one from EVGA.

  26. Been trying to buy a card since Launch without luck. Idk why I kept ordering other parts if I can’t get one. Not sure why there is no proper waitlist / ID checks, etc… Why must I be punished for not using bots?

  27. Are you guys gonna allow for only online reservations? Or online ordering? Or can you wait outside a BestBuy?

    Wonder as my friend and I really want a GPU and are willing to go to great lengths to finally get our hands on a 30 series card.

  28. Very excited to add to more graphics cards to the list of a card I would buy but will never be able to find one in stock!

  29. Hi Brad,

    Any idea how many brands will be available on June 3rd ? Or is it going to be only the Founder’s Edition ?

    Asking because not all brands ship to QC 🙁

    Thanks and fingers crossed.

  30. Very excited that this is an option.
    Also sorry about the amount of undeserved hate BB gets on its socials for stock issues that are totally out of its control.

  31. Hi there.

    Been trying to get a video card since last year. How does one purchase a 3080Ti (or any gpu) without using a bot?


  32. You won’t be able to buy it because Bestbuy’s anti botting efforts have been laughable at best. Scalpers will have every single card and sell it for 3x what they bought them for. Please engage captcha and waits prior to the drop occuring, not when the site receives heavy load as by the time it triggers all of the bots already bought all of the stock.

  33. Will the 3rd party cards be releasing along side them? Asus strix for example? Having a hard time finding any info and June 3rd is gonna get here quick.

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