PC gamers face a never-ending conflict between resolution, graphics effects, and frame rate. Crank up the resolution or the graphics settings, and frame rate stutters. Choose smooth gameplay, and you’re stuck with 1080p graphics. NVDIA DLSS puts an end to the compromises. Now PC gamers can experience ultra-high resolution graphics, with all the latest effects including real-time ray tracing, and still enjoy buttery-smooth, consistent, frame rates.

NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is a revolutionary advancement, adding supercomputer-level AI super resolution rendering technology to your gaming PC. Available exclusively on NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX™ GPUs, DLSS uses the dedicated Tensor Core AI processor to construct sharp, higher resolution images from a lower resolution, and boosting your frame rates for your games.

Uncompromised quality with higher performance

NVIDIA DLSS is groundbreaking new AI rendering technology that leverages the power of the Tensor Core AI processors found only on NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs.

DLSS produces graphics at ultra-high resolutions, employing the latest features and effects like ray tracing. The advanced AI of DLSS means that only a fraction of the pixels processed by your GPU are rendered conventionally. The resulting image quality is incredibly sharp and detailed, comparable to native resolution.

The huge win with DLSS is that upgraded graphics capabilities come without a performance cost. Frame rates are also boosted, and stability of frames rates is improved. Your gaming experience goes to the next level.

AI-powered performance boost with supercomputer performance

How does DLSS work this graphics magic? It all comes down to the Tensor Cores found on NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs.

These second-generation Tensor Cores offer unprecedented AI supercomputing power. Teraflops of processing power runs a trained AI network that processes graphics at a lower resolution, ensuring high frame rates. That training includes a knowledge base of super high-resolution images (included in Game Ready Drivers) to compare against. DLSS then generates a higher resolution image, sharpens it, optimizes it, and removes any digital artifacts. Because of the AI training, DLSS is also able to supplement details in a higher resolution output that aren’t present in the low-resolution image.

And NVIDIA DLSS does this all in real-time, while also boosting frame rates. With DLSS performance mode active, a GeForce RTX 3080 card with Max graphics setting and ray tracing enabled can output “Cyberpunk 2077” in 4K with a 333% boost in frame rates.

Customizable image quality options

The power of NVIDIA’s Tensor Cores is completely under your control.

DLSS lets you choose from various image quality modes, ranging from Quality to Ultra-Performance. These modes focus the Tensor Core’s horsepower and AI on different areas of graphics performance, controlling the rendering resolution versus frame rate boosting. You choose the aspect of each game you play that is of higher importance to your experience.

How big a difference can the various DLSS image quality options make in what you see onscreen? When in Performance mode, you enjoy up to 4x AI super resolution. That means games rendered at a native 1080p resolution are displayed at 4K resolution. The new Ultra-Performance mode enables up to 9x AI super resolution. That translates to graphics rendered at 1440p resolution being outputted at an incredible 8K resolution.

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  1. it would be fun to not do front of line to end, but just give everyone a random number, and at opening, pull the numbers out of a hat, and thats who gets the choice of card to buy. No incentive to camping over night which is awful for all but professional scalpers.

  2. OK so another drop that misses out the entire BC interior. I am the kind of person who spends thousands each year on electronics and I deliberately favour brick and mortar stores like BestBuy but I just feel totally betrayed by the fact that no GPUs ever get to my local store. Why am I going out of my way to drive to BestBuy when I can buy everything you sell more conveniently online? If I can’t get a GPU from you then I’ll just go with whatever is most convenient in future. Loyalty has to work both ways.

  3. Is the blog post showing when and where in store event will happened removed because there won’t be any more of these in store events.
    These in store effects are the only reasonable chance for a regular person to get a card at reasonable price work out dealing with scalpers.

    • Hi Kevin,

      we have to take the blog article down when we are updating it with new information for upcoming sales. If you see the article is missing, know that we are in the process of updating it.

      best regards,

  4. Current whacky solutions that wont have scalps bring their friends and families to drops for all founders edition and 80 cards.

    1:Each GPU has a proximity device that squeals for days if 2 are within 10 feet 1hr after purchase.
    2:Each GPU has a proximity sensor with a pink non conductive dye pack inside that blows if they are within 10ft 1hr after purchase
    3:Do an online drop where people are given a key attached to their name they get at their store. That they use as signup for a web browser based deathmatch game of a classic shooter (the one with raytracing update recently) and place in the top 5 to be able to pickup their gpu trophy at their local store. (to purchase of course). Have video captchas show up every game.
    …Will post more while watching the scalpers and their gran line up 🙂

  5. Where are the dates and locations why are they no longer available can you please bring it back you guys are suppose too be due for an other shipment nowish somce last time I called your people said you get them every 3-4 weeks

  6. So again you’re advertising something that you can’t sell us. I only come to the blog to see your post on when and where the stock will be available and it looks like you have deleted that post. The last two drops weren’t in Kelowna so I couldn’t get a card even when they happened. The guys in my local store say they haven’t seen a single nVidia GPU since the spring. Do you get off on showing us things we can’t buy? At least you could have the decency to not include a Shop Now button.

      • Not at my local store. I live in Kelowna. The last three drops didn’t include us. I would need to drive 4.5 hours each way and take a day off work. Better to pay scalper prices.

    • Hi Nicholas,
      I know this doesn’t help your needs for a 30xx series gpu however I do know that canadacomputers do not list the cards on their website because of scalpers. I was in their store today in Ajax Ontario (again i know you’re not in this region) and they had a bunch of the asus rog strix 3080ti OC editions for sale at around 2300. Again for anyone with the funds and looking for a 3080ti the ajax ontario location has them. best of luck. I’m holding out for a 3080 as i’m not a content creator and I am budgeted for around 1500 on a new 30xx series card. Hoping BestBuy in Ajax comes through this time with some cards as most of the available cards in the GTA area are stocked in the downtown locations which imo is stupid. I’m not wasting time and gas only be told its sold out. Please stock stores in other regions besides GTA areas.

    • Nicholas. They have taken the website down because they are making significant changes. Soon they will update it with the new information about gpus for tomorrow. Please remember none of this is best buy’s fault. They did not cause the silicon shortage or scalpers and miners, they are simply the middleman between us and nvidia. Additionally they sell at msrp something others don’t. So be appreciative, of course they aren’t at your local store during regular hours they come in batches and get sold out before the store even opens, yes it is only at select stores which means I got a long drive tomorrow.

    • Thanks for this post. I come here for the same reason. The deleted post clearly said that it would be updated when a new drop is coming. What’s next ?

    • Psst – last time the page got directed here (August 11) it was because they needed the landing to go somewhere while they updated the actual page for the release on August 12th.

  7. How are you guys enforcing the one per household rule? I see people walking in multiple times and getting more than one..

  8. Will these cards ever be sold online again? In-store only has been a failed experiment with scalpers turning up in groups to purchase cards at each drop and then listing them for resale in the parking lot. There has been no enforcement of the one item per household policy. With stores re-opening across the country, why not do both?

    • @Mike
      I disagree. Been waiting for a card since last year. Best chance I have to get a card is to show up early to local retail outlet when they go on sale. I cannot imagine anyone complaining about this new strategy unless they were those who had bots etc. and were buying them online.

  9. This URL used to be the place to check for upcoming potential 3000 series cards drops. Will you be providing another?

  10. I clicked on the Shop Now button and of course Best Buy does not have any of the cards it is advertising. Been trying for half a year to buy a card from BestBuy but it seems impossible.

  11. Please make a notification queue like EVGA so atleast we have a chance to get a card . PLEASE ! 8 Damn months and still card gets out of stock in less than 30 seconds . I recently came to know abt instore pickup bestbuy is having but EVGA auto notify role queue is really good !

  12. You are advertising something that you cant sell. Like in communist times they would advertise the glorious life under socialism and have empty shelves in the supermarkets.
    The same way the Best Buy shelves are empty of video cards but a shill is still blogging about how great GPU’s are.

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