Explore new workouts that are engaging and fun with VR fitness

Break from tradition and try out new and engaging workouts that combine physical activity and fun in the comfort of your own home with VR fitness solutions.

Oculus Go all in one virtual reality headset arrives at Best...

Big news for anyone with a love of virtual reality! The Oculus Go All in One Virtual Reality Headset is coming to Canada. Better yet, it's coming to Best Buy Canada! Full details inside.

HTC Vive VR headset consumer edition demoed at Mobile World Congress

The HTC Vive is one of the most anticipated virtual reality (VR) headsets to come to market this year, and the final build was on display and available to try out on the show floor at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. I can say that the unit should be ready for primetime when it officially launches in April.

PlayStation VR Review: The future of console gaming has arrived

PlayStation VR, simply put, is out of this world. I already had great experiences with Sony’s newest gaming platform at events like Tokyo Game Show, E3, and Fan Expo Canada, but even my admittedly high expectations were blown away after spending a dedicated week with the VR headset. Sony’s VR tech may not have been the first to the market, nor is it the most powerful, but it offers the best combination of hardware, software, and price of any VR platform available today.

Which VR is perfect for you

Interested in Virtual Reality but not sure which version to choose? Let Geek Squad give you a hand. In this blog, we'll talk about some types of VR from the basic Insignia VR Viewer all the way to the robust Oculus Rift.

NOON VR Pro Headset Review

For REAL fun with VIRTUAL reality, you just can't beat the NOON VR Pro Headset! Come on in to read my complete review of this amazing virtual reality set.

Best Buy Edmonton Experience Store visit and review

What makes a Best Buy Experience Store different from a regular electronics store? Find out in this post, and check out a first-person video tour while you're at it!

HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System reviewed

I spent a week with the HTC VIVE virtual reality headset and controllers, and while the setup took time, the immersive results were worth it.

How to find content for your VR headset

Discover amazing new virtual reality experiences with this breakdown of all the best resources geared toward finding content for your VR headset.

How to buy the right Virtual Reality Headset as a gift

Are you gifting a Virtual Reality Headset this holiday season? Here are things to keep in mind along with info and previous reviews from the Best Buy Blog!

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