Computers that are ready for the arrival of Virtual Reality

Is your PC ready to take on the demands of virtual reality? Here's what to look for in a VR-ready or WMR-ready desktop PC or gaming laptop.

What to expect from the new Samsung Gear VR

Samsung has returned with another iteration of the Gear VR headset, only this time it includes a Bluetooth controller meant to enhance the experience of viewing content or playing games.

NOON VR Pro Headset Review

For REAL fun with VIRTUAL reality, you just can't beat the NOON VR Pro Headset! Come on in to read my complete review of this amazing virtual reality set.

HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System reviewed

I spent a week with the HTC VIVE virtual reality headset and controllers, and while the setup took time, the immersive results were worth it.

Which of the 3 types of VR is perfect for you

If you're interested in jumping into the Virtual Reality foray but aren't sure how to do it, let Geek Squad give you a hand. In this blog, we'll talk about 3 different types of VR possibilities from the basic Insignia VR Viewer all the way to the robust Oculus Rift.

Is Oculus Rift the coolest tech gift this season?

It’s that time of year again. Time to start figuring out what gifts you’re going to buy everyone this holiday season. If you’ve got a technology lover on your shopping list this year, you can’t go wrong with putting a little virtual reality gear under the holiday tree. There are more than a few options out there, though, so I’m going to let you know why the Oculus Rift is quite possibly the coolest tech gift this season.

PlayStation VR Review: The future of console gaming has arrived

PlayStation VR, simply put, is out of this world. I already had great experiences with Sony’s newest gaming platform at events like Tokyo Game Show, E3, and Fan Expo Canada, but even my admittedly high expectations were blown away after spending a dedicated week with the VR headset. Sony’s VR tech may not have been the first to the market, nor is it the most powerful, but it offers the best combination of hardware, software, and price of any VR platform available today.

Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset review

The Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset with controllers is a compelling option for exploring Microsoft's new virtual reality platform.

Samsung Gear VR (2016) review

Samsung’s latest Gear VR headset continues the direction the company pursued when it entered the consumer VR space last year. Rather than going with a radical redesign or altering the user experience, this headset is a lot like the last one, only with some slight tweaks to make it look and feel a little different.

Tech I tried at Best Buy’s Life and Tech Expo 2017

I discovered so many amazing gadgets, including smart home tech, connected toys, and more at Best Buy's Life and Tech Expo—come see what I tried!

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