If you’re a fan of virtual reality, you’re sure to be excited by HTC’s big announcement this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you haven’t yet heard about this new PC-powered virtual reality headset (called the Vive Cosmos), read on for all the details that we presently have (admittedly, there aren’t many) about this exciting new VR product. What we do have, however, is plenty of excellent photos of the unit (thanks to blog Editor Ted Kritsonis, who is at the show right now gathering tons of great images and information).


HTC’s Vive Cosmos Virtual Reality Headset

Front view of the Vive Cosmos. Photo by Ted Kritsonis

While details are still a bit thin (for instance, we have no idea when this set will actually be available—a brief teaser video on HTC’s website simply says that the device is “coming soon”), the general buzz coming out of the CES is that the new Vive Cosmos VR Headset is a premium system that was designed to be comfortable to wear and easy to use. HTC calls this “VR without boundaries.”

Additional claims of the Vive Cosmos are “real RGB displays” and a “minimal screen door effect,” making for graphics that are said to be “striking” and “crystal clear.” Taken alongside its supposedly “lifelike sound,” it seems that users of the Vive Cosmos are in for a truly immersive experience!


Hero shot. Photo by Ted Kritsonis

The Vive Cosmos, which is certainly an attractive device, features fully tracked motion controllers (see photo below) and requires no external sensors to use, though it does need to be connected to a computer.

A hint in HTC’s teaser video suggests that it will also (or maybe eventually?) be able to work with a smart phone, which would certainly make for convenience and greater portability.

Either way, this all seems pretty close to HTC’s claim that the Vive Cosmos is an all-in-one device (as other VR sets requiring either a smart phone or computer to work have also claimed that mantle).

Vive Cosmos controllers. Photo by Ted Kritsonis

Having thus far only seen photos of the Vive Cosmos myself, I must say that I am both intrigued and impressed by its design. It looks complex yet comfortable, and decidedly cool.

And why not? HTC has already brought us many great items in the virtual reality space, as a quick visit to Best Buy Canada’s website reveals.

Vive Cosmos side view. Photo by Ted Kritsonis

Although details for the device are still somewhat scant, I fully expect more information to emerge soon enough, which is a very good reason for you to bookmark this blog’s main page and return often to check for updates. This is certainly something we would like to do a thorough hands-on review of, although I don’t personally have a PC myself, so unless they make it compatible with a Mac (or the smart phone lead is legit), I’ll be out of luck.

In any case, while we await further information, why not take a look at some other virtual reality goodness over at Best Buy Canada? As for the Vive Cosmos, I’ll leave you with one final shot below of some folks enjoying the sample devices down at the CES show in Vegas.

Convention attendees trying out the Vive Cosmos. Photo by Ted Kritsonis


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