I’m a light sleeper. What can a wearable do for me?

Are you a light sleeper? Are you perhaps a light sleeper but you just don’t realize it? I’ve been battling sleep problems off and on for the past year. Despite going to sleep earlier and spending longer in bed, I would wake up feeling as though I hadn’t slept at all. Read on to find out how a wearable fixed my sleep issues and what it can help do for you.

How to enjoy Stadia Gaming on a Chromebook

Wondering what you need to do to play Stadia on your Chromebook? I'll walk you through everything you need to know inside!

Three tips to brew better coffee at home

Having the perfectly brewed cup of coffee can help you start your day off on the right foot. Being able to brew your favourite cup at home each day will save you time and money in the long run. Read on for 3 tips to brew better coffee at home.

5 Creative Uses for Smart Lighting

No matter what space you’re setting up, the addition of LED panel lights will make the room feel calm, fun, and evenly distribute light.

Why Should You Use Protein Powder

People have asked me why I use protein powder. My answer is simple: It helps me stay lean and is conducive to my on-the-go lifestyle. Whether the goal is to lose weight, increase muscle definition, get leaner, get more muscle, or improve your health status, more and more people are adding protein smoothies to their diet!  

UPS: how it works and why you need one

 UPS isn’t just a package delivery company, the acronym also stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. And if you own a PC, it should be connected to a UPS. Here’s how a UPS works and why you need one.

Back to school breakfast ideas to start the school year: Shelly’s...

It's hard to get the kids into a back to school routine, and sometimes I think it's even harder on mom and dad. If you're struggling with ideas for breakfast, try these back to school breakfast ideas. They'll make mornings easy and delicious.

How-to get your computer ready for a summer full of kid...

On your mark, get set, GO! Summer is here and the kids are ready to have fun. Time to prepare the applications, accessories and projects that will make your computer a key part of their holiday fun!

How-to troubleshoot a rocking washing machine

I know I use most of my home appliances on a daily basis, and there’s nothing more frustrating than when one of them is not working. Recently I had to troubleshoot my rocking washing machine. Read on to see how you can troubleshoot yours if it’s banging around like mine was.

What you can do with the Apple Watch

Apple Watch has proven to be a great fitness tracker and useful wearable device. It is also a wrist computer and with the 4G-LTE capabilities of Apple Watch Series 3, it is the most connected and most independent Watch Apple has made.

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