Cooking Tips for People with Diabetes

Diabetics need to manage their diet to reduce the chance that the blood sugar levels will get too high or too low. Their bodies either don’t produce insulin, or can’t regulate insulin well, so they need to manually take insulin so their body can properly use sugar. They also need to carefully watch their diet. In this article I’ll point out some tips that can help keep sugar levels balanced as part of a healthy lifestyle.

How to stream video to your TV

Video streaming has been around for awhile, but there are a lot of people just getting into Netflix or streaming movies. With all of the exciting new content and apps available, it’s a great time to check out all of your video streaming options and what the future of video streaming will bring.

Tips to make switching from Android to iPhone a breeze

If you’re looking to move from an Android smartphone to a new iPhone, it is a lot easier than you think.

What you should do to protect your phone’s photos and video

People took more than one trillion photos in 2015 and most of them used smarpthones. Mobile devices have always offered convenience with buit in cameras, but now they have great quality including features like HDR, RAW photo shooting and even Ultra HD and 4K video shooting. The big question is what to do with all these photos and videos.

What you should do if you plan on selling or giving...

Smartphones are some of the easiest items to resell or pass down to friends or family. Even if they are no longer the latest, greatest models, they are still functional for calling, messaging and running apps. Here’s how to prepare for the turnover.

Welcome back Pumpkin Spice: Shelly’s Friday Favourites

It's that time of the year again: pumpkin spice fever has hit and there's so many different pumpkin spice options you're going to have a hard time just sticking to the classics.

How-to fix a stove burner that won’t turn on

It can be really frustrating when one of your home appliances gives out on you, but don’t be quick to assume you need to go out and buy a new one. Today I’m giving some great tips on what you can do to troubleshoot  when one of your burners stops working.

Smarten Up Series: Maintaining Optimal Temperature While You Sleep

One of the keys to sleeping comfortably at night is making sure that your room and your body are the right temperature. In this edition of the “Smarten Up” series, we look at the idea of using a smart thermometer to help you make sure that your room is a great temperature for you to fall asleep in. What are those optimal temperatures exactly? What makes the Ecobee 3 Thermostat a good choice for your home for this purpose? Read on to find out.

How to free up storage space on your smartphone

There’s a new update for your phone, or a new app or game you want to try, but you can’t download it because you’ve run out of storage space. Situations like this are becoming more routine, and in cases where internal storage isn’t expandable, some maintenance is necessary to make room. If storage, or lack thereof, has been an issue for you, there are options for creating some breathing space for your data.

How To Start Your Photography Career

 Photography is considered by many to be a “dream job”—engaging and fulfilling. The reality is that it’s an incredibly competitive field full of very talented creatives. Today I have some ideas on how to put your best foot forward when it comes to building a career as a professional photographer.

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