How to use your new tech: connect a computer to your...

With so many of us getting new gadgets at this time of year, lets take a look at what is involved in setting them up with your home network and optimizing performance.

What you can do with the Apple Watch

Apple Watch has proven to be a great fitness tracker and useful wearable device. It is also a wrist computer and with the 4G-LTE capabilities of Apple Watch Series 3, it is the most connected and most independent Watch Apple has made.

Light and easy BBQ’ing

 I can hardly believe how much I have been BBQ’ing already this year. I’m mostly excited about it because dinners just seem so much easier when I BBQ. There are some great light and easy meals to make on the grill, and with the right accessories, BBQ’ing will be that much easier. Read on for some great accessories perfect to have on hand for patio entertaining.

Fitness tips with Lindsey: Yoga can change your life

This week on fitness tips we’re talking all things yoga. Yoga is a great exercise for all ages, and because it’s so versatile it’s a great workout for all fitness levels too. Read on to see some of the benefits and some safety tips to think about when doing yoga.

Should I add a smart thermostat to my home?

The physiological need for shelter nowadays extends to the idea of the roof over our heads that keeps us safe and comfortable. In Canada, from coast to coast, those needs swing wildly between regions and seasons; the one thing that keeps us comfortable are the heating and air conditioning systems installed in our homes. Controlling these systems used to be a dance of setting the right temperature. That changed with programmable thermostats, and then again with the invention of the Smart Thermostat. It’s a revolution in home control and it’s my opinion that, barring a few cases, almost everyone should have one. Want to know why? Read on.

What you should buy before having a baby

Having a new baby and expanding your family is an exciting time, and being prepared for the duration of your pregnancy will help your transition into bringing a baby home. Read on for some things you can do to prepare yourself before you have a baby.

Why Should You Use Protein Powder

People have asked me why I use protein powder. My answer is simple: It helps me stay lean and is conducive to my on-the-go lifestyle. Whether the goal is to lose weight, increase muscle definition, get leaner, get more muscle, or improve your health status, more and more people are adding protein smoothies to their diet!  

10 tips to make your tech last longer, easier to use,...

You have a lot invested in consumer electronics, so here are suggestions to make your tech last longer, easier to use, and even safer.

Introduction to recording electric guitar

Recording electric guitar is a lot of fun. Nowadays, there are many methods available to us, some of them not even requiring microphones!

Add some grilled seafood to your weekend BBQ: Shelly’s Friday Favourites

If you’ve already run through your favourite backyard BBQ steak, burger, and hot dog recipes, it’s time to spice things up a bit. Fresh seafood is amazing on the grill, and I’ve got 3 great recipes you can try this weekend.

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