Get ready for BBQ season in 2016

Although some parts of Canada are still under a blanket of snow, it’s only a matter of weeks before it’s time to throw open the windows and welcome back BBQ season. Here’s everything you’ll need to know to kick off your best BBQ season yet.

5 reasons you need a telescope this year

Stargazers and amateur astronomers have many great opportunities to check out various celestial events in 2016. The Earth makes its annual journey around the Sun, we get the opportunity to view special celestial events like meteor showers, conjunctions, and eclipses. Here are some telescopes worth checking out.

Gifts to create the perfect travel experience

Not sure what to give the world traveller on your list this Christmas? Handpicked to inspire you, I’ve created a list of hot gift ideas that help create the perfect travel experience. So whether you’re shopping for a young backpacker or business jetsetter, you’ll be sure to find something for every type of traveller.

Review: On the pitch with the adidas miCoach soccer ball

With the recent successes of our women’s nationsl team and rise of the MLS, Canada is hopefully on it way to becoming a more successful soccer nation than its been in recent decades. The training aides have improved too. Take, for instance, the adidas miCoach smart soccer ball. Would you believe it tells you exactly where you’ve struck the ball and how fast your shot was? That’s just one of the many features this ball has. Come take a look!

Review: Teeing off with Zepp

Zepp is a multi-sport progress tracking tool that aims to help you better your golf, tennis or baseball swing. You begin with a starter kit for one sport and can buy just what you need for the others. Learn things about your swings you never knew and use some helpful tips from the pros to help you get better. Please note that this review will focus on the Zepp’s golf capabilities.

Overview: Skateboards and Skateboarding

Skateboarding is bigger than ever, and for those looking to get a board of their own Best Buy has a few ways to get rolling, both in the real world, and on your big screen at home.  

Hop on an eBike this summer and see your city like...

Electronic bikes (or eBikes) have changed quite a bit over the last few years. While they still offer the same comforts as the older models before them, they’re cheaper, have longer lasting batteries and have faster motor-assisted top speeds. What can an eBike do for you, what should you look for and what can you find at your local Best Buy? Read on to find out.

BioLite NanoGrid Review

Anyone who’s had a weak and shaky flashlight die on them at the worst possible time knows good, reliable lighting is essential to being in the great outdoors. There’s a great new product on the market you need to check out which provides excellent lighting options in one compact kit that will allow you to find your way around, or light up a campsite at the touch of a button.

Fossil Bags for Men: Available at Best Buy!

It seems that a wide variety of great new men’s travel bags and accessories (designed and manufactured by Fossil) are now available at Best Buy. Join me inside for a brief overview of several travel essentials in classy and durable styles that together will meet a multitude of travel needs. Key categories include laptop messenger bags, iPad / tablet cases, cash & card carrying wallets, passport holder / protectors, and men’s shaving / toiletry kits. There’s sure to be something here for every type of guy—whether a frequent world traveler or a daily transit commuter—so click on through and let’s take a look! 

Biolite Campstove Review

There are two very real and modern problems for campers and the outdoorsy types: how to quickly and effieciently heat and cook food while out in the wilderness, and how to keep gadgets like phones, GPS and cameras charged when we’re away from homes and cars.  With the BioLite Campstove, there’s a solution to both problems.

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