scales and blood pressure monitorsThere’s a diverse line of health and wellness tech products, including everything from wristworn activity trackers, to even wellness clothing and jewelry. Two particular products can work great together to help you manage your health both at home and on-the-go: smart scales and blood pressure monitors.

What makes these scales and blood pressure monitors smart?

We’re all familiar with what a scale does: you know, that device in your bathroom that you try to avoid stepping on, particularly after a holiday season full of gorging on turkey, stuffing, and sweet treats? But a smart scale, like the Nokia Body+ Smart Scale, can show you more than just the three numbers that define your weight. It also measures your body composition, including BMI, water percentage, muscle and bone mass, and offers insight into cardiovascular health, including your heart rate and Pulse Wave Velocity. That data is synced to the Health Mate app on your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The iHealth HS6 Wireless Core Body Composition Scale measures this same data and records it to the MyVitals app so you can track trends over time, and set fitness goals.

Another key indicator to one’s health is his blood pressure, and blood pressure monitors check on just that. Wrap one, like the iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor BP5, around your arm, press the button, and it will send the systolic and diastolic pressures and heart rate data to the MyVitals app on your smartphone. You can keep a history of recordings to show your doctor, or monitor any unusual rises or falls. With the BP7 version,  you can also view the information right on the on-screen LED display, as well as through the app. The QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor adds irregular heartbeat detection, and has a Friends and Family ihealth-wireless-blood-pressure-monitorfunction that lets users share the readings with others. You can even tag your measurements with Places to see how your blood pressure changes based on where you are (“See honey, your mother really does make my blood boil!”)

Who might benefit most?

Naturally, pretty much anyone can benefit from devices that help improve and monitor health and wellness. But there are a few specific types of people who will particularly appreciate gadgets like smart scales and blood pressure monitors.

First are those who are overweight and trying to lose some pounds, or simply ensure they remain in a relatively healthy zone. Sure, the pounds matter, but so is knowing about your heart rate, as well as body composition. Knowing where most of the fat is accumulating, for example, can help you know which areas to work on. And seeing how your weight can ihealth-wireless-blood-pressure-monitor-bp7impact your heart health is a good motivator to get fit. Likewise, blood pressure issues can often plague those with weight issues. So being able to keep on top of both at the same time, with all of the data recorded in a smartphone app where you can watch for patterns and progress and set goals, can be a tremendous help. Keep in mind, however, that one doesn’t have to be overweight to understand the benefits of these devices: even those of average size can learn more about how to improve their health situation by having a better understanding of their body mass index (BMI) as well as information like muscle mass and water retention.

The elderly, or anyone with blood pressure or heart issues, are also perfect candidates for such devices. My retired mother sometimes has blood pressure issues, so her portable blood pressure monitor is an important tool she uses to keep on top of any unusual rises and falls to report them back to her doctor, or know when an issue arises before it gets worse. Indeed, features like the Qardio’s Friends & Family function makes it easy for children, grandchildren, doctors, or friends to keep an eye on someone with blood pressure issues from afar.

qardioarm-wireless-blood-pressure-monitorNaturally, both devices in unison can come in handy for athletes and fitness fanatics, or those new to fitness, who want to keep on top of their hopefully increasing muscle mass or weight loss, and gain a better understanding of overall heart health and how exercising fits into the equation.

Another great candidate for this combination: pregnant women might appreciate being able to keep track of how their weight is increasing as the baby grows beyond just the information they receive at each doctor’s appointment. And seeing how baby’s development and movements impact heart health can be useful and heartwarming (pun intended.)

Bottom line

No matter your particular health goals, age, or fitness level, smart scales and blood pressure monitors can work together to help create a clearer picture of your health and wellness.

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