CES 2015: Wireless routers go UFO, micro PCs and Dell brings...

We’re into the second official day of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show and the new gear just keeps coming, including new wireless routers from D-Link that look as though they’re channeling alien technology. Here’s a round-up of the latest cool PC and mobile products in the CES 2015 spotlight.

CES 2015: Intel Broadwell CPUs, LG Flex 2, big Chromebooks, portable...

The first official day of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show is wrapping up. Between today and the pre-show press conferences, a huge number of new products are coming down the pipeline when it comes to computers and mobile technology. I’ve put together an overview of some of the biggest news in this area, including one announcement that’s already had a big ripple effect in the PC industry: Intel’s “Broadwell” 5th generation Core processors.

Gifts that will help them get the most from their tablet

Like many people who own a tablet, I love mine. I use it every day, often for hours at a time. And just as many of those other tablet fans do, I frequently find the experience can be improved with accessories. Just in time for last-minute holiday shopping, here are some suggestions for gifts that will help those on your list get the most from their tablets.

Gifts that will help them get the most from their desktop...

Have someone on your holiday shopping list who uses a desktop PC? There are tons of gifts you could give that will make their computer better, more fun to use and even add years of life to it. I’ve put together a list of suggestions to help them to get the most from their desktop PC this holiday season.

Linksys wireless routers: smart and built for performance

Linksys was founded in the 1980s, previously owned by networking giant Cisco and is now under the ownership of Belkin. It’s probably best known for producing the top-selling router of all time, the blue and black Linksys WRT54G series. I’ve reviewed several Linksys wireless routers this year, including the WRT54G’s successor —the WRT1900AC— and always come away impressed. This is a brand that consumers and small business owners can count on for being at the centre of their high performance Wi-Fi network.

D-Link Wireless Routers and Network Solutions

Since its early days as Datex Systems (circa 1986) D-Link has specialized in connecting devices. Today, the company is well known for wireless routers designed to optimize home Wi-Fi network performance in a wide range of price points. It also offers Wi-Fi extenders and even kits that utilize a home’s electrical wiring as a network in order to boost Wi-Fi coverage and performance. I’ve put together an overview of D-Link’s wireless routers to help explain why you might want to consider this company’s products if your network isn’t living up to expectations.

Get help choosing the right gift from Microsoft, Intel and Best...

Give yourself an evening off as you plan for the holiday season and join us for a special Twitter chat on Tuesday December 16th at 8pm EST. Best Buy representatives will be joined by experts from Microsoft and Intel Canada who will answer your tech questions and help you choose the right tablet, notebook or All-In-One for yourself or someone special on your list. Read on for more details:

The 5 best routers of 2014

Wireless routers play an important role in how virtually all of your consumer electronics perform, but they’re often in the background and forgotten about. Not this year. In 2014, they became a big deal again, as the number of connected devices in homes exploded and a new Wi-Fi standard —802.11ac (or Gigabit Wi-Fi)— went mainstream. I’ve put together a list of five of the best Wi-Fi routers released in a year that saw many “firsts” and “bests” released.

Adorn your tablet and smartphone with Kate Spade

If you’re been holiday shopping already this year, chances are you’ve heard the name Kate Spade—whether from one of the brand’s recent collaborations or because you’ve seen their name slowly popping up on every style-conscious student’s wishlist across the nation. Here’s a primer on what happens when the fashion and tech worlds collide. (Spoiler alert: it’s pretty awesome.)  

KOBO ereaders make great gifts and include a special holiday bonus...

If there’s a reader on your holiday shopping list —someone who just can’t put down a book— Kobo has the ideal gift idea. Kobo’s popular Aura eReader is specially priced for a limited time. Plus, there’s a special holiday bonus. Buy any eligible Kobo device and the lucky recipient gets a free first e-book chosen from a list of popular book series.

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