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Fan Expo 2016: all the gaming booths I visited at this...

For four days, Fan Expo Canada took over the spacious Metro Toronto Convention Centre for its annual mega celebration of all things pop culture. On top of the amazing PlayStation VR experiences I had there, I also had plenty of time to stop by the gaming booths to play some of the hottest games coming this fall, and beyond. Here are the highlights!

New Dell XPS laptops feature stunning 4k displays and 6th generation...

Two extremely hot new laptop options are now available for pre-order at Best Buy. The Dell XPS 15 laptop and XPS 12 convertible laptop are ultra thin, built with premium materials, powered by the latest 6th generation intel Core CPUs and feature stunning 4K displays.  

Enter your favourite dessert recipe to win a KitchenAid Artisan Mini...

 Cooking is fun, especially when you have the right tools. KitchenAid has been making the right tools for decades and their newest mixer will bring years of enjoyment in the kitchen to anyone who uses it. The Artisan Mini Mixer is 25% lighter and 20% smaller than their flagship mixer, so it is perfect for any chef with a smaller kitchen. What recipe would you love to make in the KitchenAid Artisan Mini Mixer? Tell us and you just might win one from Best Buy and KitchenAid. 

Preview: Nokia Lumia 625

Fans of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system have less choice in smartphones than their Android counterparts, so it’s always news when a new device arrives in Canada. Nokia’s Lumia line of smartphones set the standard for the Windows Phone experience and the Lumia 625 is set to raise the bar for value-priced Windows mobile devices. Improving on 2012’s Lumia 620, the 625 gains a faster Snapdragon CPU, bigger display, LTE compatibility and a leap in battery life. There are some compromises compared to the 620 (for example, NFC support has been dropped) but the Lumia 625 provides much of the experience of more expensive smartphones in a budget-friendly device. Expect to see it soon at Best Buy.  

PlayStation VR coming to Best Buy very soon

The virtual reality revolution is heading to PlayStation 4 with today’s huge announcement of PlayStation VR. Coming this October, Sony’s new VR headset will put you at the centre of immersive game experiences, transporting you to breathtaking VR environments, and opening up a new era of exciting gameplay possibilities. Come check out all the exciting details announced today for PlayStation VR!

What’s new in Wearable Tech: Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit has emerged as one of the most well-known names in the fitness tracker/wearable market these days. The company offers a range of different devices designed to help you keep on top of things like the number of steps you take in a day, the calories you burn, distances travelled and more. Well, let’s add one more gadget to that growing device list, as we take a first look at the company’s new offering, a smartwatch/fitness tracker combo called The Fitbit Blaze.

What’s new at Best Buy for March 2016

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, so while you’re waiting for the weather to change for the better, you can spend some time checking out all of the great stuff new on Bestbuy.ca right now.  

The Last of Us: Remastered for PS4!

It may arguably have been the best game to come out on the PlayStation 3, getting praise like it being the “Citizen Kane” of video games. It’s high praise, but the Last of Us was a very different and very special game at a time where we were craving something new, and something unique. Few games have made me think and react on the immediate consequences of my actions like this one did.  On July 29th, you’ll get the chance to re-live those memories on the PlayStation 4, when the Last of Us: Remastered debuts in glorious 1080p.  Come check out more and leave us some of your memories of this amazing game.

Samsung launches incredible summer bonus with select SUHD 4K TVs

 Summer is a glorious time to celebrate the beauty of Canada from coast to coast; for many of us that means indulging in the twin traditions of backyard barbecues and baseball. While going to the game is a luxury some of us can swing, it can be a tough drive from Montreal or Vancouver if you want to go see the Jays play. Samsung is coming to the plate with a new line-up of 4K TVs for summer…and they have something a little extra planned for grill fans as well.

What to look for in a school backpack

The labour day long weekend and the start of school are both just around the corner. Places like Best Buy are caught in back to school fever and I hope you are too. You’ve probably started the annual back to school drill already. Your kids have dragged you shopping for new clothes and just as you thought your wallet couldn’t get any lighter, you still need to stock them with school supplies. The root of day to day school...

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