Swann designs innovative, user-friendly security cameras, and this past year they released brand new security systems, security kits, and so much more. I’ve reviewed several Swann systems over the past month and I’m so impressed with the new audio feature and crystal clear video quality. They’ve had such a productive year they’ve just won an Innovation Award at CES 2024 for one of their newest devices. Here’s a quick look at exciting new security tech from Swann.

Swann security kits have added audio


I’ve used a Swann security kit for a few years. I have 6 cameras placed around my property and I’ve loved using them. I feel secure with wired connected cameras because they are always online, and my 4K video quality is clear and lag-free. I recently tested out the new Swann 4K Security System as well as the Swann Master 4K and the Swann 1080p Security System. While they all provide the same reliable security footage that’s stored in a DVR or NVR, the Swann Master 4K NVR system, Swann 4K DVR, and 1080p DVR system all have one feature my own system does not: audio.

Adding audio to a DVR or NVR security system adds another layer of security to your home. All systems will now pick up more than just motion, and some cameras feature two way talk so you can also speak to whoever is in front of your cameras.

One of my favourite new Swann camera systems is the Swann Fortify Security Kit. It includes 4 cameras, has the functionality of a full DVR system, but it has storage built into the camera. There is a microSD card for storage on the main camera and all four cameras stream to the Swann cloud. You connect all cables to one main camera that’s placed wherever you’d like it, and as long as it’s within Wi-Fi range you can record audio and video footage of whatever is happening in your yard.

In addition to those security cameras, I tested out the Swann CoreCam 2K. I was so impressed with the battery life, motion detection, and how it can easily identify a person or a vehicle. Knowing what type of motion your camera has picked up can reduce how often you check your video footage, and motion detection is almost instant on these cameras.

Swann wins Innovation Award at CES 2024

swann CES 2024

Given their track record over the past year, it’s no surprise that Swann has already won an Innovation Award at CES 2024. They won the award for the new Swann HomeShield AI Security Concierge with Doorbell. It’s an AI-Driven system so it enhances your home security by interacting with visitors just like a real person would. It can accept deliveries, check out who’s at the door, and welcome anyone you know or don’t know. It also works with Swann security systems, so you can have a Swann HomeShield AI Security Concierge and an still enjoy having a wired or wireless Swann Security Kit.

I’m excited to see the Swann HomeShield AI Security Concierge with Doorbell. It’s going to be interesting to see how it can recognize people you know and deal with people you don’t know. It’s also going to be exciting to see how the AI continues to learn how to deal with people who come to your door.

Watch for Swann at CES 2024

I’ve heard Swann may have a few surprises at CES 2024, so I’ll be watching closely for their announcements. Keep an eye on Best Buy blog for all of the exciting updates from Swann and other brands at CES 2024.

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