Nanoleaf Light Panels - Smarter KitAs we prepare for back to school season, crafting the perfect study space can pose unique challenges. Like any project, it’s best approached with both sides of your brain: the creative side and the logical side. You (or your students, kids, or spouses) know that you need a place to focus—but focus isn’t all about studious minimalism. Adding elements of relaxation and self-expression can help make finding your focus more achievable. That’s why it’s so important to create a creative study space: one where you can find the inspiration and motivation to do your best.

Furniture that inspires

Kurv Modern Floating Desk - BlackWhether you’re working on a creative study space in a dormitory or at home, choosing furniture that inspires you can help improve your productivity throughout the year. Studies have shown that novel stimuli as simple as paint colour can improve people’s mood, so why not use that to your advantage?

Look for items that inspire both sides of your brain to get the most out of your study space. A slim-profile desk stays out of the way when you’re hosting a small gathering, and choosing one with a unique design means that you have something novel to look at when you need a late-night study break.

If you’re looking to add a creative touch to a finished space, your job just got even easier. Switching your regular lightbulbs for smart lighting (or adding a cool light panel feature to your wall) allows you to visually transition your study space from focus-mode to fun-mode.

Tech tools for studying and relaxing 

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone - Midnight BlueTech tools can be a great way to relax, start a hobby, or learn a new skill—but did you know that they can also be perfect for enhancing your study sessions and class presentations?

Look for must-have tech basics like desktop microphones to enhance your Saturday night video chat with friends, and keep them plugged in from Monday to Friday to boost your GPA. Affordable, hobby-grade microphones and headphones can help you turn your notes into audio recordings, which you can play before a big test to help really get all that information into your brain. Most computers also offer an automatic way to convert your notes to audio (search for your operating system’s text-to-speech functions, which might be under an “Accessibility” tab), but you can do it with old-school recordings, too.

And hey: maybe you can even find the time to start your own podcast with your new microphone.

Study-studio conversion 

Create a creative study spaceTo finish up your creative study space, look for furniture that moves you. Or, more precisely, look for furniture that moves you from a studying mindset to a creative one. Your brain processes and stores information while it’s resting, so being able to put your studies completely out of your conscious mind can be incredibly helpful when trying to commit something to memory!

Mix living room, bedroom, or even kitchen furniture into your studying space for a fun-but-functional aesthetic. Look for stylish or covered storage options to help your brain pivot from work to rest, and add small seating options to mix things up. Having a comfortable office chair is an essential starting point—but being able to switch to a cozy accent piece can take you to the next level.

Whether you’ll have company over or you’ll just be hanging out on your own, the flexibility of a mixed-use study space can give you the creativity you need to learn and grow.

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