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Erin is a journalist, writer, and TV producer with a fascination for technology and a love of gadgets. Watch her on Tech Talk, monthly on CTV Morning Live Calgary.

Google Chromecast TV and Chromecast Audio announcement

Google made a big splash today, announcing a whole suite of new devices.  Home theatre or even just TV-watching junkies are going to love the upgraded Chromecast TV streaming device, which has gotten a major makeover. New to the Chromecast team is a seperate Audio streaming device.  Why split the stick? Read on.

Choosing Smarthome Products: Surveillance and Home Monitoring

Home monitoring and surveillance is not just for the rich or nefarious.  Sure, we all have that house on our block that’s tricked out with half a dozen cameras and tripwires (despite their being an aging Datsun in the driveway), but find out why real people have a real need for home monitoring.

Logitech Harmony Elite universal remote review

Universal remotes can be the saving grace of your home theatre. They eliminate clutter and confusion and make all your devices work together seamlessly. Check out the new universal remote control Logitech calls, “the most powerful and intuitive remote for home entertainment and home control.”

Watch cable TV anywhere: Reviewing Slingbox M2 and Slingbox 500

Increasingly, its more common to watch TV and movies from somewhere not inside the home.  We watch on the go; on the bus or train or at the airport, or even at the office on a  break.  That’s where Slingbox can help you enjoy your downtime. It allows you to watch shows from your home’s cable or satellite box, from anywhere at any time.

Picking out a Projector for Home Theatre Month

If you want a true Hollywood movie experience at home, technically you shouldn’t even be looking at flat panel TVS.  For you, friend, a projector is the way to go.  There are all kinds of great reasons to pick a projector, and if you’re new to the technology, or you’re of the age where you had to watch slides over a weak and dusty beam, take heart.  We’ll help you figure it out.

Samsung Radiant-360 R7 Speaker Review: 360 degrees of sound.

It’s the speaker that doesn’t look like a speaker, and Samsung’s new Radiant-360 R7 speaker’s odd football shape is what gives it an edge over conventional speakers.  Made to kick out sound in every direction it’s the speaker that you may find will score a touchdown for your home theatre.

Review HP Envy 7640e All In One Printer, Copier, Scanner, Photo Printer, Fax

Printers are inexpensive nowadays, and while you can get one for far less than a hockey ticket, you might want to look at getting a printer that does more than average. It’s possible to get a printer that also scans, faxes, copies documents and prints lab-quality photos, all in one solid package.

Osram Lightify review with video: GardenSpot and Flex kits

Smart lights are an easy way to add beauty, security and versatility to your home.  Whether it’s setting up timers, or adding colour both inside and out, smart lights are quickly moving from fun gadget, to home must-haves.  Find out why.

Arccos Golf Tracker Review

What’s a golfer to do to improve and enjoy the game even more? Arccos Golf thinks it can help with its set of sensors and companion app that will track your shots, your game, and give you data to help improve.

Smart TVs get smarter: LG LF6300 Series HDTVs Exclusively at Best Buy

TVs are getting smarter and can do more for us, but now there’s a TV you can talk to?! LG’s new LF6300 Smart TVs let you speak into your Magic Remote to flip channels, perform searches, or access the internet or any number of social media platforms or web content right on your TV. 

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