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I am a tech expert and journalist with 17+ years of experience in trade and consumer tech journalism. I write for a number of technology, business, parenting, family, and lifestyle Websites, blogs, and magazines. A self-professed lover of tech, I'm also a passionate foodie who loves to cook and bake, a TV junkie, and proud mother to an 8-year-old son.

Making Friends: How to get fit together with social fitness trackers

Did you know that with some activity trackers, you can actually set it up to see how your friends are progressing as well, and even compete with them? Here’s how it works.

Get moving: three fitness trackers that will get you moving

We often get most excited about features in activity trackers like heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking. But one often overlooked, yet very useful, feature is the motion alert sensor that can be found in a few models.      

Create one of these 3 great types of birthday cakes

Have a birthday coming up? Sure, you can head over to the local grocery store or bakery shop and grab a cake. But why not add that personal touch and make your own?

Make your Spring break staycation an event your family will remember forever

  If you’re thinking of enjoying fun family time at home this upcoming Spring break, here are a few activities to consider with kids of all ages.

Lightweight Luggage for Complying with Airline Travel Rules and Size Restrictions

Whether I’m just taking a day trip or going away for a week, I’m always worried about overpacking. Predominantly because, with the latest rules and restrictions, airlines are becoming more strict about how much you can bring on board, and charging fees for checking even one bag. Here are some ideas for keeping your luggage lightweight, and suggestions for some good carry on options.

What is the Belly Bandit?

One of the things on any new mom’s mind, aside from, of course, caring for her new baby, is getting her body back into shape. There are plenty of diet, exercise, and other tips and tricks, plus some products that can help. The Belly Bandit is one of them.

Tips for your next outdoor adventure with the family

Why stay couped up inside when there’s so much adventure waiting in the great outdoors for you? Here, I’ll give some tips for your next outdoor adventure with the family, including some essential tech gear to bring along with you.

How wearables can prepare you for your next doctor’s visit

  Wearables are fun devices for keeping track of your fitness and activity levels. But did you know they can also come in handy at your next doctor’s visit? Here are some ways how. 

Hot Tech Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Still haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet? Me neither! And– brace yourself, late shoppers – it’s just a month until Christmas. It’s time to scan through your list to see who’s made the “nice” column, and locate that perfect gift for each one. Luckily, when it comes to technology, there are tons of cool options to suit everyone on your list.

Top Kid’s Tablet Picks for the Holidays

Looking for a fun tech gift for a child on your list? There are a ton of really cool kid-friendly tablets, plus affordable entry-level models, that are great for kids from aged 3 up to tween and teenage. Check out some of our favourites.

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