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Moving Day (July 1) is fast approaching, a day typically celebrated in Quebec when many people plan to move out of their homes and into new ones. This also means those who plan to participate will be ridding their homes of junk (and maybe looking to upgrade items they’ve been meaning to upgrade to better fit with the new residence).

Moving Day is indeed the perfect time to update the tech in your home, not just for the sake of starting fresh in your new home, but also to make sure you have items that can better meet your needs, potentially save you money, and benefit the environment in the process.

moving day - lg instaview fridgeUpgrade Your Energy-Sucking Appliances for Moving Day

Now is the time to take a look at that ratty old refrigerator you’ve been hanging onto because, well, it still works. Maybe you didn’t want to bother going through the trouble of having it removed and getting a new one installed. But now that you’re moving out anyway, use the opportunity to upgrade to a new, much more energy efficient refrigerator.

Old refrigerators use (and waste) a lot of electricity. Not only are new models more energy efficient, but they also include features that further help you save energy (and even potentially reduce food wastage). For example, with LG’s InstaView refrigerators, you can knock on the door to trigger the interior light and see what’s inside instead of opening it up and letting the cold air out.

Energy-sucking appliances, by the way, aren’t only refrigerators. This could also be an old range or oven, television, stereo system, or microwave. So look at what you have throughout your home and decide what’s worth keeping for the new one, and what you should let go of and replace with something new. For the kitchen, you might even want to consider getting built-in appliances that will allow for a seamless look in a colour-scheme of your choice.

Get Moving Day Started With a Smart Home

Now is the perfect time to get started with a smart home, choosing the platform you want to support, like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Siri and HomeKit, and looking for devices that you can install and/or set-up to start fresh with an automated home. Aside from the cool factor and convenience, smart homes also help reduce electricity and energy waste, save you money, and add security and peace-of-mind.

moving day - august smart lockYou don’t need to get everything at once, but you can start with a few items on Moving Day, then slowly expand your system over time as you get comfortable with your new home.

Smart Locks and Doorbells

Smart locks and doorbells can add convenience by allowing you to remotely lock and unlock a door if you need to let the dog walker or cleaning person in, for example. And with smart doorbells, you can see who’s at the front door while you’re at your office or away on vacation, and in some cases you’re even able to speak to them. You can also check who’s at the door from your TV with certain smart doorbells, so you can ignore it if it’s a salesperson, or let the delivery person know you’ll be down in a minute, or that he can leave the package on the porch.

moving day - ring cameraSmart Security Cameras

Smart security cameras can help you keep an eye on your new home while you’re away, or even detect motion inside or within a geofenced area outside, like on or by your driveway. You can see footage from your smartphone or computer, and with some cameras record live footage, scroll back to see archived footage, or talk to someone at the door and alert the authorities if there’s an intruder.

moving day - amazon echo show 5Smart Speakers

Smart speakers like an Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple HomePod can be used to control a multitude of smart devices in your home, from speakers to lighting, security cameras, and more. You can also use them to play back music (either on their own or throughout the home) once connected to additional compatible speakers. Ask questions, set up calendar reminders, check the weather and traffic, and more. And everything is controlled by your voice. Ones like the Amazon Echo Show 5 add a screen making it a compelling option as an additional smart speaker, even if you already own one.

moving day - philips hue smart bulbsSmart Lighting

Get rid of your old, energy-hogging light bulbs and opt for smart LED bulbs that use less energy and last longer. You can control smart lights from your phone—turning them on at night while you’re on vacation, for example, so that people think someone is home. You can also set them to trigger automatically on timers or set them up as part of smart home Scenes. Use a platform like HomeKit to set up a Night Scene, for example, whereby the door locks, the inside lights go off, and exterior lights come on until midnight, the thermostat drops a few degrees, and the security camera outside turns on.

moving day - ecobee smart thermostatSmart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a great addition to a new home, allowing you to control the temperature, heat, and air conditioning remotely from your smartphone. Many of them, like the Nest thermostat, intelligently learn your habits over time, so the heat might go off after 8 a.m. each weekday morning when it knows you’re at work. Some regions provide discounts for customers who use smart thermostats (as they save on energy). Plus, you might also notice a reduction in your energy bills, which will be a welcome surprise (particularly if you’re moving from a smaller home to a much larger one).

moving day - geek squad home membershipConsider a Geek Squad Home Membership for Moving Day

The whole idea of moving is daunting and stressful when you think about having to pack up boxes, hire movers, then set everything up when you get to your new home. You can ease some of that pressure with a Geek Squad home membership, which gives you access to Geek Squad agents who can provide help 24/7, 365 days a year over the phone, online, in-store, and even in your home. This includes not only support for devices you buy at Best Buy, but for any electronic devices you might have purchased elsewhere as well.

In addition to providing support like connecting your smart home devices to your home’s new Wi-Fi network, Geek Squad agents can also do things like install and connect your new (or old) TV (or even mount it on the wall and calibrate it to ensure an optimal viewing experience) and set up your home theatre (including a new surround sound system). If you need help setting up your home network first, they can help with that too, and then ensure that all of your smart devices are ready to go.

moving day - recycle electronicsDon’t Forget to Recycle Your Old Electronics Before Moving Day

It’s worth noting that if you’re getting rid of old electronic devices, whether it’s small gadgets that were tucked away in a drawer for years, or large appliances, make sure to dispose of them responsibly. Last year 50,000 tons of discarded items were dropped on the streets in Montreal, QC. Divert such waste from landfills by bringing your old electronics to a Best Buy store, where they will be disposed of properly.

Best Buy accepts a wide range of electronic devices, whether they were purchased at Best Buy or not, including broken phones, dead batteries, old stereo systems, and more. Last year Best Buy Canada recycled more than three million pounds of electronics! All recycling is done locally as well, so you’re helping your own community.

In some cases, depending on the device and its condition, you might even be able to get a trade-in credit to use towards new purchases. This will give you a head start toward setting up the new home of your dreams.

Bottom Line

Best Buy Online has tons of great options to get you started as you refresh your tech for Moving Day, getting rid of old, energy-hogging devices, upgrading to new tech for the living room, kitchen, and more, and preparing to set up your brand new home just the way you want it.


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