Finally, fun and games isn’t all you can do with virtual reality technology today—there are also a number of useful work related activities. For example, you can hold virtual business meetings with colleagues from around the globe as if you were all in the same meeting room. It’s basically a conference call within your VR headset, and it’s supposed to feel like you’re really face to face with people, though I haven’t experienced this one for myself yet.

Then there is a VR feature that gives users the ability to practice giving presentations in front of a virtual audience. If you’ve ever been nervous about giving a presentation and wished you had some way to practice your speech beforehand in front of something resembling an actual audience, now you’ve got it. Having not experienced this VR app myself yet either, I’m not entirely sure how it works, but I do know that I really could have used something similar myself when I was constantly doing presentations in school.

Now that you know all (not really all—there are many more) of the amazing things you can do with a decent VR headset, check out my other recent article entitled How to choose a Virtual Reality (VR) Headset for information on many of the top VR headset models that are currently available, along with details of what they can do.

The fact is, virtual reality is branching our further and further all the time, and it’s use (and usefulness) is popping up in more and more places every day, including industries and at work. VR is only going to become more useful and prevalent with more people using it more often as time goes on, so it may be a good idea to get familiar with this technology now while it’s still relatively new and easy to use and understand. Good luck and have fun!

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