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Getting a new console is great! Top of the line hardware, running the freshest games, is always something to behold. There is only one thing that can make getting a new console better and that’s when you get it in a bundle. Getting a bundle lets you customize your initial console experience, with things like more or less hard drive space, a game, even a couple of games sometimes, special editions and more. This fall has a whole bunch of awesome Xbox One Bundles and you can get them right here at Best Buy.

Ready to go out of the box and already available!


These first three bundles are already available and offer a great way to get into the Xbox One experience. They are also a great way to upgrade from your current console and make a great gift for someone who hasn’t quite made the jump up from the last generation. Especially since Microsoft announced the Xbox One’s upcoming backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games.

Xbox One 500GB Console with Forza 5 & Kinect Sports Rivals

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This bundle not only comes with with a 500GB Xbox One console (which includes one controller, Kinect and everything else you need to get started) but also two download tokens. The tokens are good for to download a copy of Microsoft’s great racing simulator Forza Motorsport 5 and a great multiplayer family friendly game, Kinect Sports Rivals.

Xbox One 1TB Madden NFL 16 Bundle

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This next bundle is where any serious sports gamer wants to be. Not only does it come with a download code for the full Madden ’16 game, it also includes an Xbox One console with a 1TB hard drive. This extra hard drive space is great but they sweeten the deal even more with a 1 year subscription to the EA Vault. The EA Vault subscription includes access to a great library of games, including Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, Titanfall, Dragon Age Inquisition, Peggle 2, NHL ‘15, FIFA ’15 and even more!

Xbox One 500GB Gears Of War Ultimate Edition Bundle

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This is probably the bundle I would get, if I didn’t already have an Xbox One. The standard 500GB console but without the Kinect and a download code for the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. The Gears of War: Ultimate Edition includes the remastered 1080p version of the game,  five campaign chapters never before seen on console, and you’ll also get the Superstar Cole multiplayer skin. Finally you’ll also get access to the the Gears of War 4 Beta.

Plus these 3 limited edition consoles coming this fall.


The next 3 consoles are only going to be available for a limited time, but with what they are offering here they are definitely worth it. Featuring upcoming games and custom consoles with matching controllers these are must have items for serious Xbox fans.


Xbox One 500GB FIFA 16 Bundle

Fifa 16 Xbox One Bundle.jpg

Another great bundle for the sports gamer here. This package features the standard 500GB Xbox One console without the Kinect but also with a download of the full Fifa’16 upon its release. This Fifa 16 download will give you access to the full game along with 3 Xbox-exclusive FIFA Ultimate Team Loan Legends for use in the game. Also since this is another EA bundle you will also get a 1 year subscription to the EA Vault. Pre-order this bundle now since it will be releasing on September 15, 2015.

Xbox One 1TB Forza Motorsport 6 Limited Edition Bundle

Farzo 6 Xbox One Bundle.jpg

To start off on this bundle comes with custom 1TB Xbox One console and matching controller. Both the console and the controller have been done is a racing inspired blue and silver finish which also features special auto inspired system sounds. Along with this awesome custom console, you will also receive a download code for the upcoming Forza Motorsport 6 along with a 14 day Xbox Live trial, and the Tenth Anniversary Car pack featuring spectacular cars with a custom livery and tuning package. You can pre-order this bundle now as it will be released on September 15, 2015.


Xbox One 1TB Limited Edition Halo 5: Guardians Bundle

Halo 5 Xbox One Bundle.jpg

If you plan to take on the Master Chiefs next adventure this bundle is the best way to do it in style. A 1TB limited edition custom console with matching controller, featuring metallic blue accents, laser-etched designs along with military insignias inspired by Spartan Locke and UNSC tech, complete with custom Halo system sound effects, make this the ultimate Xbox One bundle for Halo fans. Packed inside with this amazing console is a download code for the next instalment in the groundbreaking Halo franchise, Halo 5: Guardians. This download will not only give you a full download of the game but also the Warzone RED Bundle, which includes 14 premium Requisition Packs, FOTUS-class armour, and a multiplayer emblem. It also includes a pack of limited edition collectors items which includes a model, a copy of the animated series Halo: The Fall of Reach, Spartan Locke’s Classified Orders and finally, Blue and Osiris team dossiers. So if you are the ultimate Halo fan or just ready to take the plunge you can pre-order this limited console now or get it when it releases on October 20th, 2015.

Still more great Xbox One bundles on the way!

This fall and holiday season are fast approaching and what better way to get ready for those cold months coming then to pick up an awesome Xbox One bundle. These 6 already offer something for anyone looking to pick up an Xbox One but that won’t stop them from announcing more bundles in the next few months. When they do we’ll  be sure to add them to this list.




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