The Sony HT-MT300 is a 2.1 channel compact soundbar system that is designed to deliver a basic but dependable audio upgrade to your television speakers. This soundbar has a sleek design that takes up minimal space. The unique feature of the included subwoofer is its ultra slim profile that enables you to slide it underneath your couch so you can save space and get closer to the bass. This home theatre system doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, however, it could be a viable option for those that just want an uncomplicated sound system that is easy to use.

I received a Sony HT-MT300 to test and review over a couple of weeks in my home. In this review, I will test out the various features and sound quality to determine how it performs and who could get the most value out of a speaker system like this.

Sony HT-MT300 is versatile, compact

The Sony HT-MT300 speaker is contained within a slim and narrow sound bar that is considerably smaller when compared to the other sound bars on the market. This size can be great for people living in a small room or apartment.

There are distinct touch controls located on the top of the speaker that are easy to use and understand. I appreciated that the controls were seamlessly integrated into the surface of the speaker. This placement and design added to the minimalist esthetic but kept true to the thoughtful nature of the sound system. The top of the speaker also features a simulated leather texture that leaves an impression of refinement and quality. My only complaint is the lack of a display for volume. It would have been helpful to see the volume level, either on the speaker or through the TV.

Sony wireless subwoofer has unique functionality

This subwoofer has a unique design that enables it to be placed upright or on its side. This allows you to save space since you can place it virtually anywhere; even under your couch so you can get closer to the bass.

As a person that lives in an apartment, having these options are very beneficial when space is an important commodity. As I mentioned, the surface of subwoofer also features that leather texture that I found to be an attractive alternative to the plain plastic or wood that is usually used for these products.

Sony HT-MT300 soundbar remote is simple and easy to use

Remotes often include too many buttons and it results in a design that is too complicated for everyday use. I was very pleased to see that this remote only features the essential controls. Since the remote only has a few buttons, it delivers a design that is easy to use and understand.

Setup of Sony HT-MT300 is easy

A digital optical cable is included in the box. It’s also the main method of connecting the speaker to your television. This speaker does not have any HDMI ports, but it shouldn’t be an issue if you are only looking for the basic 2.1 channel audio that this system delivers. Simply plug in the digital optical cable and the audio from the television will automatically route through the speaker. No additional setup or adjustments are necessary. This simple setup process is great for anyone that doesn’t want a system that too complicated or complex.

Sony subwoofer offers flexibility

The subwoofer is completely wireless and can be placed anywhere in the room. After plugging it in and pressing the link button, the subwoofer will automatically link with the sound bar. Although my couch was too close to the ground for the subwoofer to fit underneath, I was still able to fit it under the TV stand to save space.

Using NFC is very convenient

Setting up wireless audio becomes very easy with the use of built-in NFC, or Near Field Communication technology. If you have a compatible Android mobile device with NFC, simply tap the device on top of the speaker to establish a pairing. Bluetooth setup with devices like an iPhone, involves a few more steps but it only needs to happen once.

Built-in display would have been useful

Since there is no display or user interface, there is no way to tell what the current volume level is. I often use the volume number to provide a dependable barometer, so I don’t bother the neighbours.

Although there are LED indicators that show the current input, more information could have provided a more user friendly experience. It would be nice to have a display for the volume or settings, either on the television or on the speaker itself.

Sound quality a noticeable upgrade

I found that the Sony HT-MT300 delivers a noticeable upgrade over the speakers that are built into a conventional TV. The mids and the highs are good, but there is a limited amount of dimension or soundstage. Since the soundbar comes in such a compact size, there is a small distance between the drivers and the surround effect is limited. However, there is still a notable level of range and clarity. Watching movies delivers a cinematic audio quality. This is a welcome departure from the tinny sound that usually resonates from the speakers that are in your television. The bass is punchy, but it’s not too powerful, which is great if you don’t want to bother your neighbours.

Listening to music over Bluetooth provides clear audio that is good for the price. The overall sound quality isn’t going to win awards, but its understandable given the size of the system and the price. For people looking for a basic audio upgrade, this system delivers.

Final thoughts on the Sony HT-MT300

My first impression of the Sony HT-MT300 was that it was stylish but it had limited functionality. After spending more time with the system, I have begun to realize that maybe that is the exact goal. There are consumers out there that are looking for a home theatre system that is dependable and will get the job done. Not everyone is looking for a system that is complex and filled with the latest technology. They may just want something that has quality, is easy to use, and sounds better than the speakers the TV came with. For these checkboxes, the Sony HT-MT300 certainly delivers.

This home theatre system does have its constraints, but it’s the same constraints that make this system accessible and easy to operate. If you are looking for a basic but dependable home theatre system for a smaller room or apartment, the Sony HT-MT300 is worth checking out.

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