benq ultra short throw projectorYou will not believe the video quality possible with the new BenQ 4K V7050i ultra short throw projector. This is the ultimate home theatre projector from a company that has been building amazing projectors for many years. We sent this projector for a review recently and now it has returned to Best Buy so we can give it away to one very lucky reader of our blog. Take some time to read the review and watch the review video. Then read this article for details on how to enter for a chance to win one.

An amazing projection just an ultra short throw away

What is the benefit of an ultra short throw projector like the BenQ V7050i? Look at the image here on the right. Unlike a standard projector, the kind you have seen in the past, this new technology enables you to place it extremely close to the same wall on which you’ll project your movie, your Netflix show, your brilliant 4K anything! Inches away! And the image it projects is bright, ultra-high resolution, with brilliant HDR-Pro enhanced colours as only a BenQ projector delivers.

Read Andy Baryer’s review to learn how he set up the projector. You’ll learn some tips that will inspire you and help you decide where it will go if you win this contest.

Screen the next big movie premiere in your home

One key consideration for anyone using a short throw projector is where you project the image. Obviously you can’t use a dark wall. You need a reflective surface. Andy shows in his review that his movie room has a special flat white painted wall … and the image from this projector was fantastic. However, short throw projectors deliver the best image on a screen designed to limit the impact of ambient light on the projected image. He also mentioned that the best option is an ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) screen. These screens are designed to allow the upward projected light to be the only light that is reflected: this means the best projected image appears even when the room is well lit.

As I see it, you have three things to decide after getting this projector: what room to place it in, what surface will you use for the projected image, and how you’ll get the content you love into the projector. For that last one, you’ll be very pleased to learn that BenQ made the list of options extensive: you could stream from your phone but that is only one of many options!

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy, and you can enter in three different ways:

  1. In a comment below, tell us which BenQ projector is best for your home, a short throw projector or a standard projector you place far from the screen and why.
  2. In a comment below the review article for this projector, tell us where in your home you would use this projector and on what kind of surface would you project the image (a white wall or an ALR projector or something else?).
  3. In an email to with the subject line “BenQ ultra short throw projector” tell us which of the methods of getting content into the projector mention on the BenQ V7050i product page will you use most often. You must list that method exactly as it is stated on the product page for a valid entry (in other words, saying “streaming from my phone” would not be a valid entry).

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select one entry to win the BenQ V7050i 4k UHD ultra short throw home theatre projector that Andy tested for his review article.

This contest runs from May 27th until June 12th

Remember you can enter three times in three different ways. However, you should tell your friends and family: an amazing projector like this is something you will want to share with family and friends who will also want to share in the fun of this contest.

Win a BenQ V7050i 4K projector Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck.



  2. I would say a short throw projector is better because I don’t have as much space and it would fit better!

  3. I’d love the BenQ V7050i short throw projector because I’m in a limited space but want the biggest viewing area possible

  4. A short throw BenQ projector is best for my home because I can place it extremely close to the wall and get bright, ultra-high resolution, brilliant images.

  5. The short throw is the one for our family, the room I have is more suited for the short throw

  6. A standard projector would be best for my home because I have a large rec room where it would work perfectly.

  7. I’ve always wanted a projector, but my rooms won’t support a long throw. The short throw would be perfect!

  8. Short throw so I can have it closer to the wall and not have to worry about mounting it either.

  9. a short throw projector i believe with all the advancements is the best option for any size room my experience with projectors is that they have loud fans and with that behind you or over head it can really take away form the show/movie/event you are trying to enjoy. with a short throw this leaves all the round at the front of the room and lets the surround sound fill the room. just a better option in my opinion.

  10. 1- The BenQ short throw projector is best for my home cause I have very little space in my livingroom & keeping it closer to the wall, with still great quality colours, will avoid any tripping cords & allow better safety precautions.

  11. A standard projector works best for my basement because we already have a projector mount in the ceiling for it. But a short throw one would be nice because nothing would get in the way of the projection.

    • I’d love a standard projector because it would be so fun and perfect for outdoor family movie nights in our backyard.

  12. A short throw BenQ projector would be great for our basement as it is narrow and long

  13. A short throw BenQ projector would be great for our basement as it is long and narrow

  14. A BenQ V7050i UHD ultra short throw projector would work best in my home because of the limited space and placement.

  15. The Short Throw Projector would be perfect for our living room as we do not have a lot of space between the walls and the closer the projector is to the screen, the less area there is that needs to be cleared of objects.

  16. A short throw projector is ideal for our current setup because most of our seating is close to walls – there isn’t much room for a projector back there. Being able to have the projector close to the wall allows us to enjoy the movie without any obstructions!

  17. A short throw projector would be better for my home space, as we have a smaller area, it would be perfect for our viewing experience

  18. I’d love a standard projector for our basement – it’s a really long wide open space so this would be perfect!

  19. I prefer the short projector; since we downsized 4 years ago our living space is somewhat limited.

  20. A short throw BenQ projector would be perfect for us as our family room is not that big.

  21. a standard projector you place far from the screen. We have a long family room and this would fit the bill.

  22. Short throw projector would be better for me as the only area I have to set up a screen is also where I do VR and I don’t have a lot of space to move things around.

  23. Definitely a short throw projector would be ideal in our smaller home. Being able to achieve a large picture size without requiring a physical large screen that dominates our living room means people won’t accidentally walk in front of the screen when we are hosting!

  24. The short throw projector is better for my basement because it works well in a smaller space.

  25. Short throw projector is best because it can be closer to the screen and thus save space.

  26. Short Throw because perfect for the size of my apartment to get the right picture that will fit best of maximum enjoyment and experience

  27. The BenQ 720p Portable Projector with Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker (GV30) standard projector would be best for my home, as it’s compact and has audio built in as I’m planning on using it in the bedroom instead of mounting a tv.

  28. A short throw BenQ projector would be amazing for our house because we don’t have a large enough family room to get back far enough for a decent sized picture. A short throw like the one reviews would be perfection!!

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