It’s great to see how big TV and home theatre brands are becoming more environmentally conscious. Sustainability was one of the main themes for Samsung at CES 2023, and they shared their vision for the future at their press conference. With Earth Day almost here, we can now see that vision coming to life. Not only have they begun packaging the SolarCell Remote, an eco-friendly solar powered remote control, with new Samsung TVs, but they are also using recycled material in their devices, reducing packaging waste, and helping you keep track of energy efficiency in your home.

Repurposing plastic to protect our oceans

Ocean plastic has the potential to affect the lives of hundreds of aquatic species. In order to reduce its environmental footprint and stop the flow of ocean-bound plastic, Samsung will use 500,000 lbs of ocean plastic in its devices by 2030. They will use repurposed ocean-bound discarded fishing nets in new Galaxy devices, potentially saving hundreds of aquatic and marine animals from entanglement and harm.

Samsung partners with Forest Stewardship Council Canada 

Protecting our forests is a priority for Samsung, and to keep forests protected and healthy, Samsung has partnered with Forest Stewardship Council Canada for a fundraising campaign and has also created FSC Certified packaging for Samsung TVs. From now until June 2023, when a Samsung purchase is made they will donate $1 to FSC Canada. The money will go toward FSC Canada’s mission to safeguard ancient, old-growth forests and support zero deforestation.

Samsung has also been using 100% recycled or sustainably-sourced paper packaging since the end of 2020, and they require their paper supplies to conform to FSC standards.

Samsung appliances are ENERGY STAR certified


Samsung has maintained its commitment to the ENERGY STAR program by moving toward a full range of ENERGY STAR certified appliances. Since 2022, Samsung dishwashers, front-load washers, and many new Samsung refrigerators are ENERGY STAR certified. There is also a variety of top-load washers and dryers that are ENERGY STAR certified.

SmartThings Energy tracks your energy consumption

Samsung appliances are designed to be efficient, and using your dishwasher, laundry pair, and other appliances can save you time on your daily or weekly tasks. Now, with the SmartThings app and AI Energy Mode, you can track your appliance energy use and receive energy reduction tips to help you save even more energy. For example, you can set an energy target and AI Energy Mode will help control your use of air conditioners and other home appliances by putting them in power-saving mode before you hit your target. With the data from the app, you can plan out how you’ll continue to use less energy overall.

Rechargeable Solar Cell Remote controls your Samsung TV

I’ve tested out Samsung’s SolarCell Remote myself, and I loved how it charges using sunlight, indoor light, or radio waves. I placed it on my window ledge whenever it wasn’t in use and it stayed fully charged. It works like any other remote, but the SolarCell Remote doesn’t use batteries and is designed with 20% recycled plastic. By using recycled plastic in the design of the remote, Samsung is reusing waste that would normally end up in a landfill.

Samsung TVs are Carbon Footprint Certified

Six 2023 Samsung Neo QLED TVs have just received a Reducing CO2 certification. Given by the Carbon Trust, it’s a certificate for devices that reduce their carbon footprint every year. To achieve that certification, Samsung has reduced the weight of the TVs as well as the power usage. It’s nice to know your new Neo QLED TV will be lighter as well as use less energy.

The SolarCell Remote is also certified for its carbon footprint, and both the TVs and remote are compatible with SmartThings Energy. It lets users monitor their energy consumption, so you’ll always know how much power your home theatre devices are using.

Samsung TVs packed in eco-packaging


One of my favourite parts of Samsung’s sustainability plan is how they have designed their packaging to be multi-purpose. The company is encouraging people to reduce and reuse by packaging their TVs, sound bars, and monitors in cardboard boxes that can be converted into all types of different things. From cat condos to bookshelves, Samsung’s eco-packaging has easy to follow instructions for reusing them. You get a new TV, and your cat or dog gets a cute house.

Samsung’s sustainability plan in action

TVs and home theatre devices used to be regulated to a landfill, but Samsung is committed to changing that. With the SolarCell Remote, creative cardboard packaging, reuse of recycled materials, and the drive to reduce carbon emissions year after year, they are showing us how easy it is to create a greener, energy-focused home theatre.

Shelly Wutke
Editor TV & Home Theatre
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