Back to school is right around the corner, and if you’re going away to university or college you’re going to need to start stocking up on all your dorm room essentials. Making your dorm your sanctuary space is important; it’s where you go to decompress, study, and enjoy your time with your schoolmates. Speakers are an important part of any room,  especially when you need to listen to lectures, or more likely, turn up the music for a little party. Bring your living space to life with a variety of speakers available on

How to choose a portable speaker for school: Size matters in smaller spaces

Dorm rooms can be limited in size, so one of the first considerations you need to make is the size of speaker you’re going to put in your space. Luckily, today’s tech is all about ‘less is more’. Smaller doesn’t necessarily mean less volume. You can find speakers with amplified sound as small as a pencil case, or you can find multi-speakers that you can spread out around your dorm in different corners to get the sound all around if you’re the type to host the party. 

Smaller but louder speakers, without breaking the bank

A small but effective speaker for anyone on a tighter budget is the JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker is small enough to fit in your backpack, but still lets you enjoy a stereo sound experience, and has up to 12 hours of battery life so you can keep the party going. 

Louder beats for better concentration (or other activities)

If you’re looking for something bigger and more amplified, the Sony GTK-XB90 High-Power Portable Party Speaker System is the one for you. With extra bass, 16 hours of battery life, and the ability to connect with up to 10 other speakers, listening to those recorded lectures are sure to be a great time. Because that’s definitely all you’re doing in your dorm, right? Right. 

Marshall speakers that amplify sound and style 

The Marshall Tufton and Marshall Kilburn speakers are perfect for any dorm room. They’re stylish and provide a great accent to any room, while giving you optimal sound quality and bass. Plus, they’re wireless, and both of these models come equipped with a handle so you can easily take it around campus with you. Check out a review recently done on the Best Buy Blog here

Different speaker functionalities that work for you 

If you just want to leave your speaker safe and sound in your dorm, there are many plug-in speakers available, but wireless speakers are useful because you can take the party with you anywhere you go. In these days of voice command, having a speaker that’s compatible with Alexa or Google is another consideration you may want to make. 

Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST Waterproof Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Speakers come built in with Amazon Alexa, and also come in a variety of colours so you can match your unique taste. This speaker gives off intense sound, while allowing you to order pizza, take calls, or do a quick research search while you’re writing your paper. 

Keep connected through WiFi speakers

Sonos is one of the leading brands for speakers that connect through WiFi. The Sonos Play:1 Wireless Speaker uses WiFi rather than Bluetooth, so you can listen to your audio without any delays, dropouts, or interruptions from your phone even if you receive a text or phone call. You can also control this speaker with an app through your Smartphone or laptop, and can search for playlists, stations or change volume from your device. 

Go for waterproof speakers to avoid worse case scenarios 

In the hustle and bustle of studying, you may want to consider getting a waterproof speaker that can withstand the wear and tear of all university “activities” you may be getting up to. There are a large number of waterproof speakers available on, one being the JBL Boombox Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. This speaker has a clear connection, booming sound, and can withstand any beer, erm, water spills.  

No matter what type of speaker you’re on the lookout for, you can find your perfect fit on All you need to do is consider exactly what you need for the space you have to get the most out of your school year. 


Shadi Bozorg
Originally a Vancouverite, Shadi is a freelance writer and social media coordinator now surviving the winters of Toronto. She spends her free time reading, doing creative writing, and trying to make her Fitbit proud. Shadi can also be found in the kitchen as she trains for the next round of Masterchef tryouts.