Most people can’t travel without headphones, but which style of headphone should you bring? Like many people, I love earbuds like the many offered by Jlab (also called in-ears, earphones, and Truly Wireless headphones). I recently learned that one set of earbuds is not enough when I’m travelling. Read as I explore how travel and headphones go hand-in-hand, then enter for a chance to win one of six pairs of Jlab Go AirTones to take with you everywhere you go.

Advantages of Jlab Go Air earbuds for travellers

I’m going to come right out and say it: everyone should have a set of Jlab Go Air earbuds while travelling. Here are a few reasons. First, they are very small, the case is small, and the earbuds are small. They take up very little room in a jacket pocket, a purse, a knapsack, etc. Secondly, these offer excellent value: great sounds at a great price. We sent these for two reviewers for an honest explanation of their features and functionality (one in English, one in French). Both reviewers were impressed with the audio performance of these earbuds and with their stylish design and colour options. These may be the best value available in headphones this year.

Which brings me to the third reason why everyone should get a set of these earbuds. Most of us prefer headphones for listening to videos or music. To not have any while travelling would be awful. Given how inexpensive these are, how small they are, and how functional they are, you can’t go wrong to bring them with you, either as a backup or as your primary audio technology.

What kind of headphones do you need when travelling

You might think that this is a simple straight-forward question but it’s not. I don’t go anywhere without my Truly Wireless earbuds. I find them very convenient due to their small size and instant connectivity via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, I’ve had some bad luck with them too. For example, one fell out of my ear just as I was getting off a train; it fell down onto the tracks—in sight yet lost forever! A second pair, were stolen from my vehicle. I shed a tear or two, I have no shame in admitting.

At least I wasn’t travelling at either of those times. If it had happened while travelling I’d be looking for my nearest Best Buy store to buy a replacement! My recommendation for everyone, especially those travelling to a country without a Best Buy, is to bring at least two sets. If you are travelling by plane, make sure one of those sets has a cable to connect to the onboard entertainment. A few months ago I flew to Montreal and only brought in-ears. What a mistake! I made a second mistake by purchasing the $5 headset offered by the airline … only one side worked and the sound was so bad I had to use close captioning to understand the dialogue.

So enter this contest and you might win one a set of these amazing Jlab earbuds to wear daily and to have for your next trip.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in three different ways.

  1. In a comment below, tell us what kind of headphones you usually take travelling and why you would want a set of Jlab GoAir Truly Wireless headphones for your next trip.
  2. In a comment below Jason’s review article, tell us which feature discussed in that article impressed you most about these headphones.
  3. Email a photo: If you visit any Best Buy store, take a picture with your smartphone of the headphone section of the store that clearly shows a variety of headphones on display in the store. Then in an email to with the subject line “JLAB headphone contest” tell us the location of the store (city, street) and attach the picture.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly draw six (6) eligible entries. Each winner will receive Jlab Go Air Tones Truly Wireless headphones (in one of a variety of colour tones).

This contest runs from Mar 17th to April 3rd.

Remember you can enter in three different ways as discussed above. You likely know someone who is planning a trip right now who will need headphones. Tell them so they too have a chance to win.

Win Jlab Go Air Truly Wireless headphones Rules and Regulations

Good luck.

Martin Renaud
Editor in Chief
Martin loves working with the talented editors and writers on the Best Buy Blog as Editor-in-Chief. During his spare time he is either working on his next novel, cooking up a masterpiece in the kitchen, or adding some smart tech to his new home on Mayne Island in British Columbia.


  1. I usually take a pair of cheap wired earbuds while traveling.
    I would love a set of Jlab GoAir Truly Wireless headphones because they are compact, wireless, and it would easily be a massive upgrade to my current earbuds.

  2. I take wired earbuds when travelling but I would love to try Jlab GoAir Truly Wireless headphones on my next trip because they are wireless and compact.

  3. I have a set of Bose Quiet comfort 15’s I’ve had for over 10 years. Still work great and I love them for the noise canceling. They are bulky to take on a trip though and I would really prefer something smaller and able to wirelessly connect to my devices like the Jlab GoAir Truly Wireless headphones.

  4. I use a wired Headset so don’t know but would imagine that the Jlab GoAir Truly Wireless headphones would be a lot better for travel.

  5. I haven’t been travelling much but on those occasions I either went with over the ear or went without due to the poor quality and clutter. Jlab GoAir Wireless would be less clutter and freedom for sure.


  6. I usually use inexpensive wired earbuds when travelling.
    The Jlab GoAir earbuds are neat and compact in their case so I could tuck them into my pocket or purse without getting items caught around connecting wires.

  7. It’s been so long since I’ve travelled but do think I used the in-flight headphones . Would like to own some pairs of Jlab Air Truly Wireless Headphones after reading of their features and advantages. I like that they’re small and easy to pack and deliver excellent sound quality.

  8. Would love to have wireless headphones when I workout, as my wired headphone get caught up from time to time.

    • I have never owned a pair of headphones in my life, as such, a pair of wireless headphones would be a great start.

  9. I take my old over-the-ear headphones with me when I travel but if theseJLAB’s are as good as reviewed then these are my new travel mates.

  10. I usually take my wireless ear buds when I travel. I would love a set of JLab wireless headphones because they are small and tuck right into my purse easily.

  11. I take apple airpods when travelling and lost my last pair in Mexico! These would be better because if I lose them, they were free!

  12. I’d love to take a pair of Jlab GoAir Truly Wireless headphones travelling because they seem comfy, lightweight and no issues with getting tangled!

  13. I’m old school, i like over the ear headphone, but I have always wanted to try wireless. I would love to take these on my next trip because they are so compact and have excellent battery life

  14. I just use cheap wired headphones when travelling that i wouldn’t mind losing. Jlab GoAir Truly Wireless headphones would be nice for my next trip because the are compact and I dont have to worry about wires getting tangled.

  15. I usually bring wired ear buds when travelling. I would love to win a set of Jlab GoAir Truly wireless headphones for my next trip because they are wireless!

  16. I just bring a pair of wired ear buds when I travel. Wireless ear buds would be great since it’s less troublesome.

  17. I usually bring along a couple pairs of cheap eat buds because I’ve lost or broken so many pairs before while traveling. These jlab earned would be great because they provide great sound while not having cords, which always seem to be my biggest issue.

  18. I take wireless ones when I am traveling the Jlab GoAir truly wireless headphones for my next trip would be wonderful

  19. a set of Jlab GoAir Truly Wireless headphones for my bike trips through nature without worrying about wires. that would be perfect.

  20. I take wired ones when I am traveling the Jlab GoAir truly wireless headphones for my next trip would be wonderful

  21. I use a wired pair of headphones by Bose that are in need of replacement due to wear and tear. Wow, would the JLab be a huge improvement.

  22. I usually take my wired PSB headphones with noise canceling. Though, wireless would be less bulk and easier for travel.

  23. I take wired ear buds when travelling. I would love to win the Jlab because they’re compact and wireless.

  24. I do not travel. I am applying for work at a place where I need to train 6 people. After I need to revise while they are working by themselves. I figured that earbuds would be an extra asset other than my savoir-faire. Lots of places will hire me after this demo.

  25. I have some studio style headphones since I play guitar but would love these as a lightweight travel option.

  26. I take wired ones when I am traveling the Jlab GoAir truly wireless headphones for my next trip would be wonderful

  27. I take noise cancelling headphones when I travel Jlab GoAir wireless headphones would be good to use for travel because they are lightweight.

  28. I usually take my wired ear buds when travelling. I would love to take a set of Jlab GoAir Truly Wireless headphones for my next trip because they’re compact and wireless.

  29. When I travel, I always bring wireless headphones with me that provides excellent noise canceling feature with good quality sound. I prefer such kind of headphones because I want a noise free and comfortable journey while enjoying my favourite songs.
    I would love to bring JBL headphones with me because they’re compact and easy to carry on the go and provides excellent sound.

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