Televisions and smart phones are essential technology these days, and no one does both better than Samsung. Their QLED 4K TVs deliver your home entertainment with brilliant real-life clarity. Their Galaxy S9 smart phones offer everything you’d expect in a premium phone, plus the most dazzling photos possible on a cellular device. These are the prizes Best Buy and Samsung are giving away in this contest so enter below for your opportunity to take home some essential tech from Samsung.

Samsung televisions are essential tech for the home

Televisions are a gathering place where you, your family, and your friends can gather to enjoy the latest block buster movie, or share in the excitement of a long-anticipated sports event. Samsung televisions make these, and much, much more, come alive. Just imagine reliving your favourite home movies on the 65 inch Q6F QLED television that we are giving away in this contest.

We recently sent one of these televisions to Erin, Editor for Home Theatre on the Best Buy blog, for an honest review. She spent a couple weeks with this Samsung television in her home and had a lot of nice things to say about it in her review. You’ll understand why she loved this television after watching her video review:

Now you tell me: is this television the next essential tech you need in your home?

Samsung Galaxy S9 smart phones are essential for everywhere you go

No one wants to be without a smart phone. We use them for so many different things. Communication, of course, in all of its forms: email, social media, telephone, video phone, etc. They are also our daily little helper devices, waking us in the morning, keeping track of our appointments, holding our lists, reminders, and notes and directing us through traffic or toward a meeting in an unfamiliar part of town. The Samsung Galaxy S9 that we are giving away in this contest does all of those things, but if you win you’ll definitely be telling everyone about its camera.

The S9 is a premium smart phone, a standout, that you will want to tell others about. After all, what’s the point of having the best if you can’t let your friends and family know how good it is. The best way to do that is through the photos you take with this phone.

We asked blogger Ted Kritsonis to test this phone and write an honest review. As you’ll read in his article, this phone allows you to get amazing photos using “pro” mode, as well as capture fun and interesting slow motion video!

You can get both of these technologies at your local Best Buy. However, you wouldn’t want to miss out on a chance to win them: someone in Canada will take home the Samsung TV prize; someone will take home the Galaxy S9 prize. Here’s how to enter.


Entering this contest is easy, but you can only enter once. Think about which of the two amazing Samsung devices mentioned above are more essential to your life. Is it the TV or the smart phone? In a comment below, tell us specifically what feature makes either the Samsung Q6F television or the Galaxy S9 smart phone your essential tech choice.


At the end of the contest we will randomly draw 2 winners from all eligible entries. One winner will receive a 65 inch Samsung Q6F 4K television, and the other winner will receive a Galaxy S9 Titanium smart phone.

This contest runs from June 29th until July 16th.

Remember you can only enter once for a chance to win one of these amazing Samsung prizes. However, you should tell everyone you know to enter too. Imaging how great it would be if you and one of your family or friends both one! It would be rare, but it can only happen if you spread the word.

Good Luck.

Win Samsung Essential Tech Contest Rules and Regulations

We frequently have many contests running at Best Buy so check out the “contests in progress” page for more great contests to enter.



  1. The Samsung QLED TV would be my pick because of the pre-loaded apps and the ability to stream content.

  2. The Samsung Galaxy S9 would BY FAR be my choice. The DSLR tech of depth-of-field control and anti-blur functionality would GREATLY help me, especially now, with taking pics/vids. I’ve been unable to work/function normally for 1179 days, due to an unknown illness, with multiple symptoms including Vertigo, PTSD, ADHD, SAD, depression etc.!! This phone could help me communicate, in time, in many ways I’m not able to now!! Thank you for the chance!!
    P.S. It will match/work well with my Samsung smart tv too!!

  3. Samsung Galaxy S9 will be my choice as my phone is slowing down quite drastically. It will be good to have a reliable phone, which is capable to doing everything for day to day use e.g. checking emails, texts, calls, pay bills. I rarely use my computer to do anything as I use my phone for everything. Therefore, I would like this phone as it has good security features.

  4. The Samsung 65″ 4K TV’s integrated clean cable solution is just what I need! I’m always tangling cords and getting confused what goes where.

  5. I am actually torn between the two but if forced to choose, I would have to go with the Samsung Q65 QLED TV. I am a huge fan of Samsun TV and would stack them up against any of them out there today. Let’s Do This!!!

  6. The Samsung QLED TV would be my pick. Spending quality family time in front of such a nice screen would be fantastic. I love how it looks and samsung products are always a first choice for me.

  7. The S9 is a beautiful phone with a revolutionary camera, which can be used for all of my amazing food pics!

  8. I have not owned a new phone since the Galaxy S2, I have relied on either hand me downs from other people or cheap Chinese phones… my current phone does not even have GPS.. I cannot explain how annoying/frustrating/scary that is. The S9 is beautiful, from the design of it, to the screen and everything in between! I have only got to hold it in the stores but WOW it’s awesome. I would love to win the S9 so I can finally have a phone that I am not embarrassed by and makes my life easier, not harder!

  9. The Samsung S9 is my choice because of its long battery life and amazing camera features. I currently have an old flip phone, it’s a dinosaur! The battery needs constant charging, plus I lost the cable to download pics from it!

  10. Samsung S9 is on my wish list. I still don’t have a smartphone so any of the features would be awesome to me, but the one I can’t wait to try is the slo mo video.

  11. 65 inch Samsung Q6F 4K television : Brightness levels and Anti-Glare on this TV would be ideal for our living room with large windows and a lot of ambient lighting.

  12. The best feature of the Samsung Q6F television is the pre-loaded apps, including YouTube and Netflix. With these features, I can stream my shows in 4K UHD (as opposed to the current 1080p) and I can sell my Xbox as I only use it because my TV doesn’t have those two apps!

  13. I’d go for the Samsung Galaxy S9 as my current phone has a really mediocre camera (and it’s on it’s last legs!) so I’d love a new phone that takes stellar photos!

  14. Love the stunning picture, the ambience mode plus many of the other features. We currently have two Samsung TV’s. The QLED 4K would replace our older 6100 model.

  15. Have been using a Samsung S5 for about 2 years happy with it but yearning for a Upgrade. S9 would be a fantastic upgrade

  16. I would pick the Samsung QLED TV! All the smart TV functions are fantastic and the picture quality!

  17. My essential tech choice would be the Samsung Q6F television. I would love the Q everyview feature so that you can get a great view from any angle.

  18. For sure, the Samsung QLED TV! It’s always jaw-dropping every time I step into a Best Buy and see the new televisions on display. The stunning colours and image quality alone definitely makes it essential for the living room!

  19. a 65 inch Samsung would be a huge upgrade in my new home. my old TV just doesn’t measure up after all these years…

  20. The Samsung S9 because of its oled panel and long battery life which is big 3000 mah battery which useful all day without worrying to charge.

  21. The Samsung S9 because of its oled panel and long battery life which is big 3000 mah battery which useful all day without worrying to charge.

  22. I’d love to have a 4K TV, watching movies with my family and friends. I like the Samsung QLED 4K TV for its picture quality.

  23. My wife and I are dying to have a TV and we are not able to afford one because both of us are students. By this TV we can watch movies and have an amazing time with our friends.

  24. I would love to win the 65 inch Samsung Q6F 4K television for a million reasons, but the Q contrast would make watching tv outstanding.

  25. 65 inch Samsung Q6F 4K television this is family item can gather all the family member around a movie, sport game, and more I would go for the TV

  26. Hi, I would go for 65 inch Samsung Q6F 4K television, the reason I chose this is a family wise reason, you can make so many things with family in front of this 64 in tv.
    Thanks for the chance to participate in this

  27. ce serait la tv qled 65 po ca serait bien ecouter du hockey sur un grand ecran comme ca en plus avec Samsunng on sait que cest de la qualite

  28. The Samsung QLED TV would be an essential part of our new home, as our family loves watching movies together. Getting this as a replacement of our old 1080p only TV will be great so we can enjoy every seconds of any movies or videos. Having this QLED TV at home would be amazing!

  29. My S9 is essential to me due to the functionality, and ease of use. I use my phone for a variety of things, whether its for photos, business calls, or regular day to day apps like social media outputs, or email. The phone does everything I could ask for and MORE, especially considering the capability of Bixby Vison. The translator is incredible! My phone multitasks, and maintains battery life impeccably. I couldn’t trade my phone for anything, as it is now an integral part of my day to day life. My only hope is that I can win a TV to accompany it!! 😉

  30. The Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone is ESSENTIAL to my life because of not only the amazing camera but everything else – considering my current phone is a Windows phone!

  31. I would love the Samsung Q6F 4K HDR TV. It would go perfectly with my new 4K Blu ray
    player, Which i bought from Best Buy.

  32. Samsung Q6F television would be more essential to my life. My family and I often make it a routine for us to gather every weekend to watch a movie/documentary or show together. The quality of this tv would enhance our experience and also give us all the more reason to keep this tradition alive and going.

  33. My pick is the Samsung QLED Q6F. It features life-like colors and detail thanks to it’s Quantum Dot Technology. QLED TVs are the best display to have because it also has deep blacks and can achieve peak brightness much higher than OLED LED TVs.

  34. Definitely the “smart” 65” Samsung Q6F 4K TV; Spectacular Colour, HDR, Resolution, Sound & Stylish look all at its best!!!

    The 65” Samsung Q6F 4K TV would bring more Family Movies, Streaming, Sport Nights and memories!

    Thanks Best Buy Canada Ltd. for this amazing opportunity!

  35. My pick is Samsung S9 as my old Galaxy Note Edge died few days back after 3 yrs of usage and I am happy with my current Samsung UHD TV.

  36. The QLED 4K TV would change my life because our old plasma is suffering from burn-in and we wouldn’t have to worry about that with QLED!

  37. For me the Samsung QLED TV makes for a lot more quality family time streaming movies in a size and picture quality that we all could enjoy.

  38. Samsung 4k QLED is an absolute stunner in terms of both picture quality, build quality and how stylish it looks. Top that with the best smart features… I’ll take that 🙂

  39. The Samsung QLED TV would be my choice. It would be great to spend time together with friends and/or family, watching shows, sports, etc. on a great screen! It means experiencing something together and may be conducive to discussion, debate or even outright arguments! Politics! Hockey! Canadian cultural events! The possibilities can be quite interesting. Even how a decision is made on what to watch! I will observe this in amusement.

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