It’s a great time to be shopping for a new TV. From Ultra High Definition 4K resolution to HDR for amazing colours, and smart functions, you’re getting a lot of features in new TVs today. That’s the case with Samsung’s Q6F TV. I recently had a new 65 inch Q6F delivered to my home to try out first hand for a few weeks.

Setting up Samsung Q6F 4K TV

Overall this TV is a breeze to set up and use. The first time you may need to locate the button underneath the front of the TV to power on, or just use the remote. From there you’ll immediately be prompted to download the SmartThings app from Samsung on either the App Store or Google Play or from Galaxy Apps.

Once you’ve got the app up and running (you’ll need to sign up for an account, or sign in) you have full control over your TV with your phone. Of course you can also use the included remote control too.

Samsung Q6F 4K TV features

There are a few key features of the Samsung Q6F. It’s a QLED TV, with 4K resolution, HDR and smarts.

What is QLED?

“LED” stands for light-emitting diode, which is the method of lighting the screen. The Q stands for Quantum Dot, Samsung’s technology for replicating billions of colours.

So what’s the difference between QLED and OLED? Pocket Lint explains this well; “the lighting is really what sets the two technologies apart. Quantum dot TVs still rely on an LED backlight system working in zones, but OLEDs each produce their own light, they’re either on or off. The advantage that OLED offers is that you can turn off the pixels that aren’t needed, giving absolute black areas with no light bleed caused by the need for illumination in some parts of a dimming zone (in theory). Samsung’s QLED models all use an edge-lit LED system (some are lit from the sides, some bottom) and this is divided into dimming zones. The more dimming blocks the better for delivering different light levels in different areas on the screen.”

QLED display technology is also said to have the ability to allow the panel to project light in more directions than ever before. What does that mean to you? This widens the viewing angle to ensure every seat in your living room gets an exceptional experience.

Excellent views from all angles

I thought the TV did a great job with viewing angle. While the best seats in the house are undoubtedly in the front, sitting off to an extreme angle on the side did not produce that shading effect or rippling that I’ve seen on some TVs.

Can you see a difference?

I don’t have an OLED and the QLED to compare side-by-side, so I can only tell you what this TV looks like. The screen is bright—uniformly bright—and overall things look great. From dark movies, to bright nature shows, to small print text, everything renders in hyper realistic detail.

Samsung Q6F 4K resolution

4K resolution is the sharpest most detailed video you can get today. It’s much, much sharper (four times sharper, in fact) than even 1080p HD so it looks hyper realistic.

When you’re watching 4K TV it’s akin to having something extraordinarily real in front of you. Indeed, the first few times I saw a 4K TV after owning HD TVs I felt a little weird watching such clear video; it almost puts you a bit off kilter; it seems so real, but you know it’s not so you want to reach out and touch it for proof.

Samsung Q6F HDR

HDR is a relatively new technology that helps to better reproduce colour. and light. To read more about it in detail, click our blog that explains it. But just know that HDR, or in this TV’s case, it’s called HDR Extreme, delivers better detail, more subtle and realistic gradation, and more realism. HDR also has the ability to better show contrast without harshness, and without creating ‘black holes’ where you can’t see what’s happening in dark scenes.

4K HDR Extreme provides extreme contrast between the darkest darks and lightest lights, plus expanded color and depth. What will you see? More detail in those dark scenes and shady areas, plus brighter whites and brights without glare or harshness. The overall effect is indeed as Samsung describes it, “enhanced detail, letting you see captivating detail even in the shadows of dark scenes.”

It delivers. I watched some episodes of Netflix 4K UHD show The Rain, a dark, dystopian drama. In dark scenes, it’s possible to see shades of black that include blues and greys. Even in one particular scene where the power was out, the depth and clarity was outstanding.

In a dark club scene in Luke Cage, all kinds of details were visible; elements of an earring, a lip print on a wine glass, individual eyelashes.

Overall video quality of Samsung Q6F

There’s no denying the video quality of this TV. It’s stunning; bright, colourful, detailed, and highly watchable.

I watched several shows to test the TV’s mettle:
The Rain
Lost in Space
Seven Seconds
Luke Cage

What kinds of things did I notice while watching the Samsung Q6F 4K TV? You can see tiny freckles and skin imperfections that would otherwise be unnoticeable; making the characters seem more like real people, more human.

Tiny details are visible; ripples in a hazmat suit, dust on a floor, spilled sugar grans scattered on a table, a loose thread on a tie, the subtle redness of cold chilling the tips of someone’s ear, or details in an engagement ring.

Smart functions on Samsung Q6F

There’s built-in smart functionality and streaming in the Samsung Q6F. Standard on most new TVs now is the inclusion of Netflix, YouTube and other online TV services, and they’re also found here too. There’s also Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, Cineplex, Spotify and more, including Facebook and Sirius XM.

These features are accessed by pushing the Home button on the included remote or your phone app.

Of course you can also connect your cable TV box, streaming device, like Apple TV, or Blu-ray or DVD player too.

Using Samsung SmartThings app

The Smart Things app is free and allows you to control your TV from your phone. The app’s functions are fairly basic and straight forward and almost exactly mirror the included remote control’s functions.

You can switch your video source, adjust volume and channels, change the settings of the screensaver, known as Ambient Mode, and use the touchpad to surf your menus.

The app works easily and reliably.

Excellent option for decor: Ambient Mode

If there’s a feature I fell in love with right away, it’s Ambient Mode. Not unlike the Samsung Frame TV I reviewed last year, this TV allows you to view art, photography and soothing videos when it’s not playing TV shows or movies. You can choose from an albeit small but charming variety of screensavers from mountainscapes, to moving water which are accompanied by a soothing birdsong track or nature soundscape.

I love this feature, primarily because I think it allows the TV to avoid becoming a giant black hole in your living space when turned off. This way, there’s always something pretty to look at. While the library is nowhere near as extensive as the one that you can subscribe to (for a fee) with The Frame, it’s a nice starting point, and a good bonus feature.

Looks and styling of Samsung Q6F

This TV is all screen, as it should be these days. I tried to the 65 inch size and the bezel, or frame around it, was only as wide as my pinky finger. The sleek metal legs were easy to install and just click in place making set up super quick. The back of the TV has a nice look, though it’s still something I’d place against a wall or install with a wall mount just to keep the focus on the front of the screen.

Overall review of Samsung Q6F 4K HDR smart TV

This is an outstanding TV. From its beautiful bright, vibrant picture, to its smarts, its aesthetics and the easy to use smartphone remote, this TV is the total package.

While I always try to lay out the positives and the negatives, I couldn’t find anything obvious or bad to say about this TV. If I were buying a new 4K TV, I’d happily put this one at the top of my shopping list.

I reviewed the 65 inch model, but this television is available in several screen sizes. Find the Samsung 4K Q6F Smart TV at Best Buy

Erin Lawrence
Editor TV and Home Theatre
Erin is a journalist, writer, and TV producer with a fascination for technology and a love of gadgets. Check out her blog


  1. Digital Home had a good review for using the Q6 for OTA. I looked at one in the store and I’ll be darned if I can find the speakers. My current Tv is a plasma (good for any light and angle) and the speakers are hidden in the rather wide surround of the screen.
    I don’t have “apps” or a smart phone, unless you considder a dial phone tethered to the wall smart. At least it’s not a party line. My computer hook-up is slow and expensive so I won’t be downloading movies or “apps”. Is set-up still possible?

    • You can still use the basic functions of the TV without streaming or Wi-Fi (like by connecting it to your cable box or antenna), but that would be like buying a Ferrari and driving it only on a goat path. If you want a low tech TV, you can find lots of simpler, and much less expensive options.

  2. Here in the states, busting my head over the 75″Q7FN or the 82″Q6FN. Want the biggest panel, but also the best Picture Quality. Does anyone have an idea if the 7FN is that much better than the 6FN? I know it has to be because of the line, but how much?

    • Hi Timothy, I’m not a gamer so I didn’t test any of that out. hopefully one of our other readers here has some intel on that…

    • Will the Sonos Playbase fit underneath this TV? How many inches of space below the TV are there when using the stands? How many inches apart are the stands?

  3. Erin, you had me a “great time”…..thank you so much for this review. I think it has all the features you’ll need now and will for a few years to come, so you are “future-proofed” which as you know with the speed of technology advancement nowadays is something that helps keep you up to date….and your pocket safe too!

    • Glad you liked it, Wayne! Thanks for reading. What TV do you have, and do you like it/recommend it?

  4. This seems like an excellent tv worth a buy later down the road. I would have liked a bit of a tech spec list like the refresh rate at hand but the review was very well done in other parts. This review makes me want the Samsung tv more than I wanted the Sony Bravia Smart tv.

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