Lego Millennium Falcon Kessel Run EditionSolo: A Star Wars Story hits theatres in Canada on May 25th, when the world will be introduced to the worldly exploits of young Han and Chewbacca. A departure from the usual tales from the Star Wars universe that you’re used to, Solo takes you aboard the Millennium Falcon and gives you a different look at what Han and Chewie’s lives were like years before they met Luke Skywalker.

One of the best things about looking forward to these Star Wars movies is the cool gadgets and toys that build hype and excitement leading up to it all. Here’s a look at a few cool toys out there now to help you get excited for Solo.

All sorts of Solo: A Star Wars Story LEGO!

My favourite part about anything Star Wars nowadays is the cool LEGO sets that always come out in support of any franchise film. The LEGO sets surrounding the release of Solo are no exception. There are some really neat LEGO builds out there. First, there’s Han Solo’s Landspeeder. This one is a smaller build that’s about 345 pieces. You’ll find mini figures of Han and Qi’Ra along with a Corellian Hound. The Landspeeder is meant to mimic a true smuggler’s vessel, so in addition to its sleek getaway look, expect to build a lot of little hidden compartments too.

Han Solo Landspeeder

Then there’s a new Imperial Tie Fighter Build. You’ve probably seen Tie Fighters before, and really, this one doesn’t have a lot of difference between some of the builds you’re used to. However, it does tie in to the new film and does come with Han and Tobias dressed up as Imperials.

Lastly, there’s my favourite, and a set that’s going to be hard to come by if you don’t act right away. A new Kessel Run-special Millennium Falcon is out. In addition to being the biggest set, this amazing Millennium Falcon even comes equipped with its Dejarik table! In addition to all of its other details (like its own Hyperdrive), it comes with mini figures of Han, Chewie, Qi’Ra, Lando Calrissian, and a droid too.

While this isn’t nearly as large as the massive collector’s edition Falcon that LEGO custom created a hand truck for, this one is still over 1400 pieces and will take hours for you to build.




Sphero Star Wars Droids

Bonus pick: Sphero Droids

While not directly tied to Solo, Sphero’s Star Wars Droids may play a role in your home-based enjoyment of Solo when it comes out on BluRay a few months from now. The Sphero droids are all slowly becoming synchronized with all of the Star Wars movies so that they “watch” the films with you and react to certain scenes. You can bet with some certainty that even though you won’t see any of the droids themselves in the film, they’ll all find themselves synchronized with Solo sooner or later, and you can line all of them up, shut off the lights, and enjoy a beep and boop filled viewing of the latest film.

That’s a quick look at some of the Star Wars toys out right now to channel your inner Solo. Make sure you get your tickets and line up early to catch the first screenings of Solo: A Star Wars Story later this week, and check back in at Best Buy to satisfy all of your Star Wars merchandise needs.


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