You will now be able to use two new accessories compatible with your DJI Avata: the Goggles Integra and RC Motion 2 Controller. Both can radically change how you fly the drone because they change how you control its movement and how you see where it’s going.

The Avata is already a handy and effective drone on its own, but you can take things further with these new tools, if you’re so inclined. DJI will offer them together as a combo bundle so you can get started with both together rather than buying them separately.

Looking through the DJI Goggles Integra

DJI made a few key changes with the Integra that stand out. First, as its name implies, the battery now integrates with the headband. This eliminates the need to run the cable required to connect to the battery clip that was a necessity with the previous pair of goggles. To make that work, you had to either clip the battery onto a belt or slide it in your pocket. The new design makes for a more comfortable and convenient setup, though it will place more weight on your head.

DJI says it reduced the battery’s weight to accommodate the new design, and it can still run for up to two hours per charge. The Integra are also first-person view (FPV) goggles with two 1080p Micro-OLED screens inside. The 100Hz refresh rate and 700 nits of brightness should enable you to see the drone’s point-of-view in bright daylight conditions. You can also expect 30ms latency over the same DJI OcuSync 3+ signal to communicate with the Avata for a seamless video transmission.

Note the image quality is no different from the previous goggles, so there won’t be a performance upgrade there. However, DJI set the field of view to 44 degrees, which is narrower than the 51-degree field of view in the DJI Goggles 2, for instance. The diopter setting ranges from +2.0 to -8.0 to help sharpen the vision for your eyes.

Taking control with the Motion 2

The RC Motion 2 Controller sticks to many of the same design principles of its predecessor, only with a few upgrades. There’s a new joystick DJI says provides better handling for pilots, plus a newer trigger that moves back and forth. That means you can reverse the drone as easy as you push it ahead, much like you can move laterally by tilting the joystick left or right. This should improve overall accuracy in the air, enabling smoother flight and footage.

Speaking of which, the new Fn button shortcuts to imaging settings, like ISO and shutter speed to manually set the onboard camera to shoot how you want without needing the goggles to do so. If you are flying with a friend or partner as a spotter to keep an eye on the drone itself, the DJI Fly app can connect with the Goggles Integra to show a live view on a smartphone or tablet.

You can pre-order the DJI Avata combo with the Goggles Integra and RC Motion 2 controller now. You can also get the combo that comes with the Goggles 2 and RC Motion 2 controller. For all the latest DJI gear, check that out here.

Ted Kritsonis
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