When you’re shopping for a brand new smartphone case, covering up that gorgeous piece of technology can be a little hard to stomach. So why not pick something that you love the look of even more than the original phone, or something that lets you see right through to the gorgeous piece of technology that keeps you connected to the world?

Clear cases to show off your smartphone

With smartphone models becoming more and more customized as time goes on, more and more brands are responding by designing crystal-clear smartphone cases.

10386125They work a bit like a nude pair of heels. A great pair of nude heels adds poise and height to an outfit without pulling the eye away from your outfit, just like how a great clear smartphone case adds protection without becoming the main attraction. When clear cases are done right, they’re visually seamless and let you (and others!) see your rose gold, silver, or gold smartphone at all times.

I remember that the first clear smartphone cases to be released were often easy to crack or only mostly translucent, but today’s are clear as glass and are offered in both hard and soft shelled varieties. I like this basic, clear, affordable Insignia iPhone 6/6s Fitted Soft Shell Case to meet this need.

Clear cases with extra glamour

My favourite clear cases are always the ones that aren’t only clear. Brands like Case Mate and Kate Spade often offer clear soft and hard shell cases with designs pressed into the plastic or silicone, allowing you to add artwork and sparkle to your smartphone while still showing off its inherent colour and shell. 10414520

I can’t get enough of these cases, which tend to look more feminine than your typical smartphone case, so I have plenty of recommendations in this category.

I love the glitzy look of the Case-Mate Karat iPhone 7 Plus Fitted Hard Shell Case and Speck CandyShell 2.0 Glitter iPhone 7 Fitted Hard Shell Case, both of which sprinkle bits of gold overtop the look of your phone. But, if sprinkles of gold aren’t your thing, you still have plenty of confetti-like options.

Take the star-scattered Case-Mate Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 6/6s Stars Fitted Soft Shell Case, for instance, which is littered with silver stars. (As soon as I saw that case, I had to take a writing break to forward the link to my sister–she’s a total star fiend, and it would fit her gold iPhone 6 perfectly!) Or, for something even more fun, there’s the Kate Spade New York iPhone 7 Plus Confetti Dot Fitted Hard Shell Case, which is just as dotty and full of confetti as the name promises.

10460781Your last options for fashionably designed clear cases usually feature artwork or a pattern, like these two from Speck and Kate Spade. Speck offers a Presidio Clear Graphics iPhone 7 case with gold feathers accented in blue and teal (perfect for the hipster fashionista in your life), and Kate Spade offers a more standard design with their iPhone 7 Chevron Fitted Hard Shell Case in Gold. Both are gorgeous options, although I find myself particularly drawn to the feathers on the Speck case!

Sturdy cases for fashionable protection

Finally, for those for whom a thin, clear case just won’t cut it, don’t fret. There are plenty of fashionable options that’ll still keep your phone in tip-top shape!10392027

I find that studier cases tend to have a more unisex look to them, so they look great when carried by both men and women. There are basic cases available, like this sleek Modal iPhone 6/6s Plus Fitted Soft Shell Case (which comes in a variety of colours), as well as waterproof and drop-protective cases like the OtterBox Defender or LifeProof FRE Hard Shell Case. (I can vouch for the durability of LifeProof cases, but it will never cease to bug me that they named it the FRE. Just give us the other “e,” LifeProof!)

All in all, it’s easy nowadays to find fashionable smartphone cases from a wide variety of brands, no matter what your preferences or needs are. These ten are just a starting point!

Rae Chen
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