CES 2021 is almost here, and as always expectations are high in the category of Smart Home products. Smart Home is one of the biggest and most popular product areas there is these days, so it always sees good things happening at CES. At this stage of the game, with the convention only hours away, there are already some major hints and clues coming out, but we’re largely still in the dark about what all might be coming. For this reason, today I am going to remind you of some of the major Smart Home categories so you know what to look for. I’ll also briefly mention a few of the items we’ve already heard about (mostly thanks to the CES Innovation Awards), and you can check out Ted Kritsonis’ introductory CES article entitled Announcing CES 2021. Read on!

Key smart home categories

The major Smart Home categories include everything in the list below, and then some:

CES 2021 smart lights

Smart Lights – The first product category I always think of when I think of Smart Home products is that of Smart Lighting. I’m not sure why. I guess it might be because it’s just such a foundational category under the broader Smart Home umbrella. In any case, the premise here is pretty straightforward—indoor and outdoor lighting that’s both cost-effective and can be controlled from anywhere with your smart phone. Major producers within this category include Philips Hue, Nanoleaf, and LIFX, just to name a few. There’s an excellent chance that at least a few smart lighting announcements will be made at this year’s CES. In fact, C by GE has already done just that.

CES 2021 smart speakers 

Smart Speakers, Displays, & Accessories – Probably my personal favourite type of Smart Home product is the smart voice assistant—particularly smart displays. Companies like Google, Amazon, and Lenovo often lead the way in this category, so keep an eye out this week to see what, if anything, they might have brewing.

CES 2021 smart locks and door bells 

Smart Locks & Smart Door Bells – Always popular with Smart Home consumers are products in the category of Smart Locks & Door Bells. Companies like August, Yale, and Ring keep us safe and protected within our homes, and they keep our homes safe when we’re not even there ourselves. They also provide a great deal of convenience with innovations such as being able to lock and unlock our doors from practically anywhere, virtual keys, built-in cameras, and a whole lot more. Keep an eye out for more good stuff from companies such as these at this year’s convention.

Smart Home innovations

CES 2021 security cameras

Security Cameras – If home security is a concern where you live, nothing beats a smart security camera for keeping a watchful eye over your property and providing priceless peace of mind. Pay close attention to manufactures like Arlo, Ring, and Swann in this category to see what they’ll be up to. (Hint: Swann has a new version of their Enforcer security system on the way.)

CES 2021 smart switches and plugs 

Smart Switches & Plugs – On the convenience side of the ledger, Smart Switches & Plugs are truly invaluable. They allow you to control all kinds of plug-in and wired-in devices and gadgets from anywhere with your smart phone. Producers like WeMo and TP-Link often come up with new innovations at CES, so we’ll see if they or any other companies have something new this year. (Hint: We already know that TP-Link has a new—and award winning, Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch coming out.)

CES 2021 safety sensors and detectors 

Safety Sensors & Detectors – Safety Sensors & Detectors are designed to save your life. These include things like CO & smoke detectors, water Leak detectors, and weather stations & air quality monitors. Companies to keep an eye on in this category include Honeywell, Airthings, and First Alert.

CES 2021 smart thermostats 

Smart Thermostats – Smart Thermostats do a whole lot more than just regulate the temperature in your home. Today’s advanced products are so smart that they can actually learn your home heating habits and adjust themselves for you automatically—not to mention the cost saving benefits when it comes to your home heating bill. I don’t know if anything big is coming in this category this year, but the major player here is typically Google Nest.

More announcements on the blog 

The above list represents a mere drop in the bucket when it comes to the vast Smart Home umbrella category, but you can rest assured that whatever of note is announced this week, we here at the blog will be all over it!

Among the new products we’ve already learned about thanks to their status as CES Innovation Award Honourees are the Swann Wired Enforcer™ 4K Security System, an ADT Smart Home Hub, and a cool smart alarm clock called the Loftie Clock. Of course, there are several others as well, but at this stage we’re not 100% certain of which items will be available in Canada. As more information comes in, which it’s sure to in spades this week, we should begin to see an ever more clear picture of the immediate future of all of our smart homes. Stay tuned and keep a close eye to all of our announcements right here on the Best Buy Canada Blog!

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