Google Assistant, ces 2020Google is one of the biggest brands in the world, and they’re positively owning smart home tech. I had a chance to take a tour of what Google’s calling its Google Playground at CES 2020.

Google touts Google Assistant Privacy

The big announcement from Google was about privacy. They’re making sure you know Google isn’t eavesdropping on you nefariously.

Execs reiterated the Assistant is designed to wait in standby mode until it’s summoned, like when you say “Hey Google.” And when it’s in standby mode, the Assistant won’t send what you are saying to Google or anyone else.

There was also mention that Google doesn’t keep your audio recordings, and you can decide if you’d like them to keep your audio to make Google speech products better.

New & more human speech

Google Assistant, ces 2020Google also is working hard to have their devices sound less robotic. They showed off a new speech reading feature that sounds a lot more… human.

Get more specific with Google Assistant

Google also talked about giving users more granular control of smart home devices. What does that mean? With a new feature called Scheduled Actions coming out later this year, you can ask the Assistant to turn on/off or start/stop a compatible smart device at the time you want.

Say “Hey Google, run the coffee maker at 6 a.m.” Inside the Google Home App, you can control more than 20 new devices, including AC units, air purifiers, bathtubs, coffee makers, vacuums, and more, all from one place.

google assistant, ces 2020Sticky Notes for Google Screens

They also announced new Google Assistant features, like sticky notes for Google Next Hub screens…

These virtual Sticky notes can let you leave a note for the family that you fed the fish or that you’re out and will be home later.

Google was all about the partnerships too, laying out a wall of compatible and partner devices.

Google has more partnerships than ever

google assistant, ces 2020Google Assistant is already available on more than 1 billion devices. And soon the Assistant will be coming to lots of new smart displays, speakers, headphones and soundbars from Acer, Aftershokz, Anker Innovations, Belkin, Cleer, Harman Kardon, Konka, JBL, Lenovo, Philips, Seiki, and LG.

No new hardware was announced here at CES, but as the Google family keeps growing, they want you to know the Google Assistant is all about making your life easier and letting you have more time for fun.

google assistant, ces 2020

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