arlo smart home security camerasIt’s the 8th day of Christmas, and someone who really likes you might want to consider giving you the gift of security this year. How can they do that? By giving the gift of smart home devices, and as far as smart homes are concerned, I place Arlo security cameras at the top of my list.

I installed my Arlo cameras a year ago and I’ve slowly added more to my system. Out of all of my smart home devices, and I have more than my fair share, Arlo is my favourite and the one thing I highly recommend to anyone who wants eyes and ears on their home.

Here’s a look at a few Arlo cameras you can put under the tree and some of the features they have.


arlo 720p camerasArlo all weather smart home security system

I have the original Arlo cameras, and to say I’ve been happy with them has been an understatement. You can read my full review, but I’ll give you a quick highlight reel.

Arlo smart home security cameras are weatherproof, wire-free cameras that record in 720p, day or night. Because they are wire free and connect to your WiFi, you can put them anywhere you’d like to record footage, and they stand up to all types of weather including rain, snow, and blistering hot days.

Once you place your Arlo camera and sync it with the app you can view a live stream or set up motion alerts for that area. I have four set up with motion alerts, so I always know if someone comes into my yard or goes near the storage container we keep quite a distance from our house. I credit Arlo cameras with giving me the peace of mind I needed after a break in, and I’ve never had issues with them. You just install them and they work.

These Arlo cameras use replaceable batteries, and depending on your video quality you’ll be replacing them about once every few months. They also give you 7 days of free Cloud recording, so you can always look back on your clips when you want to.


arlo pro smart home camerasNETGEAR Arlo Pro Wire-free HD Camera Security System

This past fall Arlo smart home cameras received a serious upgrade. Now called the Arlo Pro wire-free HD camera security system, these cameras are still weather proof and record high quality video during the day or at night, but they come with a siren you can set off in case of intruders.

As an Arlo user, I can’t emphasize how amazing it is that they’ve integrated a siren. I’ve often wondered exactly what you’d do if you saw someone on the cameras. With the remotely controlled 100+ decibel siren, you can easily scare someone off while you call the police.

Arlo Pro cameras also have a few other upgrades: they have two way audio so you can see and hear what’s going on outside your home and the night vision illuminates up to 25 feet away from the camera so you can see better in the dark. You can also back up your videos by connecting a USB to Arlo’s base station, and the batteries you use are rechargeable so you can recharge and replace easily.


arlo q proArlo Q Plus Indoor Wi-Fi camera

If you want to keep your eyes and ears on the inside of your home, there’s an Arlo camera for that too. Arlo Q Plus is the latest Arlo indoor camera, and it’s a handy little gadget you can use to watch over your kids, pets, or your home while you’re away.

I reviewed the original Arlo Q and I loved it. The two-way audio was crystal clear, and the recording in 1080p gave me the perfect window-view of whatever I was watching. You can monitor your video stream of the Arlo Q within the same Arlo app you use for outdoor Arlo cameras, so everything is available in one easy-to-access area on your smartphone or tablet.

Everyone has to leave home, but you shouldn’t have to wonder what’s going on when you do. That’s why Arlo wire free cameras are a smart home device I’d be happy to gift anyone or see for myself under the tree. I might have four, but there’s always room for more!

You can find Arlo smart home security cameras on Best Buy right now. Tune in tomorrow for Day 9 of our 12 days of Christmas when Rae talks fashionable fitness trackers.

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