WowWee CHiP the robot dogIt’s already Day 5 of our 12 days of Christmas! That means there’s only 19 days of shopping left, and if you’re like me and basically leaving every single thing to the last minute this year, you’re going to love who we’re talking about on Day 5: your favourite robot dog and mine, WowWee CHiP Robotic dog.

How CHiP worksCHiP robot dog wheels

Before I tell you why you’d want CHiP under the tree, let’s start with what breed of dog CHiP is and how he works.

CHiP is a robot dog made from blue and white plastic. He has flexible joints and special mecanum wheels . Because of those wheels CHiP is omni-directional, and that means he can move all over the floor in all different directions. He’s fast too, and although I didn’t clock his speed when I was reviewing him, he can blaze a trail from one end of the house to the other in no time at all.

CHiP might be a robot dog, but he’s also smart enough to show affection. Because he can experience touch you can pat him on the head or you can blow him kisses using the app. CHiP is also so smart he’s able to learn tricks, and your kids will have a lot of fun teaching him and learning what CHiP can do.

CHiP comes packaged with the smartband, smart ball, and his smart bed for when he needs a recharge.


CHiP the robot dog How you can play with WowWee CHiP

CHiP is smart, fast, and he never tires out before the kids do. You can play with him in four ways: using the included smartband, via the WowWee CHiP app, using voice commands, or you can toss around his included smartball.

CHiP comes with a smartband that looks like a watch. Your child can put it on and press buttons on it to interact with CHiP. One of the coolest features of the smartband is how CHiP will follow your child around when they are wearing it. If you want to get him to dance, just tap a button on the band, and you can even hit a button to give him a virtual high five.


Playing with CHiP via the app is one of the easiest ways to have fun with CHiP. You can tap on your screen and he’ll do tricks or you can virtually feed him and watch him enjoy what he’s eating. You can also use the app to send CHiP to bed when he needs a recharge.

CHiP has voice recognition software built in, so you can talk to him and he’ll respond. If you tell him to sit he will sit, and he’ll even do a complicated yoga move or dance with you.

Out of all of the things that CHiP can do, my kids loved tossing the ball around with him the most. He’ll fetch the ball when you throw it, and if you watch my video review you’ll also see how my son played soccer with CHiP and his smartball.

When it’s time for CHiP to go to bed at night or when he knows he needs a recharge he’ll head back to his smartbed. My kids set up the smartbed in the corner of the bedroom and they thought it was cute when he’d head back there on his own to have a ‘rest’ and recharge.

As far as pets are concerned, CHiP the robot dog is one of the easiest, most enjoyable pets you can bring home for Christmas. If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll get hours of fun from CHiP.

You can bring your own CHiP home for the holidays by shopping Best Buy. He’s guaranteed to be one of the best gifts they unwrap this year.
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