simple-b-cssdisabled-png-hed5c492f228e6700541b9fdeba12c487Fitbit is one the leading innovators in the competitive fitness tracker market and their most popular product was the Fitbit Flex. The Fitbit Flex 2 is the latest version of this all-around fitness tracker and it has been improved in nearly every way.

With the Fitbit Flex 2, the actual device is this tiny tracker that’s full of sensors and which is eminently a versatile device. It can be slotted into a thin wristband, worn as a pendant, bangle or bracelet.

Key advantages of Fitbit Flex


Fitbit Flex 2 offers all the key advantages of past versions. Accurate all-day activity, auto sleep tracking, 5-day battery life on a full charge plus an LED display that gives you an easily glanceable look at your activity.

With the Fitbit Flex 2, we now have even more capabilities. This tracker is swim proof and can track swimming, there are now reminders to move from time to tim as well as the ability to notify you when calls or texts are coming in. There’s also integration with he SmartTrack Auto Exercise Recognition platform which tries to use machine learning and Fitbit’s vast stores of data to accurately determine what activity a user is undertaking.

People choose a Fitbit Flex because it offers most of the benefits of a fitness tracker but is so sleek and unobtrusive that it can be worn alone or even alongside an analog or digital smart watch.

I may change from a mechanical watch to an Apple Watch depending on my mood or requirements but I always have my Fitbit Flex 2 on me and forget that it is even there.

Out of the box Fitbit experience


The Fitbit Flex 2 is one of the most low-maintenance wearables around. Once you get it out of the box, you simply plug it into its charging cable and wait. Charging is done in around three hours. Place the Fitbit Flex into the chosen bracelet, pair it with your smartphone and connect it to your Fitbit account and it is good to go.

The bracelet that the Fitbit Flex 2 comes with is lightweight and rugged, It clasps by dual prongs that lock into the rubber holes. Fit is good but without a way to secure the length of the bracelet, the excess length tends to move around a bit.

I found that the Fitbit Flex 2 is good for up to 5 days as promised and is an ideal wearable to just keep on all day and all night. Once you’ve achieved your daily goals such as number of steps, the Fitbit Flex 2 vibrates and goes into a celebratory light show to congratulate you for making your target.

I am a big fan of Fitbit’s software, not only does it give you up to the moment information. You can also log other pertinent data such as calorie and water intake, you can set a silent alarm that will make the Flex 2 vibrate to wake you up or remind you and you can share progress and challenge friends.

Reasons why I think Fitbit Flex 2 Rocks


There are many reasons why I was attracted to the Fitbit Flex and now the Fitbit Flex 2. The main one is the excellent Fitbit software and app. Whether you’re using iOS or Android or accessing the Fitbit website from the web, you get the best representation of your activity in a clear and colourful layout.

Fitbit is also unique in that you don’t need to have your smartphone with you all the time, using an older Fitbit dongle you can sync directly with your PC or Mac and access your information on the web client.

Aside from the fitness  tracking aspect of the Fitbit Flex 2, I think the sleep tracking feature is quite helpful in ensuring that I get enough quality sleep, specially before very active or busy days.

Flex is for Flexibility


Understanding that one size does not fit all, there are a variety of bracelets for the Fitbit Flex 2.

Some colours you can choose from in the Classic collection are: black, navy, magenta, lavender, pink, grey and yellow. There are also  three-packs you can get with an assortment of colours, called the Sport Pack (navy, grey, yellow) or Pink Pack (magenta, lavender, pink). Alone, a Classic band is also available.

The fancier options include Luxe bangles in silver, gold and rose gold . Then there are the pretty little pendants that come in silver  and gold, with a one size 17-inch chain. Needless to say, no other fitness tracker has been given these many options. Fitbit Flex 2’s versatility has made it very popular not just with men of all ages but also ladies who like the various ways they can wear it.

Simplicity and ease of use have made the Fitbit Flex 2 a popular choice for users wanting to get their feet wet with a fitness tracker. I can recommend it to novices, older users and anyone who just wants an understated, easy to use and durable introduction into the quantified self.

Who can benefit from the Fitbit Flex

screen696x696If you’re looking for a durable and no-nonsense fitness tracker with a stellar app and web client, like to go to the gym, go on runs, swim and engage in various activities but aren’t a hardcore athlete or need a GPS or heart rate monitor, the Fitbit Flex 2 is worth checking out.

There’s around five years of innovation poured into this small tracker and it improves over older Fitbit trackers in almost every way.

Fitbit Flex 2 is specially attractive to you if you want to wear a wristwatch or a full-featured smart watch since it can be worn with either.

5-day battery life as well as the water resistance and swim tracking make it one of the few fitness products that’s great for land and for water exercises and can help users get an accurate look at their activity.


Fitbit Flex 2 is simple, easy to use and rugged but it is run by very complex data and one of the most robust fitness tracking applications and ecosystems which make it a great standalone tracker or the first step into more comprehensive fitness and health tracking solutions.

Gadjo Sevilla
Gadjo is a veteran journalist covering consumer technology, lifestyle and business. He has written for international newspapers, magazines and online publications. He is founder of as well as an avid photographer and travel enthusiast.