Media-Consumption-Habits_final_bbblogmain.jpgAs CyberLink prepared to launch the latest version of our best-selling PowerDVD software (PowerDVD 15) we noticed that the way people consume media was changing quite rapidly. Naturally we wanted to better understand the habits of our many tech savvy users so we can anticipate their needs and ensure we are always providing them with the very best software solutions. 

In order to identify the causes of these changing behaviors and better understand the frustrations and workaround solutions users create to alleviate vexations, CyberLink commissioned research firm YouGov to study how consumers are adapting to the flurry of options available to them at home and on the road.

The results of the survey were very interesting and in some cases downright shocking.

cyberlink infographic.jpg



We discovered that people are embracing a multitude of digital media devices and changing their video, music, and general content consumption habits at a much faster pace than they have in the past. More than 60% of households have owned or used at least five digital devices or services that are taking them away from traditional TV watching, and more than half (55%) of those in affluent families ($150,000 income and above) have owned or used at least ten. This revealing research demonstrated how people are willing to do almost anything, from purchasing multiple devices, to adopting massive streaming habits, and even obtaining content illegally, in order to enjoy media in their own way. 



To share the results of our exciting research, CyberLink put together the above infographic to visualize these ever-changing trends. Take a closer look at our conclusions, and make sure to give PowerDVD 15 a try, after all, it’s absolutely necessary to have the world’s leading multimedia player to ensure your viewing experience is the best ever.

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