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Philips Hue is a bright idea for your smart home

I have always thought smart home gadgets are a bit gimmicky, until I broke down and installed a few. I am now a convert as they are not only practical but so convenient they can actually improve your quality of life. For instance, I have a keyless lock in my home so I never worry about carrying around keys that I can lose. If I have friends or family that arrive when I am not there, I can let them in remotely until I show up. It’s great!   HUE is Philips line of smart home products that is all about lighting that can be controlled using your Smartphone or tablet. It brings the Internet of Things to reality and there are so many excellent ways to use HUE lighting products. Let’s explore just a few to give you an idea how they can improve life at home.

Philips’ Hue Go will brighten your world in many brilliant colours

There’s a new gadget available and I’m pretty sure you’re going to want one. I know this because as much as I may have initially scoffed at the idea that it would be a product I would ever want or need, I’ve come to the realization that it is indeed something I have to have. It’s the new Philips Hue Go–a WiFi enabled portable mood light that can be used indoors or outdoors.

Brighten Up Your Dorm with Great Smart Lighting Options

Brighten up your dorm room when you head back to school with a selection of great smart lighting options from Best Buy and its partners like Philips Hue.

Let Geek Squad bring your smart home to life

For a limited time (Sept 14th – Sept 27th) get free smart light setup by Geek Squad when you spend $350 or more on Philips hue smart lights.

MiPow PLAYBULB Smart Lights Review

Adding wireless coloured light to your home is a relatively new concept, with a lot of new players out there. There are the established brands like Philips Hue, which have commanded a premium on the market, partially because they have brand recognition for being first, and partially because they’ve made a great product. MIPOW PLAYBULB is an entrant into the market that offers a lower cost way to put wireless coloured lighting into your space. I have three products that we’re looking at today, read on to see how they fared in my home.
OneLink Safe and Sound review

First Alert OneLink Safe and Sound Smoke Detector Review

OneLink Safe and Sound is a smoke detector and carbon monoxide monitor, but it's also a premium speaker and Alexa-enabled device.
5 tips to improve outdoor security

5 Tips to Improve Your Outdoor Security

My 5 tips to improve outdoor security are easy to set up, easy to use, and will give you peace of mind when you're not home.
moving day - lg instaview fridge

Moving day is a great day to update the technology in your new home

Moving Day is the perfect day to update the technology for your new home, get rid of energy-sucking old devices, and refresh your home set-up so its smart, energy-efficient, and purely pleasurable to start anew.
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Home Safety Series: How to Create a Safe Perimeter with Wireless Security

Want to tighten up security around your home, but are not sure where to start? We'll take a look at all the options available to create a safe home.

Moving Tips for a Smart Home and a Smart Move

If you have a smart home and will soon be moving, here are some useful moving tips that will help you to make a super smooth transition.

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