I have a timer on one of my lights. It’s one of those grow-light bulbs that sort of simulates sunshine for plants. I use it for a bonsai tree I’ve been cultivating patiently for about five years. The tree needs more sunlight to flourish than it can get sitting by a window, so I bought a simple timer that plugs into the wall outlet, and the grow-light plugs into the timer. It’s on a 12-hour cycle, and my tree couldn’t be happier. I’ve pretty much thought that was as technologically advanced as you could get with lighting, but, of course, with the emergence of the “Internet of Things,” whereby everything is given enhanced functionality because it is connected to and accessible via the Internet, lighting has become a lot more versatile. And likely the most versatile of the lighting products I’ve seen is the new Philips Hue line of products. So, let me show how innovative lighting has become, with a little preview of the Philips Hue lighting system.

hue product

You Have the Control

The Philips Hue line of lighting offers you the chance to be more creative, and enjoy a lot more convenience, thanks to wifi connectivity and a suite of functions. As you would expect with a connected and wireless product like the Philips Hue lights, you are able to control your lighting remotely from anywhere in the world you’re connected to the internet. So, imagine racing to the airport for that family vacation, and wondering, “Did I leave the lights on in the kitchen, again?” Well, with the Philips Hue lights (and the appropriately installed app), you can turn that rogue light off from the airport while waiting to board. Or, maybe you’re going to be late coming home from work, but you want to make sure the porch is lit up for when the kids return ahead of you. Simply access your light from anywhere and ensure your kids have that illuminated safety when they hit home. You can also use the same app to set timers for your lighting, so it looks like you’re home when you’re actually off holidaying. You can even set different rooms to light up at different times, as well. The smart controls also allow you to dim or brighten your lights from your smartphone or a controller in the house. And with the use of geo-fencing, it’s possible for the light system to know when you are home, and turn on automatically! Hello, house from the Jetsons!


Hue2 (250x250).jpgEnhancing Your Life Through Light

Do you ever want to throw your alarm clock at the wall when it goes off? I hate that thing. It’s too loud. That is totally not a proper way to be awoken. The Philips Hue system, however, knows how to get you out of bed without triggering a Hulk-like rage. You can set your bedroom’s Hue lights to gradually increase in intensity in the morning, actually giving you the feeling you are waking up to natural light, and not a Justin Bieber song blaring at your face on the radio. And, as light has been proven to affect things like mood and behaviour, you can also control the brightness, coolness and glow of the Hue lights to enhance your well-being. Increase the brightness and white light to give you some energy and focus during a workout, or turn things down a notch so you can relax in the evening and unwind under a mellow glow. No matter where you are in your home, or what mood you want to set, the Philips Hue gives you the right light, all the time.


Hue3 (250x250).jpgPlay with Your Lights

The Philips Hue line can also transform how you enjoy your home, and how you enjoy entertainment in that home. It allows you to change the colour of the lights, and paint your walls with any splashes of colour you desire. And for parties, Hue lets you synch those coloured lights with your music (via one of many third-party apps that work with Hue) and turn your living room into a dance club. You can also do the same with your television shows or video games, syncing the lights to create an immersive entertainment lighting effects.

It all sounds pretty neat, and I can’t wait to actually test one of these systems out for myself, which I’ll get to do in an upcoming blog. So, stay tuned for part two, and a hands-on review of the Philips Hue lighting system. But, in the meantime, let me know what yout thought of the preview, and if you think you’d like to invest in the Philips Hue line of products.

Steven Hill
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