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CES 2016: Lenovo introduces the world’s thinnest convertible laptop

PCs still have a prominent place at the Consumer Electronics Show and Lenovo pulled out all the stops at CES 2016 with a collection of new desktop and portable models. Included in Lenovo’s CES presentation were the world’s thinnest convertible laptop, gaming gear (including a curved gaming monitor) developed in partnership with Razer, and a compact desktop PC with a built-in projector. Here are all the details on Lenovo’s CES showcase.

12 days of Christmas gifts: day 6 is Nest

Ho, Ho, holy, it’s almost Christmas Eve! Today on the 6th Day of Christmas gifts we’re looking at how you can have a smart home for the holidays by giving the gift of Nest.

Introducing the Nest 3.0: Could it be the smartest thermostat yet?

There aren’t a lot of things Nest needs to improve on nowadays. It’s already arguably the best thermostat on the market. It not only provides you its learning benefits but gives you access to a huge network of coordinating partners. With no need to re-invent this wheel, Nest has turned to some physical and functional enhancements for its recently announced Nest 3.0 learning thermostat. Come take a look at the newest edition of the Nest!

Announcing the new Nest Cam for your home

I have a lot going on at home so leaving the house, even for just a few hours, can be stressful. If my kids are in school I worry about what my pets are up to, and if my kids are at home, I worry about whether or not a fight is breaking out or if someone is destroying the kitchen.  That’s why I was so excited to hear about the newest Nest product, the Nest Cam. Not only is it a crystal clear 1080p webcam you can hook up in your home to check in on everything, it belongs to the Nest family of products so you know it will work alongside your Nest devices.

CES 2015 Smart Home Roundup Day 1: HomeKit and NEST

The world is watching CES right now, especially with intent on Smart Home and Wearables, two of the categories poised to explode with this year’s announcements.  With lots to cover in the next few days, we stop in on the first products announced for the iOS HomeKit and the growth of the Works with NEST program
NEST Technology

Nest technology integration will make your home smarter than ever before

“Works with Nest” is a growing program of smart products that work with the growing line of Nest products and applications. Some of those products (including Nest’s) are available now at Best Buy, and all bring you closer to having control of your home even when you’re not around.  Increased safety, comfort and functionality are at your fingertips.  Read on to find out just what “Works with Nest” now.

Galaxy Tab S: Samsung’s thinnest tablet boasts a revolutionary visual experience

Two of the factors driving the premium tablet market today are thinness and display quality. A thinner tablet not only looks sleeker, it’s lighter than others in its class making it easier to hold and to carry. Display quality is a no-brainer (who doesn’t want a better display?) but to this point, most of the competition has been in pixel count. Samsung has been a leader on both fronts but at a recent media event, the company introduced its thinnest tablet ever, the Galaxy Tab S. Besides its credentials as the sveltest tablet out there (yes, it’s even thinner than anything coming out of Cupertino), Samsung has seriously upped the visual ante by incorporating a Super AMOLED display. Pre-order yours today!  

Razer Blade laptop preview: the world’s thinnest gaming laptop

Razer Blade. Two words guaranteed to grab the attention of anyone who takes PC gaming seriously. The gaming laptop series made waves in 2013, landing on a slew of “best of” lists. The 2014 edition manages to be even more over the top, earning titles like “world’s thinnest gaming laptop” while offering performance that has to be seen to be believed. You’ll soon find the all-new Razer Blade gaming laptops at Best Buy (you’ll be able to pre-order them this week), including the impossibly thin and light 14-inch model with its 5.76 million pixels —the world’s highest resolution 14-inch notebook display.

nest protect review

Review: Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

When it comes to carbon monoxide leaks, people have a real ‘It can’t happen in my house’ mentality. Whether your house is brand new or 30 years old, there is definitely a reason to worry about the possibility of a carbon monoxide leak.

Brighten Up Your Dorm with Great Smart Lighting Options

Brighten up your dorm room when you head back to school with a selection of great smart lighting options from Best Buy and its partners like Philips Hue.

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