Introducing Google Nest WiFi, a scalable, high performance whole-home Wi-Fi system

Google Nest WiFi is the new whole-home mesh system that blankets your entire home in fast, reliable, seamless and secure Wi-Fi. Start with a Nest WiFi router, which on its own is capable of 2200 square feet (204 square metres) of high performance coverage. For larger spaces or areas with obstacles that can impact wireless performance (like thick walls), simply add Nest Wifi points. They seamlessly integrate into the mesh network, automatically optimizing performance and traffic to ensure every nook and cranny of your home is covered with high-speed Wi-Fi.

A system consisting of one Nest WiFi router and one Nest WiFi point is capable of providing 3800 square feet (353 square metres) of coverage, with up to 200 devices simultaneously connected—including multiple 4K video streams.

Each Nest WiFi point is also a smart speaker with the Google Assistant, so you can control compatible smart devices with voice commands, and stream music.

High performance Wi-Fi coverage in every corner of your home

A traditional router has limited coverage and even when supplemented with a range extender, Wi-Fi performance weakens with distance and signal obstacles like walls. That extender is just amplifying an already degraded signal … Nest WiFi is an advanced mesh system that delivers true whole-home coverage, with fast, reliable Wi-Fi. 

Unlike traditional routers, Nest WiFi is scalable. For large homes or areas subject to signal blockage, simply add a Nest WiFi point. Each of these points works with the Nest WiFi router (or previous generation Google WiFi system) to expand coverage, ensuring every square metre of your home is blanked in seamless, high performance Wi-Fi. You can walk from room to room without interruption and stream 4K video in problem areas that would be Wi-Fi dead zones when relying on a traditional router.

Your Nest WiFi network is also more secure, thanks to a built-in security chip and automatic system updates. 

Hands-free help around the house with the Google Assistant

Each Nest point is also a smart speaker with the Google Assistant built in. This opens up a world of ultra convenient voice control. Ask for help with cooking dinner, check the time, or order food from a delivery service without lifting a finger. Need some musical accompaniment? You can ask your Google Assistant to play your favourite Spotify play list. Control your compatible smart home devices including lights, thermostats, door locks and TVs. Use multiple WiFi points like an intercom to broadcast voice messages.

You can even use Google Assistant voice commands to manage your Wi-Fi network. For example, say: “Hey Google, pause Wi-Fi for Julie’s devices” when Julie has spent too much time online and not enough time doing homework.

When you don’t want to be heard, the Nest WiFi point microphone can easily be physically switched off and a glowing orange LED light will provide visual confirmation that Google Assistant is disabled.

Automatic optimization and updates so you always stream at speed

A big part of what makes Nest WiFi superior to a traditional router is that the system—Nest WiFi router and any Nest WiFi points—are always intelligently working together behind the scenes to ensure your network is optimized. This includes making certain your network is always on the clearest channel and fastest band. Nest WiFi ensures that every device is connected to the fastest WiFi point, and the system ensures that speed is maintained without interruption as you move throughout your home. One Nest WiFi router with one Nest WiFi point have the capacity to effectively manage up to 200 connected devices, with multiple 4K streams.

Performance gets even better with time thanks to regular, automatic updates. 

Setup is easy using the guided instructions on the Google Home app (for iOS and Android). The app also gives you complete control over the Nest WiFi network, should you wish to manually make an adjustment such as prioritizing a device.

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