A photo of the Singsation Classic karaoke machine

When the days get shorter and the nights get longer, there is nothing I like to do more than review karaoke machines. So I was pretty excited when Best Buy contacted me to let me know that they had not one, not two, but three karaoke machines for me to review. Today I’m going to be looking at three Singsation Karaoke Machines: the Classic, the Performer Deluxe, and the big daddy of them all, the Bravo.

The Singsation Classic

The Classic is a lightweight, portable karaoke machine that lets you bring the party wherever you go. With the Classic, you are ready for that impromptu karaoke jam anywhere, anytime. Now, I should point out that you do need an electrical outlet to power the Classic, as it doesn’t have an internal battery. But it does have two mic inputs, which means that you and a friend can sing your favourite duets together.
In terms of setup, I found the Classic totally straightforward. You just press the Bluetooth button, and it’s super easy to connect to your phone or device. However, one point I want to make about all of the karaoke machines I’m discussing today is that they require you to find and download your own karaoke app. I didn’t find this a problem however—the first app I downloaded worked perfectly well and had lots of good songs on it.
A photo of the control panel of the Singsation Bravo
The control panel of the Singsation Bravo
The Classic has a master volume control, mic volume controls, echo control, a music equalizer, and 3 voice effects, which allows you to add a little something extra to your performance. Don’t expect anything as fancy as Auto-Tune, though, these effects are really just for fun. Another cool feature of the classic is the lighting. The speaker on the front has lights integrated into it which adds a little bit of extra fun and atmosphere to your karaoke jam. The colours and the lighting effects are adjustable, and you can choose from one of 9 multi-colour modes, although I didn’t find there was much to choose between them…
All in all I have to say we had a blast with the Classic. Although it is pretty small, it’s easily loud enough to entertain a small group of 5 to 10 people. On the downside, the build quality isn’t the best I’ve ever seen, but not surprising at this price point.

The Singsation Performer Deluxe

A photo of the Sinsation Performer Deluxe karaoke machine
The Singsation Performer Deluxe Karaoke Machine
The Performer Deluxe takes things to another level completely. The base unit of the Performer Deluxe actually sits flat on the floor and supports the mic stand that is included. The mic stand holds your microphone, and it also has a really handy holder for your phone or tablet that allows you to easily read the lyrics as you sing. The mic stand is adjustable, so useful for kids and adults alike. Just make sure you screw it solidly into the base and set the phone holder up properly by adding the clamp screw.
A photo of the base of the Singsation Performer Deluxe
The base of Singsation Performer Deluxe
Like the Classic, the Performer Deluxe has two mic inputs with volume controls, plus it has 10 voice effects and 8 sound effects, including echo control. I found the sound effects a little bit of a gimmick, but my 9-year-old son thought they were basically the best thing about the Performer Deluxe. If you’re telling jokes, you can add the sound of an audience laughing, and you can also give yourself a big cheer if you think you’ve just crushed it. One of my favorite features of the Performer Deluxe, however, is the light dome. We actually left this turned on pretty much all the time because it added such a nice effect to the room. Lots of pretty coloured lights bouncing off the walls and ceiling.
The Performer Deluxe also comes with a remote control so that you can control the system from a distance. Very handy when certain performers get carried away! Like the Classic, the Performer Deluxe needs a power supply. It’s not super loud, so again best suited to a smaller crowd of 5-10 people.

The Singsation Bravo

A photo of the Singsation Bravo
The Singsation Bravo

Compared to the Classic and the Performer Deluxe, the Bravo is an absolute monster. If you’re holding a big party and you really wanna rock the house, then the Bravo is for you. The first thing I discovered about the Bravo is that it doesn’t require a power supply to operate because it has an internal rechargeable battery. This is obviously a big advantage in terms of portability and placement of the machine. The Bravo comes with a remote control, two microphones, 60 voice effects, 10 sound effects, and 25 light effects. You can choose your favourite voice effect using a dial on the front, and there’s a handy LCD screen to help you keep track of you favourite effects.

Although the Bravo is not particularly heavy, it does come with a telescoping handle and a pair of wheels on the bottom so that just about anybody can move it around. As with the other machines, the Bravo is not just a sound system, but a lighting system too. The light dome really kicks up the fun factor and takes the party vibe to the next level.

A photo of the control panel of the Singsation Bravo
The control panel of the Singsation Bravo


My family and I had a whale of a time testing all 3 Singsation Karaoke Machines. My daughter is 11, and she was adamant that the Performer Deluxe was her favourite (because it had just the right amount of features, and a mic stand). My son, on the other hand, was less picky—he just enjoyed hearing his voice through a microphone and adding weird effects. If you’re thinking about buying a karaoke machine, I can tell you they are a tonne of fun and a great way to get the family together. They also give kids an opportunity to try performing in front of a safe audience, and I think that anything that can help us to get over our fear of public speaking (or singing!) is a good thing.

Be sure to check out the full range of karoke machines available at BestBuy.ca!

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